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Marvel 2099

So, Marvel seems to be looking to head back to the 2099 Universe they created back in the 90’s. Next Month they are doing 2099 variants for 15 of their titles to celebrate the event.

This may spark renewed interest in those old titles from the 90’s, so keep an eye out. Not a lot of key issues in those books, but there are a few. Spider-Man 2099 #35 comes to mind as the 1st Venom 2099 (also has a variant). But don’t forget the host, Kron Stone appeared in Punisher 2099 #1.

That said, I would also look out for any of the #1 issues as they have tons of 1st appearances. And you never know.

Recent Sales Data:

Spider-Man 2099 #1 – CGC 9.8 $76.00, Raw $5.00
SM 2099 #35 – CGC 9.8 $100.00, Raw $15.00
X-Men 2099 #1 – CGC 9.8 $97.72, Raw $5.99
Punisher 2099 #1– CGC 9.8 $77.00, Raw $3.99
Doom 2099#1 – CGC 9.6 $39.99, Raw $4.00
2099 Unlimited #1 – CGC 9.8 $69.99, Raw $3.99

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New X-Men #31

1st appearance of Kimura

Now let’s go back to some dead spec for our next book. This issue of New X-men featured the first appearance of Kimura, X-23’s arch nemesis. She’s kind of like her Sabretooth.

This book was hot for a while back when everyone was spec-ing on an X-23 spinoff movie following her scene stealing appearance in Logan. But these days, this book seems to be forgotten about.

So much so, that I am starting to find this book in dollar bins again. I think it’s still worth a grab if you come across it. You can flip it for a quick profit or hold on and see what shakes out once Marvel starts introducing mutants to the MCU. X-23 would seem to fit right in.

Recent Sales Data:

CGC 9.8 Census – 26
CGC 9.8 – $150.00 on 3/26/19
Raw – $11.99 on 9/8/19

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So until next time, while you are out there digging, remember…

“It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great.” – Jimmy Dugan




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  • A. J. Diesel

    Would loveeee to find New X-Men #31 in a dollar bin. Fine choices my man!

  • Avatar

    I do like the 2099 specs.. even before the new series coming out. But i mostly look for mainstream marvel like Thor or Spidey or Ironman, usually the big guns, with a $4 cover on them or Batman books. So, any Batman from old to new in a dollar bin is fine by me.

    • Peter Renna

      A buck is a good buy in price to just grab interesting books. A cover that grabs you. Or a story or title you always wanted to try. Or a recommendation from a friend. This way if it doesn’t work out you only wasted a buck. Much better than blindly throwing $4-$5 on every new release that comes out. Dollar bins help you build runs and collections on the cheap. Save up $ for the keys and fill the gaps from the cheap bins.

  • Avatar

    I wish I have a dealer who has a lot of books in the dollar bin. I don’t seem to have much luck.

    • Peter Renna

      Yes location can be tough. I am blessed to have a bunch of shops within driving distance that i can check out every once and a while. and a couple flea markets that also offer opportunities to dig. I realize that not everyone has that, and that is a shame.

      The internet market place is no place to dollar bin dig as shipping and competition are killers. My only suggestion is to think outside the box and be willing to drive. Some places may cost you 45 mins to an hour in the car, but if you plan a couple stops or work in errands you need to do anyway, it helps. But also consider checking out antique shops, good will, etc.

      And don’t forget to do a google search for comic shop near me. I just found a new place by doing that. Shops can pop up and you would be none the wiser as there is options are limited to get the word out.

  • Slanthook

    Agree with AJ, I’d love to find NXM 31 for $1. One of my local shops has it at $40. Likely marked up during the spike and then never lowered hoping someone will pay the high price. It’s interesting to me when shops price high and never adjust. I guess you never have to worry about someone getting a deal, but it’s probably just going to set there and get banged up for the next 10+ years.

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