Store Variant Advertising

Have a store exclusive or variant coming out and want to get more attention for it? (CBSI Comics) is always looking for prize support for our weekly contests on the site as well as our social media outlets (Instagram, Facebook and MeWe).

How does it work?

Simple really, you can send copies of your exclusive variant to CBSI Comics, in exchange we will run a contest, spotlighting your comic and offering it as a prize to the winners of the contest.


We will give HALF of the comics received away as prizes in a contest, the other half we gift to our writers and other staff members.

How many comics do I have to send?

Depends how many weekly contests you would like to see run, but the entry level is 10 copies of a comic per weekly contest.

We've had the best luck with a weekly contest offering 3 copies of a comic as prizes, while holding 2 back to use as future support for other random contests and giveaways.  This ensures you get the most “bang for your buck”.

We will prize 3 immediately to the weekly contest and hold 2 back to gain you more exposure in a future contest like the CBSI Writer Wars, or as a prize in one of our social media contests.

What if I want to advertise a comic that has not come out yet?

Not a problem, simply reach out to for more details.  It is actually the most common situation, as folks want to get their pre order numbers up, and CBSI is an excellent way to help you achieve that goal.

What sort of advertising can I expect?

The CBSI weekly contest on will spotlight your comic as well as link directly to your site as well as the order page of your site (or ebay store) to make sure we are sending folks looking for your variant right to you!  As an added bonus, we cross promote these contests on our IG, FB and G+ accounts.

You are guaranteed the weekly contest spotlight article on as well as at least 1 more advertising spot in a future contest.

Great exposure for your comic and company

Our audience is comprised of some of the most variant hungry and avid collectors out there. Over 43,000 of them engage with us each month. These contests get them spreading the word… essentially turning them into your army of advocates!


Please get in touch to get started or if you have any questions!