Female Ghost Rider Firsts and More!

May the Voice of Rao forever light your way….



What if… 45

First appearance of a female Ghost Rider and Cover

Looks like there was a female GR prior to Alejandra Jones.  For all those who try and discount these stories remember what the Watcher said,  these tales all happened just in different parts of the multiverse.  Oh and there is that She-Thor book that helped set a precedent.



Ghost rider 0.1

First appearance of Alejandra Jones as Ghost Rider


That looks like a first to me ( cameo ) and it predates issue 1 of the series.




Marvel Age 58

First cover for Archangel ( prototype? ) and Apocalypse's Four Horsemen 


Thanks to Hickman a lot of past X books are generating some heat.  Although the Horsemen from X-Factor do not appear to be the Horsemen depicted in the recent series interest has picked up.  Here is one no one is talking about.



The Amazing Spider-Girl 11,12

First appearance and first full for Kid Carnage!

Now the MC2 Benjy may have never been depicted as anything more than a baby but he was Kid Carnage and this is his first as that character!




Spider-Man Life Story 3, 3 Variant

First appearance of Clair Parker, Spider-Man's daughter 

Everyone wants a piece of Benjy and man are there a lot of books to go around.  Here is the most recent and in it MJ births twins, one named Ben and the other named Clair.  Since there has been a reversal on the popularity of baby firsts this one could rise down the line.



—————————–COVERS I DIG!!!——————————


Curse Words 10 Variant ( Frison )

Looks like this got optioned.  There's a ton of issue 1 variants out there but I kind of like this Frison Variant for issue 10.

and if you can find these con promo glasses I would hold onto em.



Here's a few from this forgotten Dark Horse manga that I really like.



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