September 9


Good morning! A little colder as we approach Fall, huh?

I’d much rather focus on heat, like hot books! Shall we?


A new Batman slated for 2020, huh? Batwing #19 took off, but what about Duke, Batman #21?


I heard Netflix was considering moving some of their original shows away from releasing entire seasons all at once, opting for the previous standard of 1 new episode per week. If any streaming services begin to do this with their original content, will this help spec, or hurt it?


Also heard Spawn will be made into animation. 2 shows! One for kids and one for adults. This is in addition to the movie.


Do you believe in… Magik?



New Mutants #14, 1984

Why is this considered Magik’s first appearance, when Magik #1 from 1983 predates it?

Also, Magik #1 is even referenced in here.



Maybe I’m missing something?

Side note: This one’s a Mark Jewelers. Here’s what that looks like. It feels like each book has a slightly different Mark Jewelers advertisement. Maybe because I haven’t come across that many.



Xavier walks again! And not on the astral plain!



A very merry Inhumans Comic Book Christmas?

Only 42 cents!



And, a 1983 MOTU video game? How did I never hear of this???



Picked up some Black Widow movie prep books too!

Avengers #196 – 1st Taskmaster.

Avengers #43 – 1st Red Guardian.


More Magik!



Here’s a look into Magik #1 from 1983. This one’s the 75 cent Canadian Price Variant, which is surprisingly available.



Centerfold break in the Magik action! New Saturday morning cartoons!



Ok, back to Magik.



What If, what happened and what not! Jane Foster becomes Thor!

What If? #10, 1978.



A new Green Lantern is coming!


Majority of these free previews often get thrown away, leaving them potentially sought after years later. Take the Diamond Previews Saga cover, or the All New Marvel Now #2 from 2014 with the Kamala Khan solo Ms Marvel series preview. If this character sticks, who knows, right?



Hughes the man!

Comic Book Artist #21

Literally over 100 Adam Hughes drawings in here, including a checklist of his work!

Here’s a few images of what’s in here…





TMNT #95, 2019, IDW.

Is she still hot? IDW is still listing copies for sale randomly throughout the week on their website and at cover price.





With the success of all the #299 Spawn Exclusives over the summer, #275 and #277 con exclusives looked to have meat on the bone. There are some available in the $30-range and then the next tier available is $100+.



Speaking of prep work, stocking up on Netflix books, I mean, Millar books!


Huck #1, 2015, Image Comics.

Already in the works at Netflix.


Nemesis #1, 2010, Marvel Comics.

With the success of the Boys, and a dark Joker film already getting praise by critics pre-release, it’s easy to imagine this storyline doing well.





Just noticed this book, #25, had a ton of first appearances. Then I hear the rumor he may be heading to HBO. Who knows, though I do believe fake news is at an all-time high in our ‘say anything you want to cause conflict and gain attention’ age.


GL #51, 1994, DCU 2nd Print. Note there are 2 versions to this book. The DC Universe variant and the DC Universe 2nd Print Variant. The 2nd print has “II” to the right of “51” in the upper left corner.



Inside Green Lantern #25, Volume 4 from 2008, there are a lot of introductions.



First appearances of the other Lanterns Corps, including…



First appearances (cameos really) of Atrocitus and Larfleeze.



The birth of the Black Lantern!



Coming soon! The Blackest Night!




That must mean goodbye in Lantern language!




Love these later printings.

First up is the 8th printing of Justice League #1 from the 2011 series, which used to be sought after but not so much anymore. Doesn’t change the fact that there just aren’t that many out there.

The 2nd printing from the same series never really caught on. With the way DC is going, there may be great DC-deals to be had!



Some Marvel delights to close out the week.


Nova #1, 1976

Richard Rider has been one of the kings of rumor-mania. Will he or won’t he debut on screen? Or is the better question, when will he?


Fantastic Four Annual #6, 1968.

First appearance of Annihilus. Like Nova, rumors abound. Will this cosmic villain make it to Marvel’s cinematic universe?


X-Men #97, 1976.

Is this book, Professor X has strange dreams of an outer space battle. Shi-ar Intro!


2001 A Space Odyssey #8, 1977

1st Machine Man. This book seems to always get lost in the book-spiking shuffle. It has not had its day to shine yet. But like every other book containing a first appearance, it will one day! Note is has a 35 cent price variant.



Have another wonderful September week!


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    Fun article! Very much enjoyed reading it! Some books listed here that I do have I thought most people had forgotten about.One of those, Nemesis, would do well as a streaming show/movie! Green Lantern #25 I thought would be huge by now, but nope. Both those two have a good amount of potential.

    Stocked up on FF annual #6 a few years back when a VG was $10 to $15 and Fine copies were about $20 to $25. Would love to see both Franklin and Annihilus (especially Annihilus) make it to the silver screen! How awesome would he be as a bag guy?!….Still hoping Shuma Gorath makes it as well. Machine Man? I don’t have his first and was a little surprised at how much higher grades are going for.

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