December 2


Happy Post-turkey! And, what? It’s December already?!?


It’s the Avenging Hawk Captain!



Avengers #48, 1968

Dane Whitman, as the new Black Knight, is introduced!


Avengers #47, 1967

Dane Whitman is introduced!


Hawkman #4, 1964

First Zatanna.

Recall an announcement of her getting live action treatment. Oh, DC. We have high hopes for your universe-building future. Don’t let us down!


Captain America #100, 1968

Continued from Tales of Suspense #99, this is the first Captain America issue, where his origin from Avengers #4 is retold.



Betty and Me #1, 1966, Archie

Though most of the stories are reprinted, it’s tough to pass up older #1 issues these days.


Which witch?

Sabrina the Teenage Witch #1, 1971, Archie

Archie’s Madhouse #22 soared and never came back down, so her first solo issue seems like the next best thing.



He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #18, 2014. Cover by Stjepan Sejic.

“The finale of ‘The Blood of Greyskull' is here! Darkness has taken over Eternia. He-Man is dead. Only one person can save the day. She is Adora. She is She-Ra!”



Nova #8, 2008. Cover by Adi Granov

First appearance of the Luminals and Cosmo, the telepathic dog!


Note: There is a variant to this issue where a reader survey is glued inside the centerfold. Reminder to open your books and check for hidden treasures!



Underneath the ground!



Spicy Tales #11, 1988 Eternity, Bruce Timm cover.

Keep an eye out for this one, if you are not already. Cheap copies have disappeared.


Peng, Oni Press, 2005

Didn’t see this on Comichron. That may or may not mean there’s less than 1,000 printed.


Snap the Punk Turtle #0 ½, 1994 Super Crew Comics

Can’t get enough turtles? This looks like a scarce, non-ninja turtle, turtle book.


Original Black Cat #9, 1992 Harvey

Another low printed Indie to keep an eye out for.



GI Joe #14, 2010 IDW, Cover A and RI.

Isn’t Snake Eyes just the coolest looking cat?


Invincible #44, 2007

Status of Amazon show? The animated series might be released on Prime next year!



Operation Variation, Variate!



X-Force Sex and Violence #2, 2nd Printing 2010 Variant cover by Gabriele Dell’Otto

Love the Wolvie artwork.


Star Wars #2, 2015, John Tyler Christopher Han Solo Action Figure Variant

The action figure cover that caught us all by surprise back in 2015.


X-Force #1, 2014 1:50, Cover by Phil Noto

“Almost every sovereign state in the Marvel Universe makes use of sanctioned superhumans to protect national interests and pursue a covert agenda. The United States has the Secret Avengers. The United Kingdom has MI13. And mutantkind has X-FORCE. In this dirty, secret, no-holds-barred, deadly game of superhuman black ops, veteran X-Man Cable and his team will spy, torture, and kill to ensure that the mutant race not only has a place in the world…but also a stake in it”

Note: this cover also has a 1:100 sketch.


Moon Knight #200, 1:25, 2018, Cover by Philip Tan.

So many great Moon Knight covers. Especially the variants in this 7th Series.


Green Lantern #25, 2008 Variant

So many first appearances in here make it hard to pass by.


Green Lantern #9, 2006 Variant

Bat-Lantern! Nothing short of a classic cover in the making.

But, does he wear the ring inside?





Who shot first?



Star Wars #2, 1977

According to the comic, there’s no disputing. Han is the only one who fired a shot!



Happy Holidays!



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