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Speed Comics #1 (Harvey)

Chicken or the egg here, or could it be neither?  Its interesting as both of these covers are clearly WWII style while still before the US got involved.  Either way this is a great Bob Powell cover from the beginning of superhero comics.

19 Universal Copies on the CGC Census, average grade of 5.54 with 9.0s at the top of the chart and a lone 1.8 at the bottom.

SHELF DATE of October 1939





Action Comics #17 (DC)

By this point in time Superman was starting to become an established figure in comics and would soon go to the solo star I can not figure out if this really is just coincidence that these books with basically the same cover both released at the same time.  In the end it doesn't matter, this is a classic Superman Golden Age Cover by Joe Shuster.

72 Universal copies on the census, 4.15 is the average grade, surprising the highest graded copy is a lone 8.0 with four .5s at the bottom.

SHELF DATE of October 1939


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