CBSI Hall of Fame: Incentive / Exclusive Variants

This category is for retailer incentive, store exclusive or convention exclusive variant covers.

Supergirl & The Legion of Super-Heroes #23

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #23 Adam Hughes 1:10 Variant

The quintessential Adam Hughes cover art. Flawless execution.

Amazing Spider-Man #678 Joe Quinones 1:50 ‘Venom’ Variant

The book that defines the Venomized craze. Very difficult to find and highly sought after.

Batman #608 Jim Lee RRP Variant

A modern classic storyline drawn by the amazing Jim Lee. Oh, and impossible to find as well.

Saga #1 Fiona Staples RRP Variant

Another hard to find book that is a #1 to a highly popular series.

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