Trade Secrets #37


Agent Newton reporting.

I’m sorry to report that each week it grows tougher and tougher to find good trades to flip. What’s the report from your neck of the woods?

The real world may be tough, but Ebay always brings us interesting sales data upon which to act.

Before I move on, a word of caution. I’m seeing way too many buyers overpay for books listed as OOP or Rare or …fill in the blank. Just this week, I witnessed buyers pay over $100 for books that could be had for $20.

While doing your research if you find a trade that sold for big money, take a few extra seconds and look for other sold listings of that item.


Case in point below.


Transformers IDW Collection Volume 2


Retail for this book is $50. I found a sale for $150. More recent sales range from $22 to $55. Be careful out there! I almost bought this book for retail thinking I could triple my money. Thankfully, I searched and found the $150 sell was an outlier. I do love that cover though.

Now onto the real money.


Goon HC Library Edition Volume 3


It appears that The Goon Library Edition Volume 3 was underprinted. What normally retails for $40 now sells for over $200. I saw one of these at my LCS a few weeks back. It’s gone now of course.  If only I knew.

This high quality hardcover collects Goon (3rd Series) #19-31.


Bartkira Nuclear Edition


I collect Simpsons and Futurama related comics. Yet, somehow I missed the re-creation of every page of Akira using characters from the Simpsons.

Discovering this book blew my mind. Seeing that the $19.99 hardcover sells for around $400 made me cry. Looks like the paperback version runs around $60. I guess I’ll opt for that.


That’s all for this week.

Agent Newton out.


end transmission…


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