The Wednesday One 11/27/19


Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 11/27/19

Some fun before turkey.


Killadelphia #1 both 1:25/1 per

Black Friday Mattina Variant

Seems to be selling solid at $40. I'm not excited for this book, but a lot of folks are about it which has me on board. There is a retail virgin variant that might hurt this book a little, but doesn't seem to have. As I understand it this is a 1 per of some sort as well as 1:25 which is weird. I think $20 or less is a grab.

Fallen Angels  #2 1:25

Peach Momoko

Momoko covers seem to have a following. This one is hot going for over ratio around $30 with bins at $40. I dig it. I think it is a grab under $20.

Cool Covers

Martian Manhunter #10

Joshua Middleton

The colors pop like crazy. I am a Middleton homer too.

Star Trek Picard Countdown #1 1:25Sara Pitre-Durocher

 Picard is my favorite captain as I grew up on TNG, but I am wary about the upcoming series. I dig this cover for sure. The 1:10 photo cover is really good also.






X-Force #2 1:25


I doubt many dig this like I do. I like Zaffino's style.

Read it

Machine Gun Wizards #4

Christian Ward

Really good even with the stupid name change.

Action Comics #1017

Brian Michael Bendis

It is a pull. The dialog isn't great is my main gripe.

Basketful Of Heads #2

Joe Hill

The first issue was good writing that grabbed me. I'm totally in for this one.

Criminal #10

Brubaker & Phillips

All Brubaker books are on my pull and I'm never disappointed.

Scream Curse Of Carnage #1

Clay McCleod Chapman

I'm curious enough to check it out.

Detective Comics #1016

Peter J. Tomasi

Pull book. Solid enough.

Flash #83 

Joshua Williamson

Pull book. I'm a Flash fan.

Last God #2

Philip Kennedy Johnson

Good first issue and great art also. I excited for this one.

Venom #20


I really like his venom run and iirc this is the last AC book in the run. Pull book for me.

Last Stop #1

Trey Walker

I usually try new scout titles, but I'm still not sure how I feel about the new nonstop! release system.

Misplaced #1

Chris Callahan

4 issue supernatural series has some buzz that makes me want to check it out.

Plot #3

Michael Moreci Tim Daniel

This book is crazy and I want more despite not loving the art.


  • Uncanny X-Men #266 Facsimile Edition – I dig these. 1st gambit as everyone knows.
  • Matrix Comics 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition HC Pod Cover – This sounds cool
  • Dollar Comics Infinite Crisis #1

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week's spec end up doing? We take a look at last week's predictions and see if we did okay one week later!!!

(Last week's spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Comic Title –  Prediction. Reality.

Absolute Carnage #5 1:25 – Paolo Rivera Codex – Nothing amazing, but some people are collecting the codex run. $15-20 is okay for a 1:25 that has a solid run. The InHyuk Lee 1:50 is okay imo, but others might like it. $25-35 is okay for this medium ratio. I don't think any of these take off so grab for half or less of market and list quickly if you are going for the flip. $8 now. This took a major bath ouch

Heartbeat #1 1 per store – Thank You Variant – Sales all over, but most recently seem to be ~$30. I think it is a flip at 10 or under but sell quickly as I think it floods. I'm skittish with these 1 per indies. $25-30 still is amazing


Wrap Up

This week isn't as light as I had expected going into Thanksgiving week. I can use some good reads and some relaxation after my crazy week of work. I hope Y'all get some rest also. As always let me know if I missed anything and I appreciate the comments. Thanks for reading and happy Wednesday!


Remember to check out Jack's BOLO list for that last minute update on Wednesday!



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