There are a lot of unconfirmed rumors circulating about Richard Rider(Nova) coming to the MCU.  Just about everyone(myself included) expected to see Nova appear in the first GOTG and a few movies after that.

If these rumors are confirmed, Nova #1 (1976) and maybe Fantastic Four #204 as well as Fantastic Four #205 (first Nova Corps)could see renewed interest.


What do you think?  Will we see Nova in the 4th or 5th phase of the MCU?  What other Nova books do you think are worth keeping an eye on?  Let us know in the comments!!




    Love it – I found a Nova #1 in decent shape

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    I have a Nova #1 NM and a full. Run of 1 to 25 in vf+ to NM.

    I’m stoked!

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    Dick Rider is one of my favorite characters, especially in Annihilation. But I have a shitty feeling they’re going to skip right over him and go directly to Sam Alexander. I think that would be a misstep and Nova needs the same treatment Spidey got. I was actually surprised when the MCU did Parker again and didn’t go the crowd pleasing route with Miles. Fingers crossed.

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    Sam Alexander will be saved for Young Avengers, they need to have at least one good male character on the team.

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    Would love to see Nova (Rider) on the big screen! Have a Nova #1 9.4 that I bought a couple years ago and another ungraded that is a potential 9.6 candidate. IF they go with Alexander I’ve got a few of those firsts and a Variant so I’m covered…Would still prefer to see Rider…Actually, they should use both. The Nova Corp needs to be rebuilt in the MCU, so why not!? Make everyone happy!

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    wouldn’t be surprised to see Nova #1 or any of these books in the top10 next week whether the rumors are true or not

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    Ben C

    I would like to thank you for this post. I have read some articles online where they are posting confirmed but with no sources. These articles can steer the market to books. With your experience and hypothesis it might be wise to go to these books but again you qualify your recommendation. I come across the same investors at shows and in house auctions and what scares them is unnamed sources or what is worst, using what you said as a source.

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