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The MAXX is getting made into a film.  Man is that good news.  It is out of the blue for sure but awesome none the less. The MAXX was a strange series, published in a time where content took a back seat to gimmicks and art.  This is especially true of the publisher who printed it, so it is really odd to see early images of the character along side Spawn, Youngblood and Shadowhawk. The MAXX caused some early controversy due to subject matter and Kieth’s art stands out when compared to everything produced by Image. Sam Kieth’s MAXX has stood the test of time and is still revered by diehard fans.  He has a sort of cult following to this day and owns a unique place in comic history.

As for the comics to buy…

There is already some debate as to what his first appearance is with many people reporting Darker Image 1 as the winner.  Sorry to say but that just ain't true.  Before anyone wants to argue here is an advert from the pages of MAXX.


Here are the books I believe ya'll should be looking for. Don’t sleep on the newsstands either. There are many for this series, possibly every issue of the run not including the mail aways and variants. They are fun to track down and hopefully see price increases due to this recent development.




Primer 4

First published image of the MAXX

Sam Kieth's first pro work comes next but there was a cool ad for Max the Hare in this issue.



Primer 5

First appearance of the MAXX

Some might see this as a prototype but according to the creator it is the first, just an early rendition.




I before E 2

This rarity reprints the first appearance of the Maxx from Primer 5

NOTE:  Issue 1 reprints more of Sam Kieth's work and is no longer a dollar bin book.



Comic Talk 1

IF you are looking for the first comic cover here ya go!




Wizard 16

One of the earliest covers and appearances this one is  not rare but notable.




Inside Image 1

Here is another early Maxx appearance, predating issue 1.  It is not rare and falls under the preview category.




The Maxx 1 Newsstand, 1 Glow in the Dark

First full appearance of the Modern Maxx

This issue may be the first full but it is not rare, even the newsstand is somewhat common.  The glow in the dark is a badass book and probably the book to own.  There is also a Dynamic Forces version and a glow in the dark Dynamic Forces issue.




The MAXX Ashcans

These appear to be rare but honestly no one really knows.  The blacks seem to be the rarest.  I am not sure if they were produced first or after issue 1.  Ashcans normally come out before issue 1 but I recently read a letters column where readers were asking when they would be available. Who knows?  What I do know is that they sell for a pretty penny.

Issue 1( Blue, Red, Yellow, black )

The MAXX Ashcan 2 ( Blue, Red, Yellow, black ) 

The MAXX Ashcan 3 ( Blue, Red, Yellow, black )



Darker Image 1,1 Newsstand, Gold & Sketch Platinum

If you are wondering why I put this book below issue 1 the answer is simple.  This book has should have no real value to anyone but fans.  This fact has nothing to do with the massive print run either.  This book has been reported for years as the first MAXX.  It is not.  It hit shelves after the MAXX 1.  According to Kieth,  Darker Image was meant to be thee MAXX title but publication problems changed all that.  It does have an early, original MAXX story  but in terms of narrative it does not precede the MAXX 1. That makes it an overvalued comic. Sell em if ya can.

The newsstand is very rare but that is about it.  There are also card variants. The one with Bloodwulf might be the most worthless comic in Image history.


These are worth owning though if the MAXX is your thing.




The Maxx 1/2 officially signed only, Gold, Gold with Binder

Maxx 1/2 is plentiful, these others are not.

There are some very limited red and blue foil covers too.  Apparently they were sold by Wizard online some time ago.  I have never seen one in person.



The Maxx 34, 35

The second to last and last issues always do well.  If they have newsstands they could be some of the rarest MAXX comics.




The Maxx Mini Comic Gold & Platinum only

This is another comic which is only worth looking for if gold and platinum books are your thing.  I would add it to the list of books to look for in dollar bins.  Most of the time you will only find the regular;ar edition which hold no value but like the 1/2 books and even ashcans they do pop up in the strangest of places.




Critters 7

I believe the Isz's first appeared here. Meep!

NOTE:  Sam Kieth has work published in multiple issues from this underappreciated title which included Usagi Yojimbo comics people really need to start caring about!



Batman MAXX 1 Variant 1:25





The Maxx Portfolio

This rare numbered portfolio may not be a comic but it is hard to find.





Gay Comics 24

Rare, rare,rare.




Comic Book Heroes

McFarlane produced some figures but these are the ones to look for including the rare SCUD gold with a gold freakin' Is!!


Shocker Toys also released this limited figure at SDCC in 2008.


Maxx Cassette Soundtrack

Good luck finding this 1993 cassette.




Bag of Iszs

Mcfarlane Club Exclusive.

And finally the ol' bag of Iszs.  If you are a fan ya need this. Don't tell me the Iszs aren't going to be a damn popular CGI creation!


Well that is it.  The MAXX appeared in some other cool places so get hunting!  Did I miss anything that demands representation?  Let me know in the comments.











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