CBSI Hall of Fame: Artist

This category is based solely on the person’s comic art.

Jack Kirby

Credits: Avengers, Captain America, Black Panther, Fantastic Four, Hulk, etc.

His art defined the Marvel Silver Age and is easily recognizable to this day.

Neal Adams

Credits: Batman, Detective Comics, Green Lantern/Green Arrow, etc.

As Kirby defined the 60’s for Marvel, Adams defined the late 60’s and 70’s for DC.

Jim Lee

Credits: Batman, X-Men, WildCATS

Known best for his pencil work, Lee has been a fan favorite since the early 90’s.

Todd McFarlane

Credits: Spawn, Spider-Man

His style has influenced a number of artists since the late 80’s.

Frank Frazetta

Credits: Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella, fantasy art, etc.

He was able to create images that carve out a spot in your mind and stay there.

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