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I really feel like most people are missing the boat with this one. I have seen various collector sites report on this, but most see this as a random pairing she  in reality there is history here.  Did you know that The Turtles previously appeared in a live action crossover with the Power Rangers more than 20 years ago? Hardcore Turtles and Power Rangers fans are aware but this fact seems to have slipped past the comic collector. Secondly, both companies is TV rights are owned by Nickelodeon with TMNT owned by Nick outright. Nickelodeon just struck a huge deal with Netflix so the deal is already in place to take this crossover to streaming whether it is via live action or more likely animated. This is a rare occurrence in comics.  

Then there is the book itself. This book is a fantastic read! Not only that, it is a bad guy Tommy (the Green Ranger) story which always is a  favorite amongst Ranger fans. I also have to say the interior art and especially color work is as good as anything on the market. I was truly blown away! Then there is the variants. The Goni Montes foil variants should make for an incredible 20 piece set that will surely make diehard fans of both scramble to put together especially as this series moves forward. The Thank You Variant will be the big dog in that fool set at 1 per store.  Kevin Eastman doing the FOC and the 1:50 incentive ties into Turtle culture as well as giving Rangers fans a unique collectible.  

For these reason, this book is the long term play of the week. BE ON THE LOOKOUT!


Ms Marvel #10


Power Rangers Back Issue Bolo Part 1



Premiering this week, Crisis On Infinite Earth


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  • Avatar

    Explain how stormranger first appears in MMM10 and not MMM5, where There’s a hologram in issue 5 which calls itself stormranger, while a Nano-symbiote comes out that consumes Ms. Marvel as a host which had now been “revealed” to be stormranger?

    Seems like issue 10 is a reveal….not a first appearance. As all the parts were already there in MM5.

  • Gary Nusser

    I think what’s happening here is people are misreading the book. So, to break it issue 5- a hologram Stormranger 20-16 (the year Kamala first appeared btw) appears and Kamala gets the Kree nanotech Stormranger ‘costume’. In issue 10, after the suit once again seems to be operating of its own voalition (guess Tony Stark didn’t do a bang up job when he examined it prior!) so Kamala fights its influence. It can be clearly seen that the suit leaves her and the remnants of the trail it left behind can be clearly seen in the final splash page below. This clearly indicates the ‘true first appearance’ (trademark Topher)is in issue 5. Anyone pushing 10 either has an agenda (they missed out on 5) or they are operating merely off of the ‘spoiler’ sites that show big reveals/last pages without any context. Again, I’m not saying this is the case with Jack as he does a great job of highlighting weekly spec- totally agree on the TMNT/MMPR- but the books (current and previous issues) need to be read in their entirety to get the full picture.

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