Trade Secrets #38


Agent Newton reporting in with the latest vital information from the field.

It always seems to happen this time of year. After months of fruitless searching, I emerge dust-covered from the bins and shelves with books to flip or add to the collection. Things are starting to look up.

On to the books.


Beta Ray Bill Godhunter TPB


You gotta love the Patrick Zircher cover. In order to avenge his home planet of Korbin, Beta Ray Bill decides it's time to hunt down Galactus. This TPB is out of print. It sells for around $46.

Beta Ray Bill Godhunter collects Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter #1-3 and Secret Invasion Aftermath: Beta Ray Bill Green of Eden.

Bonus info: This book also contains reprint of Thor #339 (Creation of Stormbreaker Beta Ray Bill’s hammer).


Catwoman When in Rome TPB  $35


Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale combine their award winning talent again to create an entertaining side-story occurring between the events of Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Dark Victory.

This TPB collects Catwoman: When in Rome #1-6. Retail price was $12.99. It sells on Ebay for about $35.


Batman Cataclysm TPB


I didn’t believe that this trade would continue to sell for a premium. Thankfully I decided to grab one in nice condition for $9, just in case. This book has two editions and in NM condition sells consistently for about $74.

Batman Cataclysm TPB collects  Batman #553-554, Detective Comics #719-721, Batman Shadow of the Bat #73-74, Nightwing #19-20, Catwoman #56, Robin #53, Batman Chronicles #12, Batman Blackgate Isle of Men #1, and Batman: Huntress/Spoiler One-shot.

That’s it for this week.

Agent Newton out!


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