Cris Crossover will make you Jump, Jump, Jump 3 (2007-201?)

A Fisherman’s Tale: Cris Crossover will make you Jump, Jump, Jump 3 (2007-201?)

What better time than the holidays to talk about the gluttony of crossovers we have had over the past 15 years. I am going to try and do a quick fly-by of some series just because of the amount and many of these will be fresher in our minds. I will do a year by year list.

2007-2008 – DC :

Amazon Attacks no real value here with this series, but there is a beautiful Adam Hughes Catwoman 70 cover.

Sinestro Corps War – the series has one book worth collecting Green Lantern 25 which is part 11 of the series but has the first appearance of Larfleeze and Atrocitus There is a variant worth double what cover A is going for.

Final Crisis – this is another series to use Crisis in its title. These issues have some beautiful B covers by JG Jones. I stop and pull these out of dollar bins regularly just to admire the covers. Final Crisis 3: Revelations is the cover to grab featuring Batwoman. I tend to grab Final Crisis: Revelations 2 Renee Montoya as the Question cover. I just feel she could come out of the Birds of Prey movie.


Annihilation Conquest – Is the cosmic crossover series where we get our current iteration of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Issue 6 is the one to grab and at its peak, it was a $50-$75 book, but it is now a $15-$30 book. I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across it at the front of a fifty-cent box at a warehouse sale. I had to have been the fiftieth person to go through the box, but no one picked it up. This series has some great Dell’Otto covers across the mini-series. I am personally fond of the Annihilators' variant covers. Each one is done by a different artist. They aren't worth a lot ($10-$20), but they are great early covers of Groot and Rocket.

Secret Invasion this is a series that speculators are watching, because there are so many variants. There is a lot of buzz that Captain Marvel and Spider-Man might have some version of a Secret Invasion storyline. This storyline has big ties to Spider-Woman so could be a perfect way to introduce her. New Avengers 40 is first Veranke, Queen of Skrulls, who is impersonating Spiderwoman. Issue one had one of the first blank sketch covers I can remember. There are high ratio variants, but because every store-bought a couple of hundred issues they can be found for under $20 many times for less than cover. I just bought a eBay Lot that came with 10 Secret Invasion 4 sketch variants 1:75. The lot averaged out to less than a dollar an issue. My favorite covers are the third print sketch variants. The only issue with any love is Secret Invasion 6 Cho variant. There is a Baltimore comic con version too. I am determined to collect many of the variants attached to this series, but I don’t want to pay more than cover; in fact, many of mine have been found in dollar bins.

Planet Hulk: Only mentioned to explain where Hulk has been during this time. Probably one of my favorite stories of all time.

2009-2010 – DC:

Blackest Night – This is the first non-Batman series to really catch my eye. I admit I haven’t read it, but I started meeting more and more Green Lantern fans that started with this series. Issue 7 of the series picked up heat because of “Naomi’s potential White Lantern connection“, so for very brief moment collectors riding the Naomi Spec train bought up all the cheap copies and FOMO took over and the book became a $20 book. There are some 1:100 sketch variants that can be found for $25. I have picked up the Batman and the Greg Horn Wonder Woman tie-ins in dollar bins.

The books you want are the Wonder Woman 1:25 variants by Ryan Sook. I love issues 2 and 3 and they are hard to find for ratio. My favorite cover to search for now!!!

Superman: New Krypton (across superman issues w/ new characters) Flamebird (Thara-AkVar) makes her first appearance in Superman 681 of this series and a few other little-used characters get a touch up during this series, Nightwing (Lor-Zod, Zod’s son has been a pacifist Superman and a villain depending on which reboot) and Superwoman (Kristin Wells she kills Agent Liberty in the series). There is no value to any of the comics tied to the series. Alex Ross did a cover triptych with Superman 681, Action Comics 871, and Supergirl 35 that were pretty good.

Joshua Middleton did cover 36 for Supergirl and it’s great, feels like his New Mutants covers.


War of Kings / Realm of KingsThanos Imperative I am tying all three series together because they don’t have a lot of value and the covers are not as good as the first series. This is another case of Marvel going back to the well too many times in a short time period. War of Kings does see the reintroduction of Darkhawk and this is the version many expect to see if he ever makes it to the MCU. The only issue of any real value connected to the Thanos Imperative is Guardians of the Galaxy 25. I think it is worth $10-$25 based on a beautiful Thanos cover.

Dark Reign was a crossover event that spanned all earthbound comics. After the events of Secret Invasion, Norman Osborne set himself up to be the hero. He established his version of the Thunderbolts as the newest Avengers (Dark). This was one of those stories I have read in several of the issues, but most are not worth much. Except for the Dark Reign List Variants.

The Deadpool Dark Reign Tie-in issues have second prints that are great this my favorite Deadpool cover ever, love the Lord of the Flies feel, and I randomly came across it in the wild. Not expensive it’s just fun.

Black Panther tie in issues are worth something because of the J. Scott Campbell covers. I have never found issue 1 cover A of the series, but I have now found cover B a few times and it is a $20 book. The partial sketch cover is really hard to find and the prices show it.

World War Hulk was a great way to bring the Hulk back to earth after the events of Planet Hulk. The issues are not worth a lot, but you get a lot of Amadeus Cho and Hercules. Seeing Hulk take on all heroes was what every hulk fan wanted to see. Skaar makes his first canonical appearance.

Siege Norman Osborne has been exposed so he lays Siege to Asgard. The main issues are not worth anything, but there are some great Dell’Otto 1:25 variants, that can be found pretty cheap. The book to own is Siege 3 Campbell variant. It has regularly been in the top 100 variant lists. A 9.6 sold for $1,525 in September.

Shadowland Street level series crossover where Daredevil is using the Hand to build a prison temple in Hell’s Kitchen. For fans of the Netflix series this is what I envisioned eventually happening. There are some beautiful Mattina Moon Knight covers from this series. The latest version of Power Man made his first appearance with Power Man 1. I have found this book in dollar bins before. I recognized him from the Ultimate Spiderman Disney XD cartoon a few years ago. None of the issues have any real value though the Moon Knight can be hard to find.

2011-12 – DC:

Brightest Day issue 14 has White Lantern Batman $5-$15 book great Finch cover. Issue 4 has first Aqua Lad from Young Justice cartoon.

Flashpoint one of the most important events in DC continuity. Flash goes back in time to change things. We get the what if… story about Batman being Thomas Wayne. The actions of Flashpoint lead right into New 52. All other tie in issues have little value but the main set and the Batman Tie-In can bring in $25-$50. There is a rare second print of Batman: Knight of Vengeance that cost $35+. I have found this set a few times for cheap, but have had no luck selling it at comic shows.

New 52 reset at one time the number 1 issues for this reset were all flippable books. Batman 1 being king with first prints being upwards of a hundred dollars, but just Monday I was able to get a first print 1 for cover price. I watched a dealer get a graded 9.0 copy for $30 (cost of grading) at a show. Justice League, Batgirl, and Harley Quinn are still sought after books, but a patient fisherman can find them for under $10.


Chaos War nothing I can find worth anything. Unless you are a die-hard Thor fan.

Fear Itself the series saw a brief spike a few months ago. I like the Fear Itself: The Fearless books because of some great Frank Cho covers. The only book to really gain is Ghost Rider Tie In because it connects a new female Ghost Rider. I have grabbed a few of these in dollar boxes. It’s another one of these issues where a first appearance was supposed to happen in one book but because of delays, it happens in another.

Spider-Island (One-shots and mini-series)  do have some great looking covers, check out the Cloak and Dagger covers. The one to own is ASM 667 1:100 variant. If you don’t know it yet, it is one of the most expensive variants out there. Dell’Otto had a serious run of great covers throughout the article.

Avengers/X-men they argue; they fight; the Phoenix force is involved. Marvel is going to push the Avengers because they own their movie rights. The books have very little value but lots of variants that can be had well below ratio, so no real winner. I don’t really consider a $50 book a winner if it was a 1:100 ratio variant.

This Pichelli cover is now on my radar, but not going to spend to get it. It’s just wonderful Emma Frost cover.

Due to the holidays, I had to cut my research short, but I think I am going to leave it here because the newer series do have some rare and valuable books, but comic companies started to go crossover crazy. Every 6 months there was a big event and then a new team would reboot the series. There are some books worth some money out of the different series, but what I noticed was it wasn't the super rare 1:100 variant that held or gained value. It was the regular cover or maybe a 1:25 variant. Some big books did come out as part of theses Crossover events I am leaving out. Ultimate Fallout 4 first Miles Morales, Convergence 0 1:100 Hughes variant ($75-$250 depending on grade),

Avengers 684 (Immortal Hulk) though I wonder how long the value holds and Teen Titans 12 Metal tie-in (Batman Who Laughs) to name a few.

Each new crossover now brings huge print runs and several variants. But because they create a 1:200, 1:500, and 1:1000 and store variants it’s hard to speculate on future potential, who is going to buy a high ratio variant above ratio in hopes of the value going up. I tend to see 1:100 and higher ratios slowly decreasing in value to half or sometimes a third of ratio, so unless there is a first appearance, or some sought after artist did the cover without doing a trade/color splash/virgin version too, avoid FOMO and wait a month to get the cover you like.

I have found some of these books before and now I have a few more logged away in my head to BOLO for. I hope you read this and get some new books to look for too.

-Chris Nelms



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