First You May Have Missed: Xarus

Hey guys and welcome to First You May Have Missed. Today we are getting ready for Halloween a little early because we are talking vampires. Yup I said it.

With a lot of eyes on Blade and his return to the big screen we can only hope he get a nice modern take on the day walkers adventures. How the MCU plans to explain the existence of vampires I can't wait to see but do we really want to see more Dracula in the 2020's? Surly there is a younger more modern vampire for blade to tackle, if only Dracula had a son…….oh wait he does! Enter Xarus

Xarus is the son of Dracula who overthrows his father and united the vampire sects under his rule. He first appeared in Death of Dracula which featured…..the death of Dracula. Xarus used devices which nullify the harmful part of sun rays to create dangrous day walking vampires. With this he turned his sights to another group which is projected to make its MCU debute, mutants. Issuing an attack on mutants the X-Men rookie Jubilee gets turned into a vampire and this leads to a grand battle which ends by Dracula being ressurected and killing his son.

Like all great vampires(and comic character's) Xarus was brought back to once again terrorize human kind. He then sets his sights on ghost rider and the winter guard but then again was killed but this time by our favorite daywalker Blade.

While Xarus may not be the most interesting villain in the pages of comics, he does provide a smooth connection between the horror marvel and the super hero marvel worlds. With the MCU seeming to be moving in that direction i will not be surprised if he shows up in a few places(blade,ghost rider, x-men and blad crossover??). Never doubt the son of Dracula.


Death of Dracula #1 16k print run. First appearance of Xarus and also the naming of multiple vampire sects which may come into play but not a major draw in. I like this book being a 1 shot, 1 cover, and 1st appearance im grabbing them all day for cheap. These books are not super easy to find for some reason and they are not in great condition from my experinse if you find it NM grab it.


There is a 2nd print with a sub 5k print run. It features the same cover art but a toned down tradedress and these i have not seen ever while digging, might be a good grab.

Thats it for today, sorry i have been a bit slow due to some real life kicking in but i hope to be back weekly now—Valiant Horton

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