In my time writing for this site, I Have written more than 80 features from Sink O DeMayo blog entries, to Con Recons, Panel Reports, creator Interviews, Breaking News and special features, and the eventual creation of the Bolo list and subsequent Bolo branding this year and contributed to countless others that don't have my name attached.  This will be the most difficult piece for me to write in my time in CBSI. It won't be filled with spec picks, Bolos, or controversial opinions (Hulk 180! Lol). Its because this is the end of an era of sorts, a 9 year journey that brought me back into a hobby that has meant the world to me since I was a kid.

Jack DeMayo

Author, Marketing Manager




A little over a year ago (June 2018) a simple request to have access to the CBSI IG account to do some in the field reporting at Heroes Con in Charlotte NC blossomed into a new role and a partnership with CBSI's Brian Wood of Simpleman's Comics on YouTube working on social media and branding efforts. That eventually led to me taking over Social Media for CBSI and then spear heading our marketing efforts as we moved into a post G+ world where we were no longer a message board group but instead a full fledged pop culture media source. We set clear goals for our social media accounts and smashed them in record time. CBSI has become a staple on IG and Facebook and albeit with some hiccups we transitioned our YouTube efforts from the programming of the previous ownership of the site to a more site promotional approach. Ben C gave me the trust and faith to guide these efforts and I am eternally thankful he saw me worthy to carry the social hammer of the CBSI accounts. We even began to develop products like the CBSI variant program to go along with the good folks at CBSI Swag to further the awareness of the brand in the marketplace.

Through content creation collaboration, Brian Wood and I started a YouTube show on his channel which led to a partnership in Simplemans Comics as a channel and brand while developing the Bolo (Aka Mr. Bolo) Brand symbiotically . This has blossomed into a 6k subscriber channel amplifying collections through integrity and community.

Today, Brian and I with heavy hearts filled with nostalgia and CBSI pride announce we are moving on and relinquishing our roles here at CBSI and ComicBookInvest.Com. This was a tough decision but a necessary one as we transition into expanding our channel, brands and business.


This is an amicable split, and not one filled with tension or animosity. We have been CBSI loyalists for 9 years strong and you don't step away from something like that without major thought and care going into such a decision.  We spoke with CBSI Owner and friend Ben C yesterday and wanted to let all of CBSI Nation know why we were leaving and to please continue your support for the CBSI brand as well as thank everyone for their support for us at Simpleman's Comics.


I also want to thank the contributors of this site. My goal in taking over marketing has been to shine a light on our talented writers. I've gotten so much joy seeing True First become an  “industry term” hearing creators and publishers brag about their place on the Hot 10 list, and working with so many talented writers and contributors to bring their columns to life on YouTube and promote their writing via social media.


Thank you to every writer and contributor of every feature on the site. A sincere thank you for all your efforts and indulging my social media requests is due. It's you all that make this site what it is. Thank you to my brothers in spec who have been there for me when I needed it through some tough times in my personal life. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

Thank you to all the contributors who worked on the Hot & Cold show on Simpleman's Comics. Clint, Ben S, Andy T, Peter, Mike, Bryan, Topher, Dan, Phil, Mel  and many more who have put themselves out there to help promote their column through our channel.

I especially want to thank Andy Tomberlin whose Indie Spotlight Series Show helped grew many of the industry contacts we have today. Andy has been integral in the success of our efforts probably more than even he realizes and the development of his column and its place in the industry is something I am proud of and all the credit goes to my fellow South Carolinian. I am his biggest fan.

I also want to thank Ben S for allowing me to take his Hot 10 list to YouTube. Though it wasn't always a smooth endeavor, I am happy to see him now not just writing the list, but delivering it via video on CBSI's Tales from The Flipside.


Finally thank you to those who gave me an opportunity.  Thank you to Shaun Leggitt for making me a moderator all the way back in the Google Plus days. Thank you to Inigo for bringing me into the ComicBookInvest.Com team and giving me the space to write literally whatever I wanted whenever I could.


Most of all thank you to CBSI Owner Ben C. You gave me the space to go from Jack DeMayo to AKA Mr. BOLO and encouraged me and pushed me the whole time. Thank you for the faith in me and trust to care for the CBSI name and logo we all love and cherish in public forums. You taking control as the head of CBSI has been the biggest contributing factor to the sites development and success and we are all grateful to work with you and for you. As much as I love our working relationship, the friendship has meant more. Thank you. I also want to thank our man behind the scenes James for all the work you do to keep the site running.

Going forward you will still see me everywhere you get your comics info on social media whether it's on Instagram @aka_mr.bolo and YouTube via Simpleman's Comics and our ever expanding roster of video series as well as our constantly innovative social media efforts (Like our Bolo Text Community: text 803 200 2720 to join!) And some other future projects yet to be announced.  You will also continue to see the BOLO list as a feature here on site so no fear to Bolo List Loyalists in CBSI Nation!


So from Brian and myself, thank you to everyone at CBSI and every member of CBSI Nation.  It has been a great 9 years. We hope you will join us on the Simpleman's Comics YouTube Channel and SimplemansComics.Com to talk comics and enjoy some fun pop culture content.


With That Being Said…..


Thank You!


Jack DeMayo AKA Mr. BOLO





  • Ben C

    Nothing but love and respect for you guys. A sincere thanks to both of you guys for everything!!

    Appreciate all you have done for CBSI and the community Jack, I can honestly say we would not be where we are with out your IG wizardry!!

    I look forward to supporting Simplemans and BOLO as you guys move on to explore the great wide open!!

    GOOD LUCK from all of us here at CBSI and again, THANKS!!!

  • Iñigo

    Hey guys! Thanks for agreeing with the silliest name for an article ever (sinko de mayo) and congratulations for all your writing past, present and future! Best of luck, even though I am pretty sure you’re not gonna need it … and hope we get to physically meet at a Heroes Con or something at some point!!!

    If you need anything you know where I am 😉

  • Brian W

    There’s not much more I can say that this article doesn’t already. I appreciate all of the opportunities CBSI the old school G+ group and this website has provided me. More importantly, I value the friendships I’ve made over the past years. While I may be moving on with Simpleman’s Comics, those friendships will be coming along with me.

  • Avatar

    really? what will be the new brand you guys will develop and have complete ownership over?

  • Avatar

    Thank you both for all the time and effort you have put in to making this site such a great place.

  • Avatar

    Yikes. We’re not getting the bolo list anymore? I have to actually do some research for ncbd? Lol. Wish you guys the best. Thanks for the Valuable info!

  • Avatar

    Good luck boys! You know how to find me!

  • Avatar

    Thanks for the words Jack. You guys did all that for yourselves though! I am just a cog in the machine! Good luck and thanks for all both of you did for me.

  • A. J. Diesel

    Respect to both. No doubt about it.

  • Adam Lebednik

    oh man i’m behind! Y’all kick ass and will continue to kill it. Cheers!

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