Vampi (2001) – The Variants

While the Vampirella (2001) variants are very well known and sought after (that Bruce Timm #3 being the jewel of the crown), I feel the set of Vampi variants is pretty much ignored. There's some interest in a couple of them (Campbell's, the first Finch), but the rest do not seem to get talked about as much. And that's probably normal, considering (a) it's not the real Vampirella and (b) the amount of information online is very limited. In fact, I don't think I have ever seen a complete listing of this set anywhere online.

So here's my attempt at correcting this 18-year injustice (ha!) and let you figure out for yourself if it's worth it:

Vampi #2 by Jae Lee Vampi #3 by Pat Lee
Vampi #4 by David Finch Vampi #5 by Mike Wieringo
Vampi #6 by Keu Cha Vampi #7 by Humberto Ramos
Vampi #8 by J. Scott Campbell Vampi #9 by Joe Benitez
Vampi #10 by Adam Warren Vampi #11 by Jason Pearson
Vampi #12 by Stephen Platt Vampi #13 by Andy Park
Vampi #14 by Kaare Andrews Vampi #15 by Long Vo (Studio X)
Vampi #16 by Phil Noto Vampi #17 by David Finch
Vampi #18 by Cully Hamner Vampi #19 by Takeshi Miyazawa
Vampi #20 by John McCrea Vampi #21 by Georges Jeanty
Vampi #22 by Amanda Conner Vampi #23 by Carlo Barberi
Vampi #24 by Drew Johnson Vampi #25 by Casey Jones

Bonus: Phil Noto did a variant for Vampi: Vicious #1 too:


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