Watch Dogs, Evil Thor and More!

Another week, another collection of books to hunt for.  But first, here are 10 observations…

 The Joker was a beautiful film with an incredible lead but it is not a masterpiece.

 Hickman's X was the best X-Men event in recent memory but it went out with a  whimper.

The Cates Thor Spec is not going to be as powerful as the Venom stuff.

I think we need a Rambo vs Predator film.

Comics and pasta don't mix.

The Far Side is coming back.  Here is my favorite one.  Baby first appearances continue to rise in popularity.

The Necrosword will eventually be the new Infinity Gauntlet.

Random comic to read – Pistolwhip

Someone should do a first appearance toy article.


On to the comics…




Invaders 32

First Evil Thor

The new Loki series gave us a glimpse at the Unfather but evil Thor has appeared before and he worked for Hitler?!



Watch Dogs 1, 1b

Ubisoft's video game is getting an animated adaptation.  There was a comic, currently at 2 issues.  Here is the first appearance.



Marvel knights Genesis Marvel Boy

First appearance and cover for Grant Morrison's Marvel Boy


Slated to join the GOTG, Marvel Boy 1 has seen some decent sales over the past week.  He appeared a bit earlier though in this free wizard giveaway.  Other issue from Grant's  series may prove to be very important down the road.



Batman 404

First appearance of Frank Miller's Year One Catwoman.

The Matt Reeves batman film is set to adapt The Long Halloween.  That universe is part of the Year One universe, not the mainstream DCU. That would make this book her first.  This character is technically not the first post-crisis Cats.  That honor goes to Detective 569 but again that is a different universe.  I would also look for Catwoman When in Rome 1, also part of the Year One universe with a story focused on Catwoman.




What if: Age of Ultron 3,3b

First appearance of The Black Widow as Thor

Female Thor's are still hot right?  Well this one appeared just prior to Jane foster.



Marvel Elite 1

First Foriegn appearance of Devil Hulk

This French Marvel book reprints Devil's Hulk's first appearance.



———-COVERS I DIG!———-


Spider-Man Extra 1

Here's a foreign edition worth looking for.




Tales from the Edge

This anthology series has some gems that touch all the bases; needles, bikinis and robot restraints!


Here's a sick Sterenko cover!

There are a few issues from Tales from the Edge Sterenko fans should be on the hunt for.  This one sells pretty well signed.


and if you are a Sterenko or Sienkiewicz fan these should interest you



Threshold Allure 0

This cover is stunning.


Others I dig…



Lord Pumpkin appeared earlier but this cover is his best.




Meltdown 1 & the into booklet ( very hard to find with paper two pack binder )

This is an oversized UK anthology, reprint series and they can be quite rare.  Issue 1 reprints part 1 of both Akira and Nightbreed


Issue 3 reprints the Cover to Nightbreed 1 but it is the rare poster that is worth buying this for!


Solomon Kane: Death's Black Riders 1 Variant

There is something truly disturbing about Jason Alexander's painted cover.  With Solomon set to get an adaptation this Dark Horse 100 Special Edition is currently a ghost and might be worth grabbing now before it is too late.

See y'all next week!



  • Avatar

    Quick question for clarity. Is the Black Widow as Thor appearance What If? Age of Ultron 3 (per the image), or 5 per the text?

  • A. J. Diesel

    Topher, I have read HOX and POX. As far as the quality of read, what X story
    Would you compare it too?

      • Topher

        What I like about it is that it isn’t really comparable to anything from the past because it simultaneously clears up a lot of the past problems and gives the X franchise one of the most creative fresh starts I have ever read. It really amazed me because Hickman found a way to deliver layer upon layer over an odd two series layout set in multiple timelines and it was still easy to read. In fact I suspect it was pretty easy for newer readers and in a way I am jealous because if I were younger it kind of forces you to go back an read everything!

        As for my comment it really is not a criticism. I get why it ended the way it did and I still give it an A. I just hope Marvel has the courage to let it be a permanent new beginning. The only way I would be allow for a change is if Hickman creates a mutant called Retkon.

  • Avatar

    Great read! Picked up the Steranko Tales from the Edge about 10 yrs ago figuring it was the ONLY way I’d ever get his signature.

  • Spector

    Really nice mix of the obscure on this post. Being both a Steranko and Sienkiewicz uber fan, I appreciate the info as well.

  • Avatar

    Don’t know about Wizard or any other comics, but Marvel Knights / Marvel Boy Genesis Edition was bagged with Punisher Vol. 3, #3 (June 2000).

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