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CGC Membership

Postby davesdream » Thu Oct 25, 2018 8:08 am

Once in a while I am tempted to a pay the CGC membership, but always there are things that I don't understand. For example if you look at their Comic grading Tiers table. What Pre-Screen (25 book minimum) $5 or grading fee (if accepted) means?
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Re: CGC Membership

Postby J.Max Mercury » Fri Oct 26, 2018 5:35 pm

So Pre-screen is where you can indicate a minimal accepted grade you want something to be.

Here's an example....

You have several books you want at a 9.6 or better so you'd indicate your pre-screen grade is 9.6. A grader screens them first before printing the CGC label, encasing them, etc. All the books of the group that would score a 9.6 or better are passed along the CGC process as normal. All the books that fail the screening and would score 9.4 or less are sent back to you raw but they charge a $5/book screening fee.

On it's face it seems expensive but it can actually be a cost saver especially if you a selling the books. Say you sent in a group of 25 modern books and only want high grades of 9.8/9.6, without using pre-screen you may end up with 5-9.8s, 10-9.6s, 6-9.4s, and 4-9.2s. At $20 a book you just spent $200 on 10 books you didn't want graded and may have trouble reselling, that will eat into any profit you may make. If you did pre-screen even with the $5 you'd only spend $50.

As indicated though there is a 25 book minimum and if you are grading the books to keep in a PC then the value of a pre-screen is not as important. So it's not somehting everyone will want or use.
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