*** VENOM #18 SPOILERS ***



Earlier this evening the spec community was set on fire as pages from the upcoming Venom #18 were posted online.  CBSI became aware of them from @OldManVenom (on IG) aka Joseph Reed’s IG post which has now been reposted to the CBSI (@comicbookinvestcbsi) IG account.



With these apparent spoilers from the upcoming Venom #18 it appears the Sleeper Symbiote will bond with Dylan Brock giving us the Symbiote Dylan speculators have been waiting for.  


(VENOM #18)


(Venom #18 1:25 Codex Variant)


This leaves more questions for speculators than answers.  First off……… What happens to Dylan’s 1st appearances?  Will they sky rocket as he takes his place in symbiote lore?  Will they depress as they now get viewed as pre final form appearances such as Cletus Kassidy in ASM #344?


(VENOM #7)


(Venom #7 Secret Variant)


(Venom #7 Battle Lines Variant)


(Venom #7 MK 20 Variant)


(Venom #7 2nd Print)


(Venom #9)


(Venom #9 Villains Variant)


(Venom #9 2nd Print)


What Happens to Sleeper’s 1st appearances? Does Venom: First Host #3 continue to be red hot with Sleeper’s now being such an integral part of Marvel’s hottest crossover series in years? Or does it fall now that the host bonding with the symbiote has changed?


(Venom : First Host #3)


(Venom: First Host #3 2nd Print)


Does Venom #165 (and possibly #164) become THE key Sleeper issue as it is the 1st of the Symbiote itself pre host?


(Venom #165)


(Venom #165 Variant)


Will Venom #18 become THE Dylan Brock/Sleeper key to get? Or will this be a tease that leads us into Venom #19?


(Venom #18)


(Venom #19)


The truth is comics politics will come into play here as many people have a lot of money invested in these various key issues.  It will be an interesting few months on the secondary market seeing this shake out especially with symbiote characters dominating the secondary market.  Let us know in the comment section what issues you think will rise…..  and what issues you think may fall as well as if your excited to see how all this plays out!



  • Avatar

    Since even if Sleeper bonds with Dylan he is likely to look the same since it so bada$$ I see the Venom 1st host #3 2nd print staying hot and see no reason that Venom 165 would be the one to pop off since it has nothing in common aesthetically with the current look of things. (Let’s face it lots buy stuff for art) Also see either Venom 7 or 9 staying hot (which ever people land on) since there is still so much to play out between Eddie and Dylan. Also in this current run Eddie has become a major player even without the symbiote

  • Gary Nusser

    As always, hedge your bets and you should own all of those books to see what happens to the market. Also, ask yourself, are these preview pages a red herring to make us think the obvious- aka merging with Dylan? (Remember, Dylan is a special case that may have a latent ability within him already.) Finally, whoever keeps trying to make Venom 164 happen, please stop!

    • Avatar

      Lol. Venom 164. Smh.

      • Avatar

        For real. Why was 164 even mentioned? It has zero appearances of Sleeper. Sleepers 1st appearance is 164. I really want to know the authors motivation behind mentioning 164. Is he purposely trying to incorrectly muddy the waters, so to speak, or does the author not bother to read the books he is talking about.
        PS ‘sink o’ is spelled Cinco, as in #5. Smh.

  • Avatar

    There’s a NYCC variant of Venom 7 as well. That will always be Dylan’s 1st app or cameo whatever.

  • Avatar

    Dylan, you son of a bitch!

  • Avatar

    Dylan is a codex. He cannot merge. It’s a red herring. When sleeper touches him he’ll figure it out. You’re missing the the next panel spoiler.

  • Earlybird

    #12 2nd print would be first cover too, if I’m not mistaken.
    Unless babies don’t count lol

  • Earlybird

    We need to stop this Cameo lark, you can’t have a cameo of an unknown character prior to knowing who they are, IMO #7 is the 1st appearance of Dylan albeit a brief one, #9 is his 1st full appearance in comics, it’s not this that makes the comic spec worthy, it’s the collectors desire for either 1st or full, we have this debate all the time, as if we don’t already know.

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    I just read Venom 18; Dylan was about release a symbiote, right as help came. Question is, was it a part of Sleeper or was it some other symbiote. I cannot wait until Dylan releases the symbiote.

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