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Greetings and jamutations, Tin Hatters! After a very successful Area 51 raid, the Tin Hat is back in the Lone Star State with another dose of Tin Foil Goodness. Summer may officially be gone, but the Tin Hat is already eyeing X-mas stockings. What goodies will jolly ol’ Tom Cruise bring us this year? Will another Marvel series end this month? Will DC’s heroes still be laughing? And what Jeff Lemire book will heat up? Join me, Tin Hatters! From sweaty temperatures to freezing downfalls, join me in ringing in the new year!

As always, biggest of shout outs to King's Cache from the ATX for advance copies of the paper Previews!


DC celebrated Batman Day by revealing that James Tynion IV will team up with Tony Daniel to write the final 15 issues of what would have been Tom King’s Batman. 86 the mayo, please. When does Donny’s Marvel contract run out again?

The Low, Low Woods #1

The House of Joe Hill continues pumping out the horror. Body horror is what the Tin Hat enjoys (bless you, David Cronenberg). Here’s hoping that they release a biopunk book, soon. Also, this book will have a Frison variant.

The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child #1

Frank Miller returns to the Dark Knight world. Has The Master Race aged well yet? Perhaps Miller will perform better since this will only be a one-shot. There are some crazy ratio variants here and expect an even crazier amount of store variants. Buy and flip your favorites.

Suicide Squad #1

This one may be more of a reader than a flip. Tom Taylor ends his amazing DCeased run, but he follows it up with a new Suicide Squad book. Taylor has proven that he can spin a mean tale, so the Tin Hat is excited at what he can do with Suicide Squad.

Batman #84#85

Here it is, Tin Hatters! The final chapters in Tom King’s epic. His run has been filled with voices from both sides, but there’s no denying that this run will live forever for a generation. Hell yeah.

Batman: Curse of the White Knight #5

It’s Sean Murphy. You know what to do.

Batman/Superman #5

First cover appearance of the Secret Six Who Laugh? Wait a minute, I count only 5. The Secret Five Plus One Who Secretly Laughs.

Detective Comics #1017

Well, Marvel, you missed your chance. It seems like DC is grooming Tom Taylor to take the reins of a big book. Also, that Middleton variant is hella noir.

Doomsday Clock #12

2 YEARS LATER! The epic finale is finally here! Does anyone remember what happened? This is the finale that is supposed to shake the DC Universe to its core, to the point that it affects all other books. Is this still the plan, or has DC abandoned this a long time ago?

Supergirl #37

Another awesome Derrick Chew variant. It seems like The Supergirl Who Laughs will stick around for at least one more month. Will this lead to a new power up?


Pick. Up. These. Artgerm. Variants.


DC is getting ready for the new year in an infected way. What does the House of M have in store?

Incoming #1

Not sure what this is all about. Another murder mystery? Does the new Watcher get killed? There are a ton of variants, but with that $9.99 price tag, I’d say avoid until it ends up in the discount bin.

Conan: Serpent War #1 & #2

Jim Zub is a solid writer and an even solidder redditor. He gets the fun task of teaming up Conan with Moon Knight! This book is mainly here for the read. Guaranteed to be fun.

Spider-Man 2099 #1

Miguel O’Hara is back! A few variants here, so if you can find it on the cheap, flip it quick.

Venom 2099 #1

Venom 2099 is back. Will he get involved in post-Absolute Carnage shenanigans?

Spider-Ham #1

Everyone’s favorite pig-bitten spider is back! (Did I just repeat the same sentence 3 times?) That InHyuk Lee cover will be one to grab. Grab and flip.

Ghost-Spider #5

Will the estranged Miles Warren create yet another Gwen Stacy clone? Be on the lookout if we end up getting Gwen Reilly! Also, Bengal has released his 2099 variant for this book, and it’s looking mighty fine.

Spider-Man #4

Reception seem positive on Abrams & Son’s new Spider-Man book. Will Benjy don the Spider-suit in this issue? What does Cadaverous have up his sleeve(s)?

Venom #21

Donny is not slowing down, Tin Hatters. After wrapping up Absolute Carnage, he’s on to Venom Island! What nightmares does the island bring? Will we have Venomized scorpions? And will Gilligan be joining us?

The Web of Black Widow #4

Junggeun Yoon is getting a lot of variant work recently. This variant might just end up being a 1:25. If it does, go for the quick flip.

Immortal Hulk #28

Who are the Teen Brigade? Are they radioactive younglins? This has the potential for a new first group appearance. Immortal Hulk is not slowing down.

Captain Marvel #13

This run of evil Captain Marvel will already be remembered thanks to Mark Brooks’ covers alone. However, the story seems to finally be picking up some steam. Has Kelly Thompson found her mojo? Will we have Johnny Come-Latelies in January?

Gwenpool Strikes Back #5

Just singling this out because Gwenpool needs more love, and we need more Gwenpool! Give us another ongoing, Marvel!


20XX #1

What is the year of 20XX? Is it when everyone mains Fox? Apparently, it’s the year when telekinetic gangs roam the streets. Have it on your pull.

Project X-Mas #1

Mark Millar is ready to bring out his highly anticipated sequel! However, what is it? This solicit promises it to be a full-on surprise. Millar books are usually heavily ordered because they sell well, but it won’t hurt to put this in your pull to sell it to the FOMO crowd.


Dying is Easy #1

Joe Hill will apparently have his plate full this next coming season. A slight homage to The Killing Joke, Syd Homes is a stand-up comic on the verge of psychosis. Bitter ex-cop, he has reached stardom by stealing jokes. Murder will run afoul, so make sure you have this. Flip the 1:10 variant.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #101

The Turtles and their brand new fifth member are ready for the next 100 issues! This wouldn’t be a bad issue to pick up because it sounds like it’ll set up the new Turtle world.


The Red Mother #1

BOOM is really leaning into their psychological horror. The synopsis sounds like a striking similarity to a good ol’ Stephen King story. Let’s see if it lives up.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1

The 90s comes clashing with the 80s! The Power Rangers and the Turtles In A Half-Shell join forces to take on the Green Ranger and the foot clan! What’s that? The Green Ranger is working with The Shredder? Why? Let’s find out!


Vampirella #6

Artgerm continues to put out banging covers. This one might be his best one yet.


Blade Runner 2019 #5

Paul Pope. Paul Pope. Paul Pope.

There we go, Tin Hatters! This month is definitely Top 2 Heavy. After all, they want to make sure they grab as much as that holiday money as they can. As always, look up into the skies! Drink your Tom Cruise eggnogs while tipping your Tin Foil, march on into the world of the Klaus, and farewell from the world of tomorrow!


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    For some reason I thought Immortal Hulk was ending.

    And can we all cross our fingers in unison and pray to the old gods and the new for a ‘Laugh Who Laughs’ spin off? I think I speak for the entire Earth when I say I’d love to see a Laugh just laughing a lot of laughs while everyone else is laughing at the comic book community drowning in derivative and still living in our mom’s basements.

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    So, Sunday night i’m up at like 2:30am central cant sleep thinking about how it would be great if i knew how to youtube and make a show about the upcoming books; the onse way ahead of the FOC notice, hence a previews spotlight if you will and brush thru the books i almost always have a pulse on but not the funds to pull the trigger on all. so i hesitate and grab the safe bets for my runs. It usually bites me in the A$* but, “THAT BEING SAID”…. here we are,ugh. well u saved me the headache thx

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