1 Amazing Spider-Man #210

WRITER: Denny O'Neil
ARTIST: John Romita, Jr.
Madame Web movie news was reported and copies of her 1st appearance here went ‘poof’. A 9.6 sold for $210 and decent raw copies will run you $100.  This has probably been undervalued for a while to be honest.

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2 New Avengers (2008) #40 2nd Print

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
ARTIST: Jim Cheung
This was $10 or less, but now with Veranke news, it has popped to $35-50…if you can find it.

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3 Star Wars Age of Resistance: Rey #1 Joe Quesada 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Tom Taylor
ARTIST: Ramon Rosanas
Up from $100 to $150+ this week.  Currently, there are only 2 for sale on eBay, and one of them is damaged.  This one may prove to be extremely difficult to find in the future.

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4 Ghost-Spider #2 Peach Momoko 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Seanan McGuire
ARTIST: Takeshi Miyazawa
Getting almost double ratio out of the gate at $45 or so. Nice looking cover, even though it is simplistic.

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5 Moon Knight (2014) #1 Skottie Young Variant

WRITER: Warren Ellis
ARTIST: Declan Shalvey
Was anyone else aware that this has sold several times in the past couple weeks for $40+. Well, not $40 anymore as this just sold for just under $100.  

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6 Lady Death: Merciless Onslaught #1 Shannon Maer Variant

WRITER: Brian Pulido & Mike MacLean
ARTIST: Dheeraj Verma
Fans of Maer are scurrying to find his prior covers (like GFT #37) and this one has moved from a $50 back in the summer to $80 a few weeks ago to well over $100 and even $150 for NM+ copies. 

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7 New Mutants (2003) #5

WRITER: Christina Weir & Nunzio Defilippis
ARTIST: Keron Grant
Virtually zero copies sold for the past 90 days and then a bunch of copies have sold in the $15-20 raw range (and a $130 9.8) in the past week.  1st appearance of Elixir.

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8 Marvel Comics #1000 Gamestop Variant

WRITER: Variant
ARTIST: Variant
Supposedly only 1 or 2 per store, these are selling for around $20-30.  Doesn't appear to be anything super special about the cover art.

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9 Star Trek Discovery: Aftermath #1 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson
ARTIST: Tony Shasteen
Was selling at ratio a couple weeks ago, but has since bumped up in the $35-40 range. There are only a few of these available to purchase and I can’t see that there are a plethora of these out there.

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10 Plot #1

WRITER: Michael Moreci & Tim Daniel
ARTIST: Josh Hixson
Several store variants seem to be selling and sets of the A/B/C covers are selling for around $25-30, which isn’t bad for a $4 cover price indie.  Those same store variants will likely keep the prices of these covers down unfortunately.  Savvy collectors will look and see that these can still be had for cover price at some places.

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Knights of the Dinner Table #1

WRITER: Jolly R. Blackburn
ARTIST: Jolly R. Blackburn
Difficult issue to find, a copy sold about a month ago for less than $300.  A copy sold this week for $450. Even though it is from 1994, it reminds me of the mid-80’s indies like TMNT or Grendel.  Thanks to the Walker Report writer for the heads up.

Brenda Starr (1948) #4

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Jack Kamen (cover)
Guide is right around $1000 for a 9.0.  One sold this week for $4k. The same book last sold in 2005 for $850.  Absolutely gorgeous Jack Kamen cover and used in SOTI–all good things.

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  • Avatar

    Game stop variant – worst cover ever in a top 10?

  • Avatar

    People have a lot of money to burn buying 1st Madame web app books IMO

  • Ben Steiniger


    Comment or pose a thoughtful question here! We will talk about the best ones on our Hot 10 breakdown LIVE show tonight around 11:30 Eastern!

    We will pick a winner and they will receive a free book! We have given Moon Girl #1, Web of Spidey #1 and Deadworld #10! It will be worth your time to participate!

    • Avatar

      Madame Web can be a key focus of the spider-verse. It ties in Edge of Spider-verse series, Morlun, Ezekiel, and the character or concept has popped up throughout Spidey lore.

      When it is hot might not be the best time to snag one, but if you can get a copy, I think it is a key that will eventually play out to some degree on the Big Screen. I don’t see how their will be a legitimate Madam Web movie but who knows….

    • Foxom

      Speaking of moon girl #1, I emailed you guys my info a few weeks back but haven’t seen anything. Not a big deal just wondering if I should still be watching for it.

  • Cruzzer2

    I been seeking that Moon Knight for a bit but now prices jumped? What’s up with that?
    I also love the Katie Cook Moon Knight which is a Hippo. It is a real interesting story how she got the ok for that cover.

    Marvel shut her idea cover of the Hippo down. She went on to say that there are hippos on the Africa and that’s where the Egyptians are, which in turn Kohnshu. She also protested that Hippos are Nocturnal animals. Marvel then gave the GREEN LIGHT after she explained why she did a Moon Knight Hippo. I had her draw me several Moon Knight Hippos in my sketch book, not as good or as detailed as the Moon Knight Hippo, but you catch the point.

    You want to find a tough affordable Skottie Young cover? The 1:100 Guardians of the Galaxy #7.. I find several on ebay but I ain’t paying that price for them.

  • Gary Nusser

    It wasn’t super hard to see that SW: AOR: Rey coming…it was originally going to be a variant for Star Wars The Last Jedi as a follow-up to Quesada’s bookend piece for The Force Awakens. When they announced this book had a Quesada variant, bingo!

    As for the store variants ruining the value of The Plot hasn’t this very site released its own variants with Vault and hyped the $100 NYCC limited to 100 cover?? And I ran out and bought a bunch of copies of that limited to 250 store variant Witching Hour 19 homage for $12 and those are selling for three times that!

    No offense but it’s tiresome seeing the same platitudes applied over and over again.

    • Ben Steiniger

      No offense taken Gary, and I definitely appreciate the comments/criticism, although you making a tired, critical statement prior to asking me to not take offense to what you perceive as a tired argument is a little ironic. 🤷‍♂️

      That being said, I do my own thing and any statement that I make is my own and neither represents CBSI as a whole nor endorses/criticizes any other writer on the site.

      • Gary Nusser

        Just to clarify my statement, Ben.. while we have seen the unfortunate trend of lazy store virgin variants directly affecting their trade dress counterparts, far more books have not had their values affected just because they’re also happens to be a store variant. If anything the store variant probably would have been a better book to select here. As for what I said being a tired, critical statement, I forgot that those aren’t really allowed. I guess I should just be happy that a dissenting opinion on here wasn’t deleted.

  • Ben C

    I really enjoyed The Plot, hope it stays strong. There are some great covers in that Brenda Starr Run!!

    Thanks for the research, time and effort Stein!

  • Avatar

    The Star Wars variant should be #1. Another quiet week, need a few more of these before the year’s out.

  • Topher

    Amazing to me that SY variant has been doing that well. solid list, hope you talk about the Queen and Secret Invasion on the Flipside.

  • Avatar

    I have been selling those Moon Knight #1 Young variuamts for 40$ to 50$ for the better part of 2 years now.

    This comic has always sold for good money!

  • Avatar

    Whoo hoo! I finally have one of the Top 10 books (Lady Death). Now, if only my other favorite cover, Star Wars 1 Stan Sakai variant would pop…

  • Avatar

    Knights of the Dinner Table #1 is a ghost. Try finding one in 9.4 or better. I dare ya!

  • Avatar

    I have only two on the top ten this week, but the first two, so that’s nice. Now that Sony and Marvel have reached a deal to keep Spider-man in the MCU (For a couple more movies anyway) I wonder if that will change Spider-man universe character spec such as Madame Web?

  • Avatar

    Just wanted to say that I always enjoy watching your show Friday night. Don’t really have anything insightful to say. Just a loyal listener.

  • Avatar

    Excellent reporting, as usual, and I know it’s just what’s selling. But man, what a bunch of garbage people are buying. This reactionary market is so vapid. I don’t see anything here with real long term exquisiteness. Just a bunch of Djangos. The D is silent.

  • Avatar

    Looking around for modern Madame Web variants that may see some action, an amazing one by Dell’otto, Spider Island #2 looks like a contender to get some heat.

  • Avatar

    That New Mutants cover is one of Middleton’s best, never mind the Elixer debut.

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