Store Directory Advertising’s Store Directory page is a dedicated page with a link in the top main menu bar, easy to find and plain for all to see.

Separated into state then a link for each store that leads to a devoted page with all the information potential customers could want, including :

  • Store Name
  • Address
  • Logo  
  • Hours
  • Contact info : Email, Phone #
  • Items Carried from list: New Comics, Back Issue Comics, Trade Paperback/Graphic Novels, Action Figures, Pop Vinyl, Video Games, Gaming(MTG, Pokemon, Yugioh etc.), Statues/Busts.

A perfect venue for Local Comic Shops looking to gain more exposure.  What better a place to advertise than on a site that is populated and viewed by over 43K unique visitors a month, most who are actively looking for more comics and stores to shop at!  

15.00 per month or 30.00 for 3 months. Please note: this is an introductory rate and is subject increase as visits to these pages increase. 


Please get in touch to get started or if you have any questions!