1 Spawn #300 NYCC Gold Variant /500

WRITER: Todd McFarlane & Scott Snyder
ARTIST: Various
Is anyone else as amazed as I am that Spawn has made such a comeback?  I mean, look at the print runs from 6 years ago, it barely had a pulse.  Now, every hard to find copy is a massive hit, including this one that is selling for $400+.

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2 Plot #1 NYCC Variant /100

WRITER: Michael Moreci & Tim Daniel
ARTIST: Josh Hixson
100 copies is exceptionally low, even for an independent title.  Couple that with awesome cover art and you have a hit.  Congrats to those that were able to get this one on Day 1 at NYCC as you will be able to sell for $200+ right now.

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3 Spider-Man (2019) #1 Clayton Crain NYCC Variant

ARTIST: Sara Pichelli
How awesome is it that JJA is writing a comic book?  Anyways, this awesome Crain variant is commanding $70-100.

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4 Gideon Falls #1

WRITER: Jeff Lemire
ARTIST: Andrea Sorrentino
Announcement of James Wan is partnering to bring this series to television has caused movement again on this one.  Cover A is back to around $20.

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5 Absolute Carnage: Immortal Hulk #1 Dale Keown 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Al Ewing
ARTIST: Filipe Andrade
This one was hot on presale because of Venom-Hulk and the sick cover art by Keown.  Expect to pay $60-70 right now for it.

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6 DMZ #1

WRITER: Brian Wood
ARTIST: Brian Wood & Riccardo Burchielli
A pilot?  For HBO Max?  That's the news?  Well, for those that have held onto this for years, you can at least somewhat cash out now to the tune of $20ish.

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7 Captain Marvel (2019) #8 3rd Print

WRITER: Kelly Thompson
ARTIST: Carmen Nunez Carnero
So Star is getting her own series.  That fact has caused people to consider that she is sticking around for a while.  This 3rd print seems to be the largest beneficiary as it has creeped up from cover price to $15-20.

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8 Spawn #300 NYCC Silver Variant /1500

WRITER: Todd McFarlane & Scott Snyder
ARTIST: Various
Well, if you can't get the Gold, the Silver is the next best thing I guess.  Selling in the $75 range.

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9 Strikeforce #1 John Tyler Christopher NYCC Variant /2500

WRITER: Tini Howard
ARTIST: German Peralta
Similar to his Rogue SDCC Variant, this one appears to be a hit.  Selling in the $50+ range at the moment (the Rogue variant is in the $35-40 range for long term reference).

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10 House of X #5 J. Scott Campbell NYCC Variant /2500

WRITER: Jonathan Hickman
ARTIST: Pepe Larraz
Convention exclusive + JSC = $$$.  Before dropping any big money, remember that his store variants are lower printed than this one.  Selling in the $50 range

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Showcase '96 #3

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
This book was hot once before as it is the first ‘unofficial' Birds of Prey appearance.  With a trailer having dropped this week (what are everyone's thoughts?), this one is back up again to $30+.  It was selling in the $10 range just a couple weeks ago.

Adventures Into Darkness #12

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
This is by no means an easy book to find, but the lone 8.5 copy (none higher) sold this week for over $3100.  Guide value is appx. $400

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  • Ben Steiniger


    Comment or pose a thoughtful question here! We will talk about the best ones on our Hot 10 breakdown LIVE show tonight around 11:30 Eastern!

    We will pick a winner and they will receive a free book! It will be worth your time to participate!

  • Avatar

    I don’t buy Con variants, store variants or incentives so I hate this list. Haha I like me some cover A’s and cover B’s maybe the odd cover C.

  • Topher

    Crazy how a second American Civil war makes news twice in one week.

  • Avatar

    At this point why not just make 2 lists. This list is almost entirely variants and cons at that from NYCC. There are dozens of normal books that are selling well that don’t make this list and these con books do?

    At some point shouldn’t volume of sales come into this list? Diversify and expand your list. Its will grow the base as well.

  • Adam Lebednik

    Great as always. I don’t follow nycc variants so it is nice to see what is hot coming out of it.

  • Avatar

    Every time I see heat on DMZ I think of Queen & Country #1.

    Wasn’t Ridley Scott helmed to direct Queen & Country?

    Also not a huge fan of Con variants, but love that Spider-Man Crain NYCC I must admit.

    Time to bin dive for that Showcase 96

  • Avatar

    Is anyone else getting Variant Burnout? I am starting too. I can’t go chasing all of these. I just have a feeling that key books are better investments. Anyway, as always…Looking forward to your show tonight.

    • Avatar

      Hell yeah. I’ve pretty much abandoned variants except for 2nd prints and the occasional 1:25 Venom cover.

    • Father_fanboy

      Key books are ALWAYS better investments. Variants hit at about the same ratio as regular comics (for every 50-100 there’s one or two hits, in other words) and with a much higher buy-in they’re a much bigger risk. While keys don’t always go up, they usually do, and there’s still plenty of undervalued keys out there right now that are the same or less than ratios cost.

      I only buy ratios when I like the cover, and then it’s just for my PC.

  • Avatar

    I didn’t think Star was such a big deal, and the 3rd print price rising has only just recently is the last couple of days taken off. I can see it becoming popular but I think the longer term spec will rely on how well the solo series is received. Only time will tell!

    • Father_fanboy

      It’s weird to me that the third print would take off, when it’s basically just a color variation of the 2nd print…seems to me like that would be the one to have. Wonder if the market will correct?

      • Avatar

        I like the 2nd print better…but I think 3rd is a lower print and the red cover will be tough to get in NM/M grade.

        • Father_fanboy

          I don’t know–usually there has to be more to it than that. Checked ebay sales and there had been one sale in the last week for more than cover. Every previous sale had been from over a week ago and for less than cover. There is seriously no reason on Earth why this book would be hot? I mean, now that the book is on this list there have been a lot of sales today and they’re all listed for way more than the previous sales…odd, when you think about it.

    • Avatar

      i Grabbed a 3rd print from midtown yesterday. I had two copies sitting in my cart at MCS….despite it being sold out…so I figured “what the hey, I’ll check out!” Order went through….see if it gets cancelled. I heard diamond still had them in stock as of yesterday…

  • Ben C

    Great list as always Stein!

    Crazy to watch the prices of obscure PCH just going nuts!!

  • BlueGreen Artifacts
    BlueGreen Artifacts

    Which book on this list would you pack away for the long term if you could pick it up for a good price? Is it healthy to have a fear of selling everything too early? I really want to make some longterm bets now and then.

    • A. J. Diesel

      It is totally fine to have the fear of selling to early. As a semi-professional gambler for 4 years living in Las Vegas, doubling what you put in is never bad, if you’re willing to invest the winning amount back in. If you can buy a book at cover and flip for 3-4xs more, you’ll do fairly well at the modern spec game. The people who fail are the goofs who hold too long.

      • Sleepwalker805

        My LCS while back gave me that advice when I picked up the X-Men Gold #1 – 1 per store sketch for $15 and the controversy hit the next day. Told me to sell it immediately…got $120 for and got me a clean copy of FF49. Now it sits at $25.

  • Avatar

    Not a fan of variants either. Oh well maybe a couple bronze or copper age keys will pop up next week. Usually the only thing I get excited for.

  • Avatar

    Looking forward to the Star Series!

  • Avatar

    My Star books finally sold on Ebay so thanks Marvel

  • Sleepwalker805

    Bitter Root #1 Akira Variant got some heat again after the announcement of Ryan Coogler to produce the show

  • Avatar

    Enjoyed this list, as I don’t get a chance to see the NYCC exclusives when they are upfront and relevant.
    One question that came to mind was, which con exclusives do you think holds the best long term value (in general)…between the NYCC and the SDCC exclusives?

  • Avatar

    not into con variants myself, some books to keep an eye on, any 1st appearances of xmen characters gracing the pages of HoX/PoX(10)…With the rebirth/resurrection of any potential mutant…Synch, Skin, Mondo and any of the GenX could be making a breakout in the near future, Exodus,Apocalyps, Sinister, Omega Red… even the recently highlighted Sabertooth could be some very underrated and undervalued 1st appearances

  • Avatar

    I love and appreciate more and more key Silver and Gold books but variants add another level of collecting fun for the hobby. If you don’t have a combination of keys and variants you’re missing out on the fun but I digress.

  • Avatar

    Ratio Variants are going to tank hard one day. Mark my words. If you want to invest for the now, go variants. But there is no way they will be worth as much as key 1st apps in future. Some older variants like Dell Otto spidey and mj venom covers and such, why in the bloody hell would anyone buy one of those instead of a 1st app Wolverine and choose your favorite 5-10 bronze-modern 1st apps for the same price. Its just stupid

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