New Forum: How to get it working correctly

Hi everyone!

We are testing a new forum that actually works in Tapatalk, so before you do anything else, if you have set up the forum in Tapatalk, remove it. Once you have removed it from Tapatalk (and only when you have removed it), continue with the instructions below.

First things first, the forum is a different application, but we found a way to use the same username and password as the one you use for this website. The only thing you need to do is log in to this website with your usual username and password, then click on the Forum link.

That's it, you should now have your forum username synchronized in the forum.

The next step is setting up Tapatalk (if you want to use it, it's not mandatory), and to show you how to do it, we have some beautiful screenshots:


On the main screen, enter CBSI in the Search Tapatalk box:


That's the one, tap on it! Beware of (at least) the free version of Tapatalk that will try to subscribe you to a few other forums, so make sure to uncheck the boxes for the You might also like section, then tap on DONE.


And that's it, you have now set up CBSI in Tapatalk:


There's only one thing left, logging into the forum to start to post away, there's a number of ways of doing that, but the easiest one is just opening any post and tapping on Sign-in or join to reply (using the same username and password as the website). And you are done!!!


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