Blade, Tank Girl, Major Matt Mason and More!

I get it if ya hate me.  I promise Madness in the Multiverse week after week and instead give you these…



Marvel age 115

First appearance of Redesigned Blade.

Prior to this cover Blade looks was vastly different. This comic introduced a beefed up Blade with a long sword and some leather, a look more in line with Snipes Blade.



Mad Kids 1

This magazine is a rarity I just have to mention.  The series didn't last long but they can be tough to find with inserts. This one has a Teen Titans Go fold out poster along with atreat for Wallace and Grommet fans!



Stan Lee's Just Imagine Batman

First appearance of an African-American Batman

Now I agree with Peter Rena on this.  There has already been Batmen who are not Bruce.  So why the hype on Batman 19, especially when there has all ready been a black bat too!



Lois Lane 77

First appearance of Major Matt Mason

Who knew this long forgotten toy would be resurrected by Mattel for a film staring Tom Hanks?  Initially his first comic was set to happen in Showcase from DC.  That all fell apart and the names and art were altered for issue 236.  No other comic appearances happened which is a bit surprising.  There was a comic in this issue of Lois Lane.  It is possible this comic appeared in other DC books from the same time but I have not found any.



Batman Beyond Unlimited 2

First appearance of Luke/Lucas/Lucius Fox Jr?!

OK so Lucius Fox's son first appeared here well before Batwing 19 as Old Man Luke Jr.!  There is also a 2nd print that is proving tough to find.




Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special ( Jan 1991 )

First American Tank Girl

This one predates all other US appearances.



Deadline 8

First Jet Girl

Hey Jet Girl is popular too!  Here is her first.

NOTE:  It is possible Jet Girl appears in thew SDCC issue 1 comic but I cannot confirm if that is her or someone else.




  • Avatar

    A black Batman first appeared in the ‘70s. Bruce Wayne took a bunch of kids camping and we saw each kid’s version of Batman. Great list, though, thanks.

  • Clint Joslin

    I had no idea that the Amazing Heroes was the 1st Tank Girl?! I have seen that book before and can’t remember the other significance of that book? Something else about it too. Thanks as always for the info!

  • MZircher

    I think jtlarsen is referring to Batman #250, one of the kids on the camping trip imagines Batman as being black and calls him Batwings.

    • Topher

      I check it out, this Batman has a universe designation but I personally like to include all appearances if possible

      I think he would have to be called Batman to qualify though. Would have been better if he have him no name. I guess we can call that the first appearance of Batwings!

      • Avatar

        The story is that Bruce Wayne takes three underprivileged kids out on a camping trip. They start talking about Batman, and the kids each have a different vision of Batman. One of them is African American and views Batman as African-American with a jetpack.

        • Topher

          OK I read it. Technically that is a first Black Batwing that the kid does call Batwings! I think I remember this book being referred to when Batwing came out. I would put it in the same category as the black Robin from Batman Year 100 but not as important as the first black Robin from Detective 27.

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