For anyone looking for a new variant to speculate on, She-hulk #9 (2014) Deadpool photo bomb variant.



For those who don't know, this is already a sought after variant for Deadpool fans, this issue is also the first time Matt Murdock and She-Hulk do battle in a court room, against each other. Another website is saying it’s issue 8, which is technically not accurate, since the court battle doesn’t get underway until issue 9.



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    Why is this suddenly of interest to speculators?

    • Boognish is Rising

      I’m guessing the author of the article has a bunch of copies he needs to unload. It doesn’t seem like strong spec to me. This site has gone downhill.

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        Last I checked, the content and spec advice provided here is FREE. While you may doubt the spec value of this book, I highly doubt that the writer is trying to unload a bunch of copies of this book. Is it a book I will be seeking out? Probably not, they can’t all be winners. If they were, most of us would be rich!

        Smile and have fun!

    • Ben C

      I dont think he is suggesting everyone is speculating on it. I believe he is pointing out that this is a book already on the radars of Deadpool fans, and with She Hulk spec coming out of every which way, here is some info about a book already being watched for a different reason.

      Do what you like with the info, certainly not suggesting people run out and grab every copy they can, but if you run into a cheap copy, at least now you know more about this book…

      If you check ebay “Boognish” you will see that there are actually zero completed and just one person who keeps trying to auction one(who is not our author…)

  • Peter Renna

    Jeez guys. It’s just pointing out a book that many collectors and speculators may not be aware of. No one is saying go buy this book it will make you rich. She Hulk is hot these days. She doesn’t have many variants to begin with, so here’s one to keep an eye out for. It’s an homage cover that’s already sought after by Deadpool fans because it’s not easy to find. It’s a 1:25 of a She Hulk book from 2014. How many copies do you think are out there. That’s all.

    To suggest it’s just for someone to unload their copies is shortsighted and just plain ignorant. If you aren’t happy with the free information provided then that’s fine. Don’t use it. But what are you providing the community? How about you offer something and put yourself out there? Or instead of just saying it’s bad spec, tell us why you think it’ bad? Not everyone has to agree. It’s ok to disagree, but how about some insight instead of just blanket negativity?

    There’s no character limit here in the comments. Have at it. Get a dialogue going. Do something constructive. maybe someone will agree with your points, or maybe disagree. And through a healthy dialogue maybe that conversation will inform someone else in their own decision making process.

    No one is here to tell you what to buy. If you want that, I’m sure there’s an App out there for you to use. We have a comments section so there can be discussion. This isn’t spec in a vacuum. It’s a collaborative process. Take part, get involved. But do so by offering something of value, an opinion with rationale.

    Now I personally won’t be paying market prices for this book, but I wasn’t aware it existed and I’m glad to know it’s out there. So if I see it in a box for cover price or less I will know that it’s something to grab because there’s a market for it. That’s just my opinion with a rationale. Take it for what it’s worth.

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    I was just wondering. Aside from a couple key she hulk books I don’t see her as “hot” right now from a speculation angle…but that’s just me.

    • Peter Renna

      It’s all a matter of perspective. Sure a couple of issues stand out, but simply search sold listings and there are nearly 4k sold listings on ebay under comics and she hulk. Scroll down the list and its all kinds of books. Solo titles, appaeatnces in A-Force and Avengers, etc.

      Are they all top dollar? no, but that’s how it starts. Keys go up, and the run fillers start moving. Eventually everything starts to go up as demand exceeds supply when those cheap books disappear.

      Is this all spec? Maybe. Personally, regardless of the D23 announcement, there are a lot of good She Hulk books worth picking up. Grab them cheap if you can and see what happens. I’m a big art collevctor, so there are a lot of great covers. I would never condone buying at the peaks (unless it’s just for your PC and it’s worth it to you to do so). Savage She Hulk #1 is at a peak. Don’t buy now to invest. Wait for it to drop. Then wait for the next spike at the casting announcement.

      But if you are buying for your own PC, then just pay whatever you are comfortable with. If it’s for you, then it doesn’t matter. that’s the difference between collecting and speculation. It’s possible to do both, but just be clear on your own intentions.

      Like I said before, when I see books being talked about and spec-ed on, I don’t pay market prices. I look for it for cheap. Put it in the mental Rolodex. Like this variant. I’m not spending $25-$30 on this. But I find it for $5. I’m glad I’m aware it exists. 👍

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    Jesus, these comments. This is a fun variant, and easily the best of those photobomb variants. It’s actually pretty easy to see this one taking off a bit if people really start going for She-Hulk stuff.

    That being said, I’m a little skeptical about this being the first Jen Walters/Matt Murdock courtroom battle. How could no one have done that for 35 years?

    • Peter Renna

      Well if you know of an earlier one, throw it out there. But if you google it you will find another website did a whole article on that very topic in 2016.

    • Skot Whitman

      Joe, I thought the exact same thing when I was researching this initially. I too thought it was unfathomable that it had never happened prior to 2014. I even asked friends who are long time Daredevil fans and they couldn’t point to a book earlier either. None of the other CBSI writers seemed to know of a book that was earlier when I mentioned it earlier in the week.

      If you or anyone else can find a book that predates this where they are on opposite side in a courtroom, I’d love to know what it is so please post it in the comments if you find it.

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