Big Mother, Venom, Bunny and More!

Welcome back to True Firsts, a place where the Gelflings always win, time is on your side and speculative dreams always come true.  OK that all may be a load of Krakoan crap but I can say this, these books are gonna be fun to hunt for.



Red Sonja Spider-Man 3

First appearance of Kulan Venom

Anyone reading Savage avengers?  If not you are missing out.  Venom has met Conan's deadliest foe before in this rare issue.



King Conan 8

First appearance of Crom

It looks like Crom might factor into the next Savage avengers arc,  here is his first and trust me there are not many appearances out there.

NOTE:  Crom's only other appearance was in What if 39. He may or may not have appeared in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black dossier.


DC One Million 80 Page Giant

First appearances of; Rey Mysterio?, The Laughing Virus, Alchemo, Heartiac, Also it is possible this book is the first appearance of an African-American Flash and African-American Reverse Flash.  There is a Flash 1,000,000 shown but he is black and has Blue hair with a white stripe instead of the black hair with stripe his white counterpart has. 

There are also rare appearances by Kingdom Come characters, Red Son Superman, Gaslight Batman, Batman Beyond, Batman 66′ Batmobile and more!

With Braniac 1,000,000 set as the big villain in Justice league there may be some interest in DC one million books.  This one is overlooked.


Journey into Mystery 627

Big mother is hot and depending on what Cates does her star may continue to rise.  To date she has appeared in three books.  Here is the only other one besides the Captain Marvel comics.




This in currently my favorite cover, nothing better than Bunny riding a big trunk.



This is probably top 3 Dave Stevens for me.

Here is one from Drew Edward Johnson I really dig.




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