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Storage, Organization & Culling

Postby brucewayne619sd » Fri Jun 22, 2018 10:31 am

Hey Guys,

I was wondering how you guys organize and store your comics. As well as, what you do to limit PC buys and long term holds. I started collecting again when the new 52 launched and started with 5 books monthly. I am now up to anywhere from 60-100 books a month. The weekly/twice monthly shipping, the multiple covers and all the spin offs are killing me. How do you guys cut down on your books for your PC collection?

My problem is that I pretty much get anything Batman and Star Wars. By the time I get TEC, Batman and Batman Beyond I have ten books, throw in Star Wars, Darth Vadar, Dr. Afra and Thrawn and usually a variant or two, I'm at 15 books and that isn't even counting the marriage tie-ins for Batman. Once I add in books that I enjoy reading, Kill or Be Killed, The Fix, Injustice and about 10-20 other books plus any spec books, I have an expensive habit that I am running out of room for.

My collection is now up to about 40 short boxes or 6-7k comics. My Closets are full and I am going to have to get a storage unit if I keep this up. What do you guys do with so many books? How do you guys organize your books? Keeping everything together requires a lot of work and shifting. I have started having 3 short boxes at a time, 1 for DC, 1 for Marvel and 1 for indies. Once a box is full organize by title and put it away, but this isn't that efficient and it is hard to find runs when I want to read them again.

I have thought about culling it down to just stuff I love like the Matt Fraction Hawkeye run and the Snyder Batman run and getting rid of stuff that was not great like Batman Eternal 2 or Futures End, but who would even buy stuff like that. I was thinking about donating it, but really some of it barely makes sense when you have the whole run, let alone if they broke it up.

I think my goal is to cut down to 5 books a week and 5 specs a month. With the money I am going to be saving I can start buying keys and start doing trades for some of the PC books. The problem with that is that I love the single issue reads and the whole aspect of collecting. Do you guys have similar problems? What do you do?

Sorry this kind of turned into a rant. Thanks for taking to time to read.
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