1 Marvel Action Spider-Man #10 Jonboy Meyers 1:10 Variant

WRITER: Delilah S. Dawson
ARTIST: Davide Tinto
Holy crap!  $120-150?!?!?!?!  I’m trying to think, but I don’t know if there is any precedent for this small of a ratio variant going this berserk so quickly.  Great cover by the way.

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2 John Byrne's Next Men #14

WRITER: John Byrne
ARTIST: John Byrne
Oh boy, has this been a trigger this week.  Thanks to Topher’s keen eye (honestly, why has no one seen this in the past 25 years?), Hellboy fans had something new to buy this week.  Jumping from the dollar bins to $25+ is insane to me, but this is the current market we live in–we should be happy that people are willing to spend.

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3 Rai #0

WRITER: Bob Layton
ARTIST: David Lapham
Oh, the 25 year Valiant roller coaster (there are probably a lot of people sitting on a lot of copies that will be looking to finally cash in).  A full trailer finally hit and it looked good.  How this translates long term on Bloodshot’s first appearance here, your guess is as good as mine.  I guess a lot will depend on how much money that movie actually makes. Anyways, this classic cover saw a ton of sales this week in the $150 range for 9.8’s and glossy covers back in the high $300’s again.

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4 Marvel Celebrates Stan Lee #NN

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
What else can be said about this book.  It has seen gains every week since it came out and is now selling for $800-900.  Rarely does a book hit the list 3 weeks in a row–especially at this price point.

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5 Thorn: Tales From the Lantern #NN

WRITER: Jeff Smith
ARTIST: Jeff Smith
To be completely honest, I don’t know if this was a really high sale or low one because of when the auction ended.  This hyper-rare book that predates Bone #1 by a long shot, sold in a 9.0 this week for $4800. Was there really any chance that this wouldn’t show up on the list though (as it was talked about a lot throughout the comic community)?

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6 Batman Beyond (2019) #37

WRITER: Dan Jurgens
ARTIST: Sean Chen
Look, I love BB, not sure about this one though. We will see if Batwoman Beyond is really worth the $15-20 being paid at the moment.

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7 Justice League (1987) #1

WRITER: Keith Giffen & J.M. DeMatteis
ARTIST: Kevin Maguire
Minimal gains for raw copies (maybe a 10-20% price increase to around $10-15, because let's be honest, who DOESN'T have a raw copy of this) but graded copies have seen a nice uptick with the announcement of Maxwell Lord in the Wonder Woman 1984 movie.  9.8’s were around $90-100 and are now hitting the $130-140 range. I’d probably be on the lookout for the Wonder Woman #219 2nd print (print run around 6k) where Mr. Lord gets his neck broken as a spec play for a possible outcome in the movie.

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8 Soulfire Preview

WRITER: Jeph Loeb
ARTIST: Michael Turner
We are just living in a ‘What book is the actual 1st appearance’ world…so what is the 1st Appearance of Soulfire?  Some say here and this one has seen some action with a Fathom and Soulfire media announcement. This has gone up from about $15-25 to $30-35 (and wow is the Pittsburgh Comic Con variant of this gorgeous).  Some would say that the Aspen Sketchbook is the first. Why can’t we have a comics governing body sort all of this stuff out?

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9 Amazing Mary Jane #1 Artgerm ‘Chalk' Variant

WRITER: Leah Williams
ARTIST: Carlos E. Gomez
I’d venture to say that most stores didn’t even know this was out there and just put it on the shelf with all the other books.  From what I’ve heard, it is about 1:10 of the Artgerm regular variant, so for most stores, they probably got 1 or 2 copies.  At that rate, the current $10-15 doesn’t seem like a bad deal.

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10 Luna Snow #1 In-Hyuk Lee 1:100 ‘Virgin' Variant

WRITER: Alyssa Wong
ARTIST: Gang Hyuk Lim
Riding on the coattails of the White Fox #1 1:100 Variant, this one is similarly non-existent out there.  A couple of sales of $75 for a VF- copy and a $250 sale for a VF/NM copy show the powerhouse potential of this one.

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Star Wars: Heir to the Empire #1

WRITER: Mike Baron
ARTIST: Olivier Vatine & Fred Blanchard
This has long been lingering in the ‘Why isn’t this worth more?’ category and only sold in the $5-10 range.  Recent sales have been in the $15-20 range and a 9.6 Newsstand copy sold for $140+. Keep an eye on this one,  Thrawn 1st comic appearance here.

Weird Terror #7

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Don Heck
Being burned alive would be terrible.  Being shoved in a home furnace and being burned alive–much worse.  A 5.5 sold this week for $1900.  Guide is about $175 and the last 5.5 sold in 2016 for only $350.

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  • Avatar

    Any 1st appearances in FF Luna snow #1? The reg cvr may be a win eventually, too.

  • Avatar

    pump and dump at 2 spot, but bb37 at 6th. so predictable

  • Avatar

    Honestly, I’m surprised it’s not at number 1.

  • Avatar

    A lot of people made fun of that Stan Lee book when it was at $300. They’re looking even more foolish now. Solid list this week.

  • Avatar

    Right? The pump n dump is strong on that garbage next men book. I’m surprised it’s not 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10 with Batman Beyond taking the 9 spot.

  • Avatar

    Next men is not the first appearance of Hellboy. Why is this website pushing this? It’s a red P-O-S-T-E-R with Hellboy on it. He never actually shows up in this comic, at all!

  • Avatar

    Even though it is virtually impossible to find the Thorn collected book in CGC 9.0 condition, I was still surprised it went for nearly $4.8k at this point. Probably will seem like a bargain once the Bone Netflix show hits. I’m rooting for the show to take off; such a good story.

  • Avatar

    The next men book is a joke. If u what to be a credible source please avoid books like that. It makes the site look bad.

  • Avatar

    Harbinger 1 will be heating up too now that Paramount is setting up a movie for it too. They have a better track record then Sony in setting up Franchises.

  • Avatar

    I’m sure Batwoman Beyond will be just as irrelevant as Batgirl Beyond.

  • Ben C

    That spidey cover is amazing!!

    Looking forward to see how the Valiant universe will play out and how the books will be effected.

    Great list as always Ben. Thanks for reporting on the market!

  • Topher

    Deadworld 10
    malibu sun 13
    amazing heroes 131 ( not even a comic )
    dime press 4
    Darkseid on a screen
    dawn ( first not in story )
    red hulk ( first not in story )
    NEC newssletter 14

    I can go on and on with comics of so called questionable merit that are accepted by the community and sell very well. So to bash a new find is kinda weak.

    Taking the idea it is Hellboy’s first out of the argument is fine by me

    So what are we left with; his name and origin as a comic character is discussed in story for the first time
    we see him as red and named for the first time.

    Call it what you will, no matter what it’s kind of important and at least as important as a prototype image.

    Shouting pump and dump is also weak and libelous and only serves to attack CBSI or others in a tired, old and unproductive way. If you disagree formulate an effective counterpoint and present a respectful argument so all can benefit.

    Thank you Ben for reporting the on the market, this list is great as always.

    • Avatar

      you posted you hellboy article on the 22nd, but on the 18th somebody bought up multiple copies of it in nm for like a dollar a piece on ebay. there was not a single recorded sale before the 18th. pump and dump.

      • Topher

        Personally I am more of a collector. I have a copy, from when it came out.

        And where’s the dump btw?

        I will say this though if you discover something there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to buy copies and I don’t begrudge anyone who did.

        Here is why.

        Even if I bought a thousand copies the facts about the book are the same. His image appears, he is red, it predates sdcc2. There is value in that information. CBSI gives put this info for free bud, a thanks will suffice.

        Sounds to me like you are mad there were no copies near you!

        • Avatar

          He/she is also assuming you or someone affiliated with CBSI purchased these books, which is unfounded.

          I agree, shouting pump and dump with only speculation and heresay is not productive. Did he/she should have asked first if anyone associate with CBSI was involved in those sales before throwing out accusations. Terrible behavior.

          • Avatar

            so a book without a single sale for months gets bought up 3-4 days before he releases his article and you think its all just coincidence. and if a 1st is a 1st than Salt Lake Comic Con 1991 book is hellboys true 1st. stop drinking the koolaid it will give you diabetes

          • Avatar

            “ Taking the idea it is Hellboy’s first out of the argument is fine by me”

            I knew you’d see it my way 😉

          • Avatar

            Okay so then there’s pumpers and dumpers. They might not be the same person but I’m listening to the flip side and they clearly say that they have another first appearance that they Topher gunna write about so Topher might not be the dumper himself but some in the inside group might be the dumpers that they are making off the pump. So if Topher is giving this knowledge out prehand for them to buy then there’s some intent to pump, no?

          • Ben Steiniger

            SIRHC, I am on the Flipside, and while I can’t speak for anyone else, I know that I have never had a copy of that book and definitely am not ‘pumping’ it for anyone else’s gain. There is no evidence to support any of these accusations and never has been in the 3 years that I have been writing this list–because the accusations are based on assumptions that just are not true. I know that the naysayers don’t like to hear that, but oh well.

  • Topher

    Sir ya gotta dump to have a pump and dump.
    For the last time, the facts about the book remain the same
    and sure SLC is the first Hellboy prototype image published. If that sets a precedent then then you are effectively helping to validate a lot of questionable books! Ya can’t have it both ways.
    Oh and you clearly don’t know much about diabetes.

  • Gary Nusser

    Always collect what you want/like and if you’re hoping to make money collecting, buy what you think other people might want. All of the salty commenters who just look for reasons to bash and never have anything productive to say, this is a free resource so feel free to move along if it’s of no use to you. The fact that there are collectors who actually go to all the work of researching, reading scores of books and then presenting that information out and then to think that they wouldn’t buy copies of said book is ridiculous and some might even say flat-out stupid!

  • Avatar

    Ah…… The old pump and dump…… Somepeople have no shame…… Pumpndumppum pump pummmp an dummmmp pummmp dumpppp……. At least you’re all on the same page with this one………pummmmmmmp and the dummmmmmmp

  • Earlybird

    Thanks Ben…. always look forward to your top 10, (for comic book sales)
    Great stuff

  • Avatar

    My question is where will it stop? I hear people saying 1st appearances count with an ad in a comic book as the 1st appearance of a character. So if you look at it that way even a mention in a comic balloon of a certain character could substantiate as a 1st appearance. I understand that people like to collect these things, and that is fine. Collect what you like. However, to advise individuals that these appearances are very crucial could cause a major distrust with comic advisors, which in turn could turn off people from buying comics.

  • Avatar

    Awesome find on the Hellboy 1st Topher!! Bringing free info to people and they cry cry cry. Make your own top ten or bust out some fresh spec by actually spending time researching and opening the cover of a comic and read it. All these crybabies need to call their mother, and tell her how these baddies are somehow controlling the market in the hobby you love 😢😢😢 maybe she’ll listen to that BS. Awesome Top ten Ben!! Thanks for putting in work.

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