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Greetings and jamutations, Tin Hatters! The Tin Hat is here with you once again. The triple digits are gone, and the cool 80 degrees are settling in. (Hey, that’s pretty cool for Texas.) Speaking of Texas, Texas is home to the Tin Hat. Specifically, Austin, TX. Specifically specifically it’s the home for Mondo.

That’s right! The little t-shirt screen printing shop that could, Mondo has gone on to become the leading screen print shop for art prints. While there are many other shops that have are also prominent, like Bottleneck Gallery or Hero Complex Gallery, Mondo is still seen as a tad above them all. Collectors and flippers galore attend galleries, aiming to get their hands on the next print that’ll be worth upwards of $200.

In the midst of all this, Mondo has created their own “art convention” to bring in all of its fans galore. This past month, the Tin Hat was able to attend MondoCon 5 (2019), only the 5th MondoCon since the existence of Mondo.

Mondo brings in all of their big name artists. While most of the artists present were mainly print artists, there were also some comic creators, notably Jock, Francavilla, Cloonan, and Bartel. There were also some amazing exclusives, as well as the ever present Mondo Beer.

As you all know, I tend to blather on about things I find interesting; however, I would like to let the pictures speak for themselves this time. So scroll down memory lane with me, as the Tin Hat relives MondoCon 5. Also, DC needs to hire Sara Deck yesterday!


Up first, the best scene in a somewhat polarizing movie.



Another polarizing movie, but we all remember the bear!



We all enjoyed this movie. Have you ever been so quiet in a packed theatre crowd before?



A personal grail of mine. The Tin Hat used the buddy system to obtain this beauty. Also, Sara Deck needs to get on variant cover duty. Donny, are you there?



Italian master Francavilla always has the best colors. (Also, an amazing facehugger remarque.)



Some more Sara Deck. This one for the best movie ever made.



Edward Scissorhands all framed up.



Mondo Exclusives






MondoCon 5 beer. Made with hops from “The Scandinavian region”. One reviewer wrote, “It tastes like a PB that hasn’t showered.”



More Francavilla colors.



Luca Guadagnino is already on the same level as Dario Argento in the eyes of the Tin Hat.



Oh, did I mention Jock was there?



Marvel is wasting Jen Bartel (no offense Mr. Quesada). DC should put her on an exclusive contract to draw Supergirl. Dan Didio, where is you?



Thank you for strolling with the Tin Hat as I relieved MondoCon 5. If you made it this far, I have some news for you. Next month will be a year that the Tin Hat has been in existence.

The Tin Hat loves to write articles for all of my fellow Tin Hatters, from the Tom Cruise heights to the artists flows. As a token of appreciation, I will run a tiny contest for all of my fellow readers.

The prize will be the A Quiet Place print that was featured in this article. (Please note that the print has a crease on the bottom-right corner.) However, if a fellow Hatter frames it, it’ll go unnoticed.

So how can you get your hands on this amazing print? All you have to do is comment down below! Since we are in Spooky-tober, comment with your favorite spooky movie.

Classic or new, black and white or full color, foreign or domestic, whatever it is, just comment it down below (and give me a sentence or two while you’re at it). The Tin Hat will choose the winner based on which makes him go “Nice” the longest.

How many i’s can you make me exclaim!? The winner will be named in my next article, so everyone has 2 weeks to get their entries in!

This is The Tin Hat, signing out! Look up into the skies, stare at PSLs, listen to robot music, watch both Suspiria films, and farewell from the world of tomorrow!



  • Avatar

    Bruce Campbell… I mean Evil Dead.

    Great Jen Bartel art.

  • Avatar

    My favorite is the classic American Psycho. Nothing beats “The Batman” running down the hall in nothing but socks and running shoes chasing a woman with a chainsaw!

  • El Elefante En El Cuarto

    Polarizing? (reference to TLJ Rey/Kylo) what an understatement!

    Yes, this scene of them fighting these red guys. I call it Rey & Kylo fighting the Revlon Squad, Cuz of the ruby red nail gloss color. lol. Im so sorry, I could not resist!

  • Avatar

    Candyman. Just kidding! I kid.

    Blair Witch Project, I’m not ashamed.

    Thanks for posting all this, great to see the tradition continue and grow, I had lost track of these.

    Totally agree re: Jen Bartel BTW

  • Avatar

    What is the focus/purpose of the tinfoil spec series? Is it about art? Covers? Movie posters? I’m trying to discern the themes of the various article series on CBSI. The titles don’t really tell me what the articles will be about. I’ve figured out a few. Some I’m still having trouble with. Thanks in advance.

  • Avatar

    At the NYCC, Mondo put out an exclusive variant for Marvel Comics #1001 that was limited to 1001 copies and it flew out of the Marvel Booth in on Day One, was limited to one per customer on Day Two and completely sold out that evening. They are also serial numbered (unfortunately on the front cover) which I think is a practice that all exclusives and limited variants should follow.

    If Mondo keeps growing in popularity and puts out more variants, the NYCC one could end up being highly sought after since it would be the first Marvel Mondo. Plenty are available online at various auction sites priced above the $16.33 sale price (tax included) but still affordable if you see this as valid spec.

  • Avatar

    Plan 9 art is smoking hot! Love the color scheme!

  • Dan Piercy

    Love the Jen Bartel sketches; thanks for showing them.

  • Avatar

    For me, it’s Jordan Peele’s Us. When the doppelgänger family invades and Lupita Nyong’o speaks as her tethered character Red for the first time it’s . . .messed up.

  • Shmacky

    Hard to choose just one. So, top three:
    1. The Exorcist (1973) Uncut – Regan’s “spider walk” was creepy as hell, and still copied in horror today
    2. The Shining (The hot and then not so hot lady in room 237…) + Scatman Crothers!
    3. 28 Days Later (Wasn’t there another show where the star woke up alone in a hospital room)

  • Avatar

    The Fourth Kind. That movie is disturbing on so many levels.

  • Avatar

    Alien and Evil Dead 2. Still love both today.

  • Avatar

    Alien – no question! One of the Best Sci-fi Horrors ever made! I think it should have far more love than it does. H.R Geiger – Amazing Art, Sick, Insane, Gross, Sexual, yet somehow you can’t stop wanting to look at it.

    So the art & the 80’s Tech and attitude & the 80’s Film grain plus an awesome story… hands down Aliens one the best movies around, and it can certainly keep up with most if not all of today’s movies. Well that’s my not so humble opinion 😉

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