Marvel lenticular covers....lets talk.

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Marvel lenticular covers....lets talk.

Postby Valiant » Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:13 am

So these covers are coming fast. With the ridiculous requirements and some less then amazing art/titles whos picking any of these up? Which ones and why? Will these be over ordered or will the boycotts and marvel fatigue cause these to be rare. Thoughts?

I admit at first i said no way pass on these. But as time went on i started to like some and knowing the possible chance they may not make it to alot of shops i decided to bite the bullet on a few.

The punisher/war machine is by far my favorite but im also in on a bunch of other ones. Venom, iron man, hulk, iron fist etc. It seems every week i break down and pre order another 2. Im going pc only for most but an extra copy of venom iron man and cable just in case i can make some money back one day.

I dont see them being under ordered as a whole but i bet some will turn out to be super rare in the long run. Whats everyones thoughts?
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Re: Marvel lenticular covers....lets talk.

Postby brucewayne619sd » Thu Sep 07, 2017 2:32 pm

I was having the same problem. I thought that these were kind of lame and was planning on passing. However, as time has passed they have grown on me especially the Punisher one. My LCBS said he is ordering them, but will be charging $8-$10 per book. I am on the fence on whether or not to pick some up. I have a feeling that Marvel is going to over ship or do something to get these into as many hands as possible, which makes me think they are not great for spec. At the same time, if there are truly a lot of stores not ordering these they could turn into monsters. I am leaning towards terrible spec.
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