1 Incredible Hulk #449

WRITER: Peter David
ARTIST: Mike Deodato, Jr.
After a 6 month lull that saw 9.8 prices fall from $350+ back down to $275ish, prices are back up to that $350 mark because of movie news(?).  We will see how legitimate that news is hopefully sooner than later.

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2 Unsound #1

WRITER: Cullen Bunn
ARTIST: Jack Cole
Selling for $15-20 on the heels of a Netflix announcement.  As I have stated before, just be careful on these indies that get optioned for TV, or even movies, they don't usually carry long term investment value.

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3 GI Joe: A Real American Hero #21

WRITER: Larry Hama
ARTIST: Steve Leialoha
Hitting some all time highs in multiple grades including $250 for a 9.2, $400 for a 9.4 and almost $500 for 9.6–and these aren’t newsstands…thanks CGC for not labeling them.  Is this a top 5 Joe book of all time?

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4 Spider-Verse #1 Todd Nauck Wal-Mart Variant

WRITER: Jed Mackay
ARTIST: Various
If anyone else can follow the infinite number of new-ish Spider characters, good for you.  Spider-Zero?  Anyways, this one is selling in the $15-20 range.

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5 X-Force (2019) #1 Todd McFarlane 1:100 Variant

WRITER: Ben Percy
ARTIST: Joshua Cassara
$125-135.  The cover for me is, meh.  But it is McFarlane, and just like some of the other popular artists out there, their fans will pay up for harder to find books.

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6 Batman Beyond (2019) #25

WRITER: Dan Jurgens
ARTIST: Cully Hamner
This was cover price and is now up to $20-25.  Continuing the children of superheros trend, this first appearance of Dick Grayson’s daughter is commanding a nice return right now.

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7 Turtles/Ghostbusters (2014) #2 Blank Variant

WRITER: Erik Burnham
ARTIST: Dan Schoening
I believe this is the 2nd time a blank variant has hit the Hot 10 (Daredevil #1 was the other).  Apparently this is pretty hard to find as I couldn’t find any currently listed on eBay but a couple have sold over the past couple weeks for $30-40.  Be on the lookout for this one in back issue bins.

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8 Spawn Newsstand Issues

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
#70 newsstand sold for $400+.  You may not realize that I am not a Spawn collector since Spawn pops up on the list so often.  The Spawn collectors apparently just want what they want and don’t care what the price is to get it.

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9 Memetic #1

WRITER: Jame Tynion IV
ARTIST: Eryk Donovan
This was cover price.  Now $15-20. Seth Rogen optioned this title this week. How did that Seth Rogen Preacher stuff work for everyone?

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10 New Adventures of Toxic Avenger #1

WRITER: Brian McNulty & Joe Paradise
ARTIST: Steve McKeon & Tamra Malaga
Up from less than $10 to $30 and now $40, this isn’t one that you will likely find sitting around an LCS.  Who doesn't love some Toxic Avenger goodness?

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Heavy Metal #September 2011

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
$25.  This is not an easy Artgerm cover to find, and because of its size, not easy to find in high grade.

Ghostly Weird Stories #122

WRITER: Jay Disbrow & A.C. Hollingsworth
ARTIST: L.B. Cole (cover)
Guide price for this book in grade is about $200.  A CGC 6.5 sold for $4300 this week.  What a sick LB Cole cover.

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  • Avatar

    Top 5 G.I. Joe book of all time? I can’t think of a bigger one than #21 (in terms of value).

    • Avatar

      This is definitely the top Joe book in the
      Modern era. If there are 4 others, you’re probably talking pre-marvel/cartoon.

      Just picked one (raw) up off eBay a few weeks for a great price. Hoping it’ll
      Press to a 9.0 or higher.

      • Avatar

        Also picked up NM/NM+ newsstand copies of issues 11 (1st Gung Ho/Snow Job/cover), 12 (1st Destro cameo), 14 (1st full Destro/cover), 25 (1st Zartan/Cover) and 49 (1st Serpentor/Cover).

        Love these.

  • Avatar

    When I was a kid, G I Joe #2 was the biggest issue to have that year.
    Was going for a bunch of cash back then.

    • Avatar

      I remember seeing Issue #2 it listed in Comic Values Monthly (CVM) magazine in the 80s for $60-$80 because it was a “low print run.” Meanwhile issue 1 was $20.

      Now issue 1 is the one to have of the two.

  • Avatar

    Thunderbolts news comes from blog MCU Cosmic ran by some guy Jeremy Conrad. There is a section called Rumors on it. So yeah.

  • Avatar

    Memetic is a great read and kicks off the apocalyptic 3 issue mini series triptych by James Tynion IV, Eryk Donovan, Dee Cunniffe and Jim Campbell. Cognetic and Eugenic are the minis that follow and while not direct sequels, they all offer different takes on the end of humanity and the world as we know it. Solid books from a solid creative team.

    Be aware that there is a 1:20 Virgin Incentive Cover for Memetic #1 that is very hard to find, let alone in high grade, as the black and white spiral design is very unforgiving to spine stress

  • Avatar

    Bring back the “Not 10” comics. I missed that article.

  • Ben C

    BOOM has been on fire lately. New releases and “back issues”(weird to say about a book from a couple years ago.

    And that LB cover.. You always find a killer GA book for the list Stein and I know a lot of folks including myself appreciate that!

  • Avatar

    Dick Grayson’s daughter first appeared back in Kingdom Come…

  • bustingmakesmefeelgood

    As much as it warms my heart to see a Ghostbusters title in the top 10, how is that 1 sale in the last 30 days on eBay qualifies this book to be on the top 10?? I mean really?? I called 6 lcs, they all have them for less than cover price. No one is buying them. That Ebay sale is an outlier.

  • Avatar

    Spawn newsstand issues are hard to find in more than Fine condition. They used cheaper paper.

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