CBSI HOT 5 LIST : Joker Covers


1 Detective Comics #69

COVER ARTIST: Jerry Robinson
Technically the 3rd Joker cover in comics(sorry Tec 40…) this comic has experienced incredible growth/price correction over the last 5 years.  While a raw copy could be had for under 500.00 at almost any show pre 2014, a low grade copy will now run you a few grand…  I honestly believe as more folks discover this comic, the price will continue to spike.

2 Batman #251


Another example of a comic that could be had for a song pre 2014.  As the market shifted and Adams got more attention, this book took off as well.  Arguably the most recognized Joker image outside of Killing Joke at this point.


3 Detective Comics #880


A true classic cover from the modern age.  Jock separated himself from other artists with works like this.  Being the last issue of the run with a “lower” print run than earlier runs gives this a little boost as well.

4 Killing Joke

COVER ARTIST: Brian Bolland

You would be hard pressed to find a person in comics today, that does not immediately recognize this image.  Through multiple printings, homages, swipes and even a movie, Killing joke has remained a steady seller on the market in all printings.

5 Batman #11


Another classic from the Golden Age of Comicdom.  There are a handful of comics that could have landed here from the golden age alone.  That said, this cover continues to bring bidders to the table whenever it hits the market.


Superman Batman #7 French Limited Edition Variant

ARTIST: Gabrielle Dell'Otto
Released in France in 2008, years before Dell'Otto really got hot in the states, this variant limited to 2,000 copies is on a lot of collector's want lists.


Batman #423

ARTIST: Todd McFarlane
1988 classic that has 3 printings.  First print is the one to have here, with the only differences between printings being the logo or upc on the cover.



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    “What makes this comic so amazing? Description blah blah” ?????

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    What about Batman Cacophony #3B Sienkiewicz blah blah?

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    Nice picks Ben! I’m glad I got one of those Todd McFarlane Batman 423 years ago (I’m not sure why it’s on a list of Joker covers though?) but I’m still kicking myself for never picking up a Tec 880 when I had the chance. That thing just keeps on getting harder to find for any sort of reasonable price.

    I’ve got a few others that spring to mind. Would be interested to know what the rest of you think of them.

    Streets of Gotham 19- a somewhat different than usual one from Dustin Nguyen. I can’t put my finger on it, but I love this cover. The blank background, the classic joker card behind the man himself, the simplicity of the image.

    Batman (new 52) 40B – Dave Johnson’s homage to Jim Carrey in ‘The Mask’. This didn’t get as much attention as the Batgirl homage to ‘purple rain’, but I think it’s just as good.

    Batman and Robin 15B – probably not everybody’s cup of tea, but a truly insane cover by Frazer Irving

    Batman 15B (new 52) – I’m not a fan of Snyder’s Joker at all really, without or without his face, but thise is a very strong cover, and hard to get in high grade because of that jet black background.

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    Detective 475-476, Marshall Rogers “Joker Fish” covers should be in the Top 10 if not Top 5 in my opinion… but then again there’s so many covers with The Joker and therefore so many opinions, it’s really just a subjective list of one individual’s favorites, which isn’t necessarily bad, ‘tho these are touted as “Hot” (implying currently sought after and valuable) more so than simply popular fan favorite covers.

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    No Joker Fish issues? No reason to keep reading…

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    All the guff about the missing Marshall Rogers is correct.

  • Ben C

    Great call Statmonsters!! And yeah, its definitely part opinion, no way around that on a list like this. Tho I would argue, that the comics listed are in fact hot, sought after and valuable, making them “hot”

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    Nice books but there are some underated Joker covers that are wise investments now…. I believe the point of this site is to find good flips or good investments not spending to much.

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    One of my fav Joker covers (though not my #1) that I own is Batman #73 (1952). Just a great image

  • Ben C

    mxcomicshop, the point of the site is to celebrate comics with a focus on SPECULATION AND INVESTING… Reporting sales on some Joker books seems to fall into that category with ease.

    Great call on Bats 73, tho I have an addiction to Golden Age so I am certainly biased.

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    Small clarification- TEC 880 isn’t the last issue of the run. There was an 881. That said, no one’s after 881, lol

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