October 14


Happy mid-October! Where the leaves fall and your local comic-con calls!


Focusing more on sales aspects than interior images this week, for absolutely no reason in particular! Ready? OK. Here we go!


Now that’s a cape!



3-issue connecting Moon Knight cover set. From the Moon Knight 2011 series. Covers by Alex Maleev.

  • #1 is a Third Printing.
  • #2 is a Second Printing
  • #3 is also a Second Printing

Head scratching inconsistent sales, like so many comics can experience. Sometimes they end for a few dollars individually. Sometimes they sell for close to $100 as a set.





Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #479#482, 1980 Whitman.

These are all fairly scarce. #480 from the 3 packs is probably the rarest. No recent sales that I saw. Lowest listed is at $400. There are a few dozen or so extremely rare Whitman issues that rarely hit the market and when they do prices are usually high. Uncle Scrooge #179 and Little Lulu #260 are a couple examples.


Kitana, Captana, Veronticana Vampirell-ana!



Ms Marvel #1 2006 Variant.

Yes, maybe Captain Marvel/Ms Marvel Movie-related books have what you can say tanked, but it is my belief they’ll come back up again, especially if she’s really going to be in so many more movies.


Mortal Kombat Kitana and Mileena #1, 1995, Malibu Comics.

News of more Mortal Kombat movies in the works is keeping some MK books hot, and keeps me seeking them out. This one’s always been an ok seller, at times fetching as high as $40.

“This is the definitive tale of Kitana and Mileena, whose story is one of the most interesting in the entire MK history. You'll also learn more than you've ever known about Outworld and the dark emperor Shao Kahn.”


Female Fangs!

Red Sonja and Vampirella meet Betty and Veronica #1 Virgin Variant, 2019, ScottsCollectibles Exclusive, Cover by Parrillo.

So many great Vampirella covers of late. Many of which are exclusives. Shot out to BenC for hipping me to this book!


Grimm Tales of Terror #12, 2015 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Variant /500.

Trying to stick to the 500 made and under con exclusives for Zenescope stuff. Preferably /350, /250 and less.


Veronica #28, 1993, Archie Publications.

One of the many Archie covers from the early 90’s Modern Age that blew up and are still going strong. There are a bunch of Veronica covers bringing some coin in the aftermarket!


Playdough? Colorful Keys!



New Mutants #98, 1991.

Looks like raws are still selling in the $200-range. Hard to understand how these brand new 2019 reprints are selling for close to $100 in some instances, while at the same time listings end at just a few bucks. Maybe it’s non comic people buying them as gifts and simply do not realize the difference? In any event, hopefully one day those reprints really will command that type of coin. But that day doesn’t legitimately appear to be today.


Straight Savagery!

Graphic Fantasy #2, 1982, Ajax Comics.

Super rare 2nd Savage Dragon appearance by creator Erik Larsen. Numbered to 450.

More LB Cole!

Startling Terror Tales #9, 1953 Star Publications.

The forbidden tomb! Another classic LB Cole cover. More horror in your life in this market is probably one of the healthiest choices one can make. Not very hard to make that argument. The stats on this book? 11 graded with a high of only a 7.5. Sooo, so much horror to choose from across every single era and publisher.


Tomb of Dracula #12

What do you do when a character’s first appearance disappears at low prices?

Go after their 2nd appearance! And first solo, apparently, too.

In Blade’s second appearance…

“Blade returns! But even with the Daywalker's help, Drake, Harker and the rest of Dracula's enemies are rocked to their core when one of their own falls to the curse of the Lord of Vampires!”



Vision #1, 2016 Retailer Incentive, Cover by Ryan Sook.

First Viv Vision. Will she appear in the Disney+ Vision show? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, this one’s not a super easy find.

As I think to myself this is a fairly undervalued book compared to other characters like America and Kamala, I see raws starting to sell $100+ and 9.8’s listed for sale at a staggering $1,000 price tag. I like it!


Raising Dion is a hit!



Print to order, yes. But still. 9.8’s were commanding close to $100 and people absolutely love the newly aired show. There may be news of a season 2 very soon.


Blue-24, Red-1, Spider-Ham-15, Hike!



These Savage Shores #1, 2018 Vault Comics, first printing.

Less than a couple thousand made for the first printing and it sounds like it may be getting the option treatment. I remember the first few weeks when this book came out. It was cover price, maybe slightly higher. They seemed like they were available everywhere online. Lots of sales were occurring at those low prices, and a week to 2 into it hitting shelves, copies could still be found at cover many places online. Then suddenly, they disappeared. All dried up on ebay too! Then, they reappeared at $15-20 listings. Those sold and then we had $30-40 listings, which also sold! Just like that, all the copies that were passed on for cover suddenly became somewhat painful recent memories, and this book was added towards the top of the ‘green light- if you see it buy it’ list.

And, the 2nd print is still a monster. Some of the exclusives to the number one issue too.


Under the radar meet-up!

Cable & Deadpool #24, 2006

Still not sure why the first Spidey/Deadpool meeting doesn’t command more. It’s been selling at about $20, if that, which continues to be surprising. It’s also such a cool cover! Can you imagine what would happen to this book if they meet up one day on the big screen?



Peter Porker the Spectacular Spider-Ham #15, 1987

Wouldn’t that be awesome if quarterbacks started using comic book characters as part of their play calls? “Morbius, Morbius!” Or, “Fiona-Saga!”

#12 from this 1985 series created by Marvel and Star Comics commands the majority of the love from this series for the Marvel character border cover collectors, and #16-17 get some love for being the final issues in the series, but #15 can also bring some desirability with the Amazing Spiderman #50 cover homage.


Kingdom Comic-dom!



Amazing Heroes Interview #2, 1993, Fantagraphics.

Todd McFarlane shot out to the early 90’s cover! The Todd McFarlane interview is continued from the first issue. Note: There are also 2nd printings to this book.


Another Homicide!

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac #1, 1995, Second Printing.

We all think of the First Printing as the only one worth having, but 2nd and 3rd printings can get you $30 at times, if not more.



Vampires the Marvel Undead One-Shot #1, 2010.

Didn’t see this one around much. Pretty cool that is catalogs many vampires of the Marvel Universe.

Original solicitation: “The OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE takes a dark turn with this collection of all-new profiles! Featuring the vilest vampires (Dracula himself! Dracula's children: Lilith, Janus and Xarus! Two Baron Bloods! Varnae, the first vampire!), the heroes that hunt them (Blade/Eric Brooks! Rachel Van Helsing! Hannibal King! Quincy Harker!), newly converted bloodsuckers (Spitfire/Jacqueline Falsworth! The X-Men's Jubilee!), and an expanded profile on all Marvel's vampires! Plus: the terror of the Hellcow!?”


Stormwatch #4, 1998, Image Comics.

This is yet another up and down book. Right now it’s down, down, down. One of its lowest points, in fact. Will it stay down? Or will it come back up and if so, when? Oh, if we only knew answers to those questions for so many books! But, there are quite a few first appearances in this book I’ve detailed in previous write-ups. That’s what my notes say anyways!


Web of Spiderman #32, 1987.

Part of Kraven’s Last Hunt 6-part story (part 4 of 6.) The set of 6 issues was selling for over $100 at its high point when rumors were more rampant about this being thee story for the next Spider-man film. This one’s a more popular cover of the set. Spider-man back from the grave? He finally awakens from his drug-induced coma and busts out of his coffin!


Ok, comic-doers. Stopping point time. Have another exciting week in comics and I’ll be waiting for you here next Monday. That’s right. I’ll be sitting right here waiting. Waiting like a busboy. Waiting like I’m at the DMV. Waiting like, is Christmas here yet?!? : )


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    I was stock piling Vision 1 sook variants. Guess it might be time to start grading them and seeing if they keep trending up.

  • Avatar

    I love that 3 cover Moon Knight set. The second print Maleev cover to #1 of that same series is the one to get. It’s a ghost and some of his best work.

  • Easy_Nator_Comics

    I actually bought that Peter Porker the Spectacular Spider-Ham #15 CGC’d 9.8 years ago. Just a really cool homage cover.

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    Don’t forget about WDC&S Whitman issues 483 and 484 40c price error as well. I always try to pick up those scarce pre-pack Disney Whitman’s from the 4 major titles up anytime for a good price. Have at least one from each.
    LB Cole Horror and Sci-fi comics are always pure gold and getting very very tough to come by.
    Web of Spider-man 32 is my favorite cover from those Last Hunt issues. Picked up a CGC 9.6 newsstand earlier this year.

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    I think the first Deadpool and Spidey meeting was in Deadpool 11; although technically it may not count as, if memory serves correct, Peter Parker had not yet become Spider-Man.

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