Shaun’s Fliptionary

Welcome to the comic flipper dictionary! Not KaBoom… We shouldn’t have to explain onomatopoeia! This is dedicated to the buying and selling of comic books. This also assumes that you also collect to some degree. There has to be some love for the art, man!


  • Part of speech: Noun
  • Definition: Someone who buys comic books and then resells them at a higher price.
  • Examples: A person who scours garage sales, online ads, comic book stores, eBay auctions, or any other place to find comics cheaply and under market or guide value.
  • Exception: When it’s a famous dolphin.
  • Why it’s a flipper term: The word “flip” is in flipper. Duh.
  • Used in a sentences/How do you use it?:
    • Store owner would say:
      • That guy just bought all 47 copies of Amazing Spider-Man 4, he must be a flipper.
      • You flippers are ruining this industry by buying all my comics I have for sale!
    • Flipper would say:
      • I just bought a pair of shoes with my PayPal debit card, I’m glad I made that extra cash being a comic flipper!

The Wild

  • Part of speech: Noun
  • Definition: A place to find a comic book, and the internet does not count!
  • Examples: Comic books store, garage sale, cons, toy stores, newsstands,
  • Exception: The internet can lead you into the wild. Craigslist advertising a garage sale which you physically go dig through.
  • Why it’s a flipper term: It’s usually our favorite place to go.
  • Used in a sentence:
    • I found 3 Shazam 28s in the wild today!
    • Did you get those books off of eBay? Naw, found ‘em in the wild yesterday.


  • Part of speech: Noun
  • Definition: At least one of your personal, ultimate, comic goals. Grail is usually a singular term like “Holy Grail”, but people can have a Batman grail, an X-Men grail, a Thor grail, etc.
  • Examples: Detective Comics 27, Amazing Fantasy 15, and Action Comics 1 are some of the most sought after comics of all time. But, as these are unattainable for most of the world, something you can actually afford, or flip your way up to, is the choice for most people.
  • Exception: If you’re rich can buy all the comics you want so you don’t flip anyway.
  • Why it’s a flipper term: You’re flipping to get there as long as you’re also a collector! The $1 bin for a $10 book, turned into a $20 book, turned into a $60 book, until you flip that puppy into X-Men 94!
  • Used in a sentence:
    • I’ve loved Venom and McFarlane since I was a kid, and I finally got my grail Amazing Spidey 300!
    • Oh man, a 7.0 X-Men 1? You’re lucky, that’s definitely one of my grails.


  • Part of speech: Noun
  • Definition: Short for convention.
  • Examples: Comic Con, Stockton Con, Boston Con, New York Comic Con, Emerald City Comic Con.
  • Exception: None. Unless you’re watching Robert Redford in The Sting.
  • Why it’s a flipper term: It’s a hunting ground! That’s where you find a barrel and shoot your fish!
  • Used in a sentence:
    • Is there a local con any time soon?


  • Part of speech: Noun
  • Definition: Overstreet Price Guide
  • Examples: None, it’s just the name.
  • Exception: When it stands for Open Shortest Path First, which is a router protocol, N/A for comics!
  • Why it’s a flipper term: It’s too long a term to type out.
  • Used in a sentence:
    • Man I lucked out, the guy at the shop used OSPG to price my Batman Adventures 12!


  • Part of speech: Verb
  • Definition: To buy a comic book at one price and sell it for a higher price.
  • Example: Find a comic for $1 and sell it for $5.
  • Exception: You can’t lose money, then it becomes a hit.
  • Why it’s a flipper term: The word “flip” is in flipper. Duh.
  • Used in a sentence:
    • I was pretty happy to flip all those comics so I could finally get a Hulk 181.

The Long Flip

  • Part of speech: Phrase
  • Definition: To buy a comic that you have to hold on to for a long time before the anticipated price spike.
  • Examples: Recently, shows like the Strain, Preacher, movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers Age of Ultron, or Walking Dead 100 which introduces a character that may be in the show in a few seasons.
  • Exception: When you over-rotate off of a diving board and land on your back.
  • Why it’s a flipper term: The word “flip” is in flipper. Duh.
  • Used in a sentence:
    • I’m so glad those runs of the 2008 Guardians of the Galaxy finally paid off after the long flip.
    • I hope that Preacher is an amazing show, this has been a long flip.
  • Interchangeable terms: Along For The Ride, The Long Hold


  • Part of speech: Adjective
  • Definition: Any comic that is has not been professionally graded by one of the grading companies and encapsulated in plastic.
  • Examples: Any comic not in a CGC, CBCS, or PGX plastic case.
  • Exception: Uncooked meat.
  • Why it’s a flipper term: Decimal grades aren’t an indication of a slab necessarily.
  • Used in a sentence:
    • I picked up a 6.5 Fantastic Four 1 today. Is it graded? No, it’s raw.


  • Part of speech: Adjective
  • Definition: A comic that has been professionally graded by one of the grading companies (CGC/CBCS/PGX) and sealed in one of their hard plastic cases.
  • Examples: Send a book off to CGC/CBCS/PGX and it comes back with a numeric grade and a serial number on the front of the case.
  • Exception: Your driveway was once slabbed.
  • Why it’s a flipper term: It’s what makes our books va va voom $$$!!!
  • Used in a sentence:
    • I picked up a 6.5 Journey Into Mystery 83 today. Is it slabbed? Yes of course, you think I would spend that much money on a raw book??
    • I picked up a Near Mint X-Men 4 today, I’m definitely going to get it slabbed.


  • Part of speech: Verb/Noun
  • Definition: Heading out into the wild to seek out comics somewhere in the universe.
  • Examples: Saturday morning and you have nothing to do, head down to the comic store and hunt for some bargains.
  • Exception: Killing animals with a weapon.
  • Why it’s a flipper term: How else are you going to get comics in the wild unless you go hunt for them?
  • Used in a sentence:
    • I’m going on vacation next week, I can’t wait to hunt in a new city!


  • Part of speech: Verb
  • Definition: To flip through boxes of comics to be able to see what is in there.
  • Examples: You actually look like a dog digging going through long boxes. Except the dog doesn’t have a phone out trying to remember key issues. And neither should you, do your homework!
  • Exception: When you’re using a shovel to throw dirt over your shoulder.
  • Why it’s a flipper term: When you’re headed out to hunt, you’re going to have to dig!
  • Used in a sentence:
    • Did you get any signatures at the con? Naw, I spent the whole time digging.


  • Part of speech: Noun
  • Definition: Stands for Buy-It-Now, derived from eBay. Since there are other auction houses, but the most popular for comics is still eBay, BIN has taken over as a term that also works in other places online.
  • Examples: MCS has auctions, but buying straight you can say that you got it as a BIN.
  • Exception: There’s no BIN in comic stores or face to face! AKA no BIN in the wild! That’s just a price. Not a BIN price!
  • Why it’s a flipper term: If you’re flipping, you’re always making the decision, auction this puppy or put it at BIN??
  • Used in a sentence:
    • What did you set your BIN at?
    • Did you win that in an auction? No it was a BIN.
    • I love it when people don’t make offers and just hit BIN.


  • Part of speech: Noun
  • Definition: Stands for Best Offer, like BIN it is derived from eBay. When you either accept or send a BO for comics.
  • Examples: When you or someone overprices a listing with the intention of fielding BOs.
  • Exception: When someone’s skin stinks.
  • Why it’s a flipper term: Often there are books where haggling is necessary, so putting them up at BO is a good strategy. Plus, you might get lucky and have someone hit the BIN!
  • Used in a sentence:
    • How did you get that book for $20? I sent a BO and he took it!

The Bay/FeeBay

  • Part of speech: Noun
  • Definition: Supposedly short for eBay, but it actually makes it longer.
  • Examples: Pretty self-explanatory. And you wanna sound really cool by shortening a word, even though you are adding a whole other word.
  • Exception: When it’s a broad inlet of the sea where the land curves inward (bay).
  • Why it’s a flipper term: Because flippers buy and sell comics there, and everyone acts like they hate it.
  • Used in a sentence:
    • Gonna offer this to you guys at a discount before I throw it up on The Bay/FeeBay.

The Hit

  • Part of speech: Noun
  • Definition: Dumping your speculation books off for less than you paid.
  • Examples: You buy 10 Image #1s, and it never goes anywhere and stores are throwing them in $1 bins.
  • Exception: When it’s the only big song by a one-hit-wonder band. Hence “The” hit, not one of the hit”s”. Re: Dexy’s Midnight Runner.
  • Why it’s a flipper term: Not every comic goes up in value!
  • Used in a sentence
    • Oh man I thought I would be in for the long flip with Helheim, but turns out I just had to take the hit.


  • Part of speech: Noun
  • Definition: Stands for personal collection.
  • Examples: Some stuff you buy to sell, and some goes in the PC.
  • Exception: If you’re not a collector and only in this for money, you don’t have a PC. Or, could be politically correct, yuck.
  • Why it’s a flipper term: When you’re talking with other flippers, they usually think whatever you buy you are going to sell. When you pay for what you really want because you can’t find a bargain, usually you qualify it by telling people it’s for the PC. And that means, QUIT ASKING FOR IT!
  • Used in a sentence:
    • I know I paid full price for Marvel Spotlight 5, but it’s for the PC because I’ve always been a Ghost Rider fan.

eBay Price(d)

  • Part of speech: Verb
  • Definition: Using eBay as a live price guide, figuring out what price to sell a comic at.
  • Examples: You need a price, and OSPG isn’t cutting it. eBay is live, free, and everyone has access. Go to eBay, search for the comic, and then see what the prices are that it is listed at, and then look at the sold listings and see how many have sold, and what price, and how recently. Figure out what you think you can sell it at, and go with that price. Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay no matter what a guide says.
  • Exception: If you are playing the long flip, you might want to price it a higher than eBay price and hope it works out in the long run. Could also be called Mile High Pricing!
  • Why it’s a flipper term: it allows everybody to keep up to date with current prices, so it has become a pretty important tool.
  • Used in a sentence:
    • So I found all these books in the $1 bin, and then because he knows I flip the owner tried to eBay price me at the counter so I just walked out!


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