A Look Into Retro Gaming And Comics


A Look Into Retro Gaming And Comics


Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members. As the calendar finally starts to see Summer close in our rearview mirror, it’s the perfect time to look at something fun within our hobby in this Run The Table. Now this article won’t be analyzing the latest spec, but it will evoke some childhood memories, when things weren’t dominated by financial gain. Ah yes, the days of innocence, when the bubbles we lived in were smaller. Yet most of us reading shared similar passions during these times of our lives – video games and comics.

With that said, let’s look back and retro games which were based on comics. Were they good, were they bad? Are they worth playing today? So hop on aboard, let’s take a trip down memory lane…

Here’s a few gems from the retro gaming era that makes anyone want to dust off their old NES. Now with most of these games, the gameplay was awful, controls were frustrating, and the graphics were archaic. However, they are a bundle of fun now, and in some cases have monetary value.


NOTE: If the title is starred there is a collectibility desire to the game and it shows a higher monetary value




The Uncanny X-Men




Silver Surfer


**Spider-Man – Return of the Sinister Six


**Swamp Thing


Batman – Return of the Joker


Captain America and the Avengers


The Punisher


Batman Returns


Batman – The Video Game


Cool stuff huh? Those of you who are 80s kids bound to have played a few of those back in the day. There’s only so much of Link, Samus, Simon, or those pesky plumbers you could play with right? Ugh perhaps not!

Alright, some of you may have been more partial due to age to SNES. So let’s look at some of those top games too!


NOTE: If the title is starred there is a collectibility desire to the game and it shows a higher monetary value


The Adventures of Batman and Robin


Marvel Superheroes in War of the Gems


Justice League Task Force


Wolverine: Adamantium Rage


Incredible Hulk


X – Men Mutant Apocalypse


**The Death and Return of Superman


Batman Returns


Spider – Man / X – Men Arcades Revenge


Captain America and The Avengers


**Maximum Carnage


Spider – Man


**Venom & Spider – Man:

Separation Anxiety


The Amazing Spider – Man

Lethal Foes


Honorable Mentions NES


NOTE: If the title is starred there is a collectibility desire to the game and it shows a higher monetary value






Dick Tracy


Darkwing Duck


**Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers




**DuckTales 2


Friday the 13th


Honorable Mentions SNES





Tournament Fighters





The Tick


The Rocketeer


The Shadow


It’s amazing to think the NES is coming up on 35 years of age and the SNES a close second at 28 years old. Time flies huh? The games of today had advanced in many ways. Yet they lack that warm and fuzzy feeling the old games gave us at that time. Perhaps it’s just nostalgia?



In closing I am going to speak to the two men above, Stan Lee and Shigeru Miyamoto. There are many parallels these two brilliant gents share which fortunately have given all of us a ton of memories and fun over the years. As you read this there is no doubt most of you know what Stan Lee helped create within comics.

However, this being about retro video games and comics it was important to speak about Shigeru’s accomplishments too as perhaps some are unaware of just how important he is to the entertainment landscape. The man created Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Starfox, F – Zero, and Donkey Kong.

These alps helped introduce all the spinoffs we still see to this day, and helped truly cement Nintendo’s legacy. His creations are synonymous with the video game world as Stan Lee’s are with comics.

Here’s a few interesting facts to leave you with in regards to Mr. Miyamoto:

  • He originally wanted to draw comics: Miyamoto loved Japanese comic books (manga) and aspired to become an illustrator when he got older. “I gave that up because there were so many other manga artists who were at such a high quality that I felt I couldn't compete with them,”
  • Donkey Kong happened due to leftover cabinets: Miyamoto’s big break came at the age of 27, after Nintendo had misjudged the potential popularity of a shoot-‘em-up game called Radar Scope. The title failed to catch on in North America and the company found itself with over two thousand cabinets that needed to be renovated with something new. Miyamoto was charged with coming up with a replacement title. After Nintendo failed to secure the rights to Popeye, he imagined a riff on Beauty and the Beast, where a noble hero rescues a princess from the clutches of a snarling monster.
  • Zelda was modeled after a cave from his childhood: The Legend of Zelda, came from some local expeditions he had undertaken as a child—a possible result of not having a television to divert his attention. Once, when he discovered a cave, he needed to work up the nerve to explore it. Fetching a lantern, he progressed deeper into the opening, which led to another cave. “The spirit of the state of mind when one kid enters a cave alone must be realized in the game,”

Well I trust you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Comics and video games share many commonalities which really helped shape our childhoods. In most cases, these games can be found and played. Just as we read older comics from our younger years, dust off some of these older games and relive those fond memories.


Talk soon,


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  • A. J. Diesel

    I cannot begin to fathom the amount of hours my brother and i played Marvel Super Heroes at the local arcade!

    Also, Spider-Man, and Spider-Man Max Carnage on segs Genesis are F-ing classics!!! Thanks for this Clint!!!!

    • Clint Joslin

      I am right there with you with Marvel Super Heroes! My hands were always sticky from a Slurpee or some sort of candy. I really appreciate the thoughts and comments

  • Avatar

    Whoa, so many I’d never heard of. But then again I go way back to the Atari 2600.

    Superman for the Atari 2600 was great and you pretty much could use all of his powers. There was Kryptonite, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, The Daily Planet, phone booths to change into Clark Kent and you could even use x-ray vision to see to the next screen. Pretty amazing for 1979.

    Then in 1982, Spider-Man came along. It was so fun climbing buildings and web swinging, taking out enemies along the way and then confronting the Green Goblin. And what’s not to love about the ultra fast 8-bit version of the Spider-Man theme?

    I think the last Super-Hero console game I played was X-Men for the Sega Genesis. The graphics were amazing and really represented the comics well. I loved being able to play the full game as a variety of characters and the optional challenge of just using one throughout. Playing as Gambit or Nightcrawler was cool to me because they weren’t your typical lead X-Men. You could also call in a few other characters for support like Iceman or Archangel.

    That Swamp Thing Nintendo game was a chore to play as it got boring and repetitive so quickly. It was a good thing we could rent games and test them out instead of having to buy them upfront. Not fun despite me being a big Swamp Thing fan.

    • Clint Joslin

      Thank you so much for bringing up the 2600! I had many fun times on it too. There are so many fond memories for many of us. I really appreciate you sharing yours!

  • Avatar

    Comic books and retro gaming! Not much else needed than those to fill a guys free time! Soooo many good games listed and written about! Good times and good memories! Am I the only one that got freaked out by Friday the 13th NES back in the day? Thanks for the article!

  • Avatar

    Spawn game was seriously underrated. I remember that he had a ton of special moves and the story was fun

    • Clint Joslin

      Thanks for reading! I never did play that one. Sounds like a good idea. My apologies for the box not being shown above. Must have been a glitch with the system

  • Avatar

    Thank you for this article. It was an awesome trip down memory lane. I had a number of these games and can remember my friends and I spending hours playing Batman: The Video Game, TMNT and TMNT2. Good times 🙂

    • Clint Joslin

      I really appreciate you reading and leaving your thoughts. It was a pleasure writing this and brought back so many fun memories. It seems for all of us these have us hours of great times with friends

  • Avatar

    Man did I play Tmnt Tournament fighters.

    Hard as $&?# game but fun nonetheless.

    Best special attack ever: Mikey’s Rising Thunder!

  • Ben C

    Man what a fun nostalgic read, thanks Clint!!

  • Peter Renna

    Awesome stuff Clint. Even with a sneak preview of sorts, I was still not prepared for the nostalgia bomb you laid on me. Now all i want to do is game tonight, but I can’t since I still have o finish my own article for tomorrow. Haha.

    But again, absolutely loved it. The memories of hours spent grinding through levels and playing these games are some of my favorites from childhood. Even the shear frustration of that darn underwater level in TMNT.

  • Adam Lebednik

    the feels.
    supernes was such a great console

  • Avatar

    Looking back it amazes me that they were able to create those kind of images out of those pixels and limited palette.

  • Spector

    I fell into both a retro genesis and regular NES console, and naturally picked up a few of the hero games to go with them. Luckily in town, there is a shop with 2 locations that buys/sells/trades all the old games still.
    Man, I will tell you that the Carnage game fetches some mean prices on ebay.

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