The Joker, Vigilante, Bats the Ghost Dog and More!

Welcome back speculators, collectors and creeps it's your uncle Bingo.  time to pay the check!

See that is a real Joker line.  The problem with the new Joker film is that the character lacks wit and genius.  Don't get me wrong, Phoenix is great and a talented actor.  I also hope they use him down the road but the movie has some massive flaws.  It's a 2 star film.  Too much dancing and not enough development.

Here are some firsts, enjoy!



Superman 25 ( 2017 )

First appearance of Jon Kent as Superman


It appears that many of the big heroes over at DC are going to be changed with popular characters taking over in those roles.  The biggest might be Jon Kent as Superman.  Jon has already appeared as Superman albeit briefly.

NOTE:  Jon Kent also appears as Superman in Super Sons 11 and is named as Superman. 



Mystery in Space 21

First Space Cabbie

We have a few confirmed characters for the upcoming Bizarro TV show from DC.  Space Cabbie has a bit of a cult following and his first is not an easy find.



DC Comics Presents 52

First appearance of Ambush Bug

Another fan favorite has bee confirmed for the same DC show.

NOTE:  There is a Canadian Price Variant for this



Superman 160

First appearance of revamped Bizarro



The Joker's Joke Book

     The new Joker movie features an interesting prop that gives significant insight into the Joker's feeble mind.  The joke book did appear in comics thanks to Grant Morrison but has an earlier paperback from the late 80's



Doctor Strange 382

First appearance of Bats the Ghost Dog ( not as a ghost )

     All Mr. Cates has to do is mention characters and people go nuts.  I must admit I love this pooch even if Bassets are not my favorite breed ( they can be mean ).  381 is the book of choice but once again the initial market rush has it wrong, that is unless Cameos are now more popular?

   381 is a cameo of Bats and he isn't a ghost yet.  This book also marks the return of The Sentry.


Doctor Strange 385, 385b

First appearance of Bats the Ghost Dog as a ghost

This one is arguable more important that 381 or 382.


There is a sick Maestro Variant for 385



Doctor Strange 390

First cover for Bats the Ghost Dog



Vigilante Southbound 1

First appearance of an African-American Vigilante

     So it looks like Idris Elba is not the Bronze Tiger and instead the Vigilante.  Now we know where he appeared first but Chase is a white guy.  There has been an African American Vigilante so who knows.

NOTE:  I have never seen this listed but the Vigilante's second appearance was in New Teen Titans




Pippi Flyttar

First appearance of Pippi Longstocking

Look, if characters like Kate Keene and Nancy Drew can get how why not Pippi?  She is getting a new film on Netflix. Her first is in this rare foreign and yes it is a comic appearance.






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