Store Directory Advertising

Store Directory Overview’s Store Directory page is a dedicated page with a link in the top main menu bar, easy to find and plain for all to see.

A perfect venue for Local Comic Shops looking to gain more exposure.  What better a place to advertise than on a site that is populated and viewed by over 43K unique visitors a month, most who are actively looking for more comics and stores to shop at!


Info We'll Need

You will find a link to a form below. Please fill it out after payment has been made, if you decide to move forward.

Separated into state then a link for each store that leads to a devoted page with all the information potential customers could want, including :

  • Main Contact Full Name
  • Store Name
  • Address
  • Logo  
  • Website link, if applicable
  • Hours
  • Contact info : Email, Phone #
  • Items Carried from list:
    • New Comics
    • Back Issue Comics
    • Trade Paperback / Graphic Novels
    • Action Figures
    • Pop Vinyl
    • Video Games
    • Gaming (MTG, Pokemon, Yugioh etc.)
    • Statues/Busts


Pricing Structure (updated 11/29/2018)

  • Our current introductory rate is 22.00 for three months OR 35.00 for six months.

These prices are available for 3 or 6 month periods, respectively.  This price will be honored for the chosen amount of time and will NOT be subject to rate increase during that time.

Rates may increase over the course of 2018.  Locking in at the current price will guarantee you that price for the 3 or 6 month period, whichever you choose.

Payment for all months must be made in full, upfront via PayPal. As you are paying, please make note of the transaction ID. We ask for it in the form so we can locate it on our end.


Ready To Join?

If you'd like to sign on, please send the payment of $22 for 3 months OR $35 for 6 months via PayPal to:

Once that is squared away, please add your info to this form:

When we receive your info and verify payment, we’ll have your listing live on the page within 48 hours. Usually much sooner. We start the 3 or 6 month period the day after your listing goes live, so you aren’t charged for any partial days.

If you have any questions at all or suggestions for features to add as we go along, please don’t hesitate to reply here.

Thanks for supporting CBSI and have a great day!