The Wednesday One 09/04/18


Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 09/04/18

Still rusty. Fell off once or twice last week, got kicked by a mouse. Still pedaling. This week seems pretty packed. Too much to choose, but I like choice. Let's see what's cooking.



Vampirella Red Sonja #1

Chew Virgin 1:25

This one I am all about, nailed it. Skulls in the background are bonus. Love the cover, but I don't expect it to do much. I think grab for PC under half ratio as long term I see it as a $10 book. I think a few will move $15-25, but not enough to generate sustained heat. These Vamp #1s have so many store variants also. Most recent one I could find was a few days ago for $35. It was still avail at a few online stores, but seems to be finally clearing out for ~$20. The 1:15 is listed for over ratio, but avail at places for under ratio. Either cover would be a PC grab for me only unless I found them for dirt cheap.

House Of X #4

Pichelli Flower Cover

It is unusual for a Marvel event to be good, but this one is. Can they keep it up? Every issue is grabbing heat. I like this one, but cover A seems to be safest flip. I'm excited to read it.


Web Of Black Widow #1

Joe Chiodo 1:100

I love this cover. It is warm. 6 listed, 1 is an auction over $100 and $125 bin avail. Only 1 sold yesterday for $150. It is over ratio, but seems like the market is small. I think it hangs around ratio and creeps down in a few days. I love this cover, but I don't want to pay. I'd grab a PC for half ratio, safe flip round that too. Probably be safe under $75, but I wouldn't want to sit on it if it doesn't move.

Something Is Killing The Children #1

Jenny Frison

This cover is hot. Jenny nailed it. Seems to be ~$10 despite this not being a secret.  I'll give it a shot read wise also. Though I'm not fan of Tynion IV he is usually middle of the road. Not exciting, but never bad. I like the Jae Lee cover, but I'm a homer.

Midnight Vista #1

Rahzzah 1:10

Selling $13-15 on Tues. I think it hangs around ratio for a few days. I'm a Rahzzah fan so if I see it under ratio and clean I'll grab for PC.

Once & Future #1 3rd Print

This book is hot. Seems to be $25 as of Tues night. I expect it to hang in the $20 range, but as crazy as this book has been. Great flip if you find it.

Cool Covers

DCeased A Good Day To Die #1


I like a good Mattina despite the tom foolery. The Putri horror cover is tight also.

Berserker Unbound #2


I'm not a Sorrentino fan usually, but this one has some feel I dig. The 1st issue was a fun read and I like the interior art. I'm in for this one, check it out.

Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy #1


The B and C covers connect but not in the middle. It overlaps. I really like the full image, but the split is an attempt to sell people 2 covers and ruins the image for me,  I want this as a wraparound 1 cover. Not like this, not like this.

Harley Quinn #65 

Frank Cho

I usually don't jam on his Harley fun covers, but this one gets it. Ignore that she is floating, this is a great Harley.

Supergirl #33

Derrick Chew

I like it, don't love it. The bus and the cats grab my eye. I might grab it.

Lois Lane #3 

Nicola Scott

I like Nicola, but she usually is just good. I think this cover is good to great. Has a Frison vibe to me that I dig. I'm not art smart to describe the style effectively unfortunately.





Fantastic Four #14

Inhyuk Lee

This is one of the few good wrap covers imo.

Read it

Blood Realm #3

Robert Geronimo

This book is awesome. If you haven't had a chance read Vol 1. 3 issues and they are under $5 total.

Space Bandits #3

Mark Millar

Millar one of the few great writers these days. I'm a Scalera fan also so definitely a win. The first two issues were good.

Doomsday Clock #11

Geoff Johns

Getting there. I always forget what I read in the last one.

Triage #1

Phillip Sevy

Sounds weird. I'll flip thru it and see if it grabs me.

Legion Of Super-Heroes Millennium #1

Legion is back, I'll check it out.

Die #7

Kieron Gillen

Die is hot and deservingly so. I like the B cover.

Immortal Hulk #23

Al Ewing

Still a great read and Ross covers are a bonus.

Spawn #300


I might grab later to read. New crew?

Alpha Flight True North #1


I don't expect much, but I'll flip thru for nostalgia. I expect to be disappointed.


Batman #181 Cover B Facsimile Edition

Robert Kanigher

I grab at least a PC, sometimes an extra or 2 for later.

Goon #6

Eric Powel

Just a fun book.

Spider-Woman #1 Facsimile Edition

Marv Wolfman Carmine Infantino

I'll grab one for PC.


  • Dollar Comics Detective Comics #854 – I might grab one.
  • Death-Defying Devil Vol 2 #2 – There are 3 covers by popular artists. None of them did anything for me. Some folks will though.
  • True Believers Hulk Head Of Banner #1 – $1
  • True Believers Hulk Intelligent Hulk #1 – $1
  • There are a lot of Alterna titles out this week. Great reads for cheap! Exilium TPB recommended.
  • Megadeth Death By Design HC With Vinyl Record – this is just cool.
  • Batman Damned HC – Some folks like the HC and it was a great book.



Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week's spec end up doing? We take a look at last week's predictions and see if we did okay one week later!!!

(Last week's spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)


Marvel Comics #1000 D23 Mickey Mouse 1 per store Thank You – Humberto RamosIf you can find it flip it. This is the One. It is going for $150 last sale. I think it is on the way down, but I don't see it fading away. ~3-5k copies is my guess at 1 per. I think it dips below $100 as market floods. I think maybe down to $50 – $75 which is nothing to shake a stick at. I say that, but hard to discount the mouse. I don't love it and I'm grabbing $35 or less, but that might be easier said than done. Usually some folks find shops that don't go price crazy on variants. I was way off. I underestimated the mouse and normies. Congrats to those who scored! 

Red Hood Outlaw #37 Few 1st apps of villains. Villains are bad spec imo. Starting to get some heat. Last sale on tues was $24, but I see $10 bins. I see this dying fast with spec selling to spec. If you are going to do it do it fast imo, maybe throw one in a forgotten spec box.This was a solid $10 all day and has dropped a few dollars, but still over cover and solid movement with a half dozen sold yesterday.

Once And Future #1 2nd Ptg – This one is hot. I'm not a fan of 2nds and I know the Monstress comparison, but I think sell. Take it and run. Going for ~$40 so far. There are a few listings for $50+, but I think a fair number get listed and it drops a bit to $25-30, still solid. – This is all over $26-45 in the last few days. 

Wrap Up

This is a big week, but no “One” for me. This week felt better. I think I'm getting back into a solid cadence. It is helping me read more too. I was behind on a number of titles. This week adds a good number to my stack. Thank you for all the kind words last week, much appreciated. Please let me know if I missed anything and any comments are welcomed. Thanks for reading and happy Wednesday!



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  • SkillzWeldon

    Much appreciated article Thanks Adam!

  • Avatar

    You still rock the most! Thank you.

  • Avatar

    Man, I didn’t realize how much I missed your article! Love it!!

  • Earlybird

    Great stuff… sets me back on the WW trail. Thanks for your time and efforts Adam 👍

  • Avatar

    Triage is a book I am excited for this week. Something is killing the children I will have to flip through but with not much out this week for me I will get it just to have something to read.

  • Avatar

    ya ain’t getting black widow under 75$. period

  • Avatar

    Thank goodness you are back. I almost stopped visiting Wednesday.

  • Avatar

    This new format is fantastic! Very well laid-out and stylish.

    I just discovered Joe Chiodo the other week and really love his style, I particularly like the Harley Quinn one-shot that he did both the cover and interiors. The classic Black Widow cover will sell, especially given the heat of the upcoming movie. I imagine anything less than $75 would be a steal, but who knows.

    The Chew cover is also a great choice as well. Any reason why I can never see these ratio covers on the Previews catalogue with they first release spoilers for three months ahead? Not really sure how I can request these covers for my pull list if I don’t know they exist until the week beforehand. I sure I’m missing something.

  • Adam Lebednik

    I knew him from that Spider-Geddon #4 which (I still want to slab my copy for PC), but that was it. I like his style. I had to look up his other covers. That Harley is cool. I kinda want to grab his Vamp covers also.

    Previews leave out a lot not just ratios. Comic folks seem to be always behind. So much gets added last second. Too many books we don’t get a cover till sometimes past foc. I wish there was a way for the end user like me to just see the diamond catalog. Every shop is different in how they sell ratios. Some LCS let you email them and if they have it avail you get dibs. Some only do first come. Some give them to their oldest customers first. I would talk to them and see how they do it. Most of the time, from what I’ve seen, shops aren’t psyched to remember who gets what from 3 months ago. Some only let people req if they have the Cover A on pull.

    hope this helps.

  • Avatar

    Thanks Adam,
    My shop is actually very good with pulls that I submit as the new Previews are released, but the problem is that I’m usually not aware of the ratio covers until I read great articles such as your own and by the time I go to the shop to find them, they are already gone. That being said, my shop rarely goes above the 1:20 ratios, so in many instances I may never discover a great cover at all.

    All that being said, I greatly appreciate the work you do to shed some light onto hot new variants.

  • Avatar

    Damn it’s nice to have this article back. Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby.

  • Ben C

    Love the DC Facsimile Editions lately. Marvels have been odd with the keys and then the dollar bin books, lol.

    I ended up paying up for a few of the Frison SKC covers.

    Thanks Adam!!

  • Avatar

    Good stuff! So did Goon #4 just never come out?

  • Avatar

    Amen brother!!

    I’m with you with that Black Widow cover!!

    Always had a soft spot for short haired skin suit Widow.

    I think it all started with her on the cover of UXM #268.

    Anyways would love a copy but I can’t pay over a bill for it.

    Happy WW is back!

  • Avatar

    Happy WO is back… Damn Samsung keyboard!

  • Coswrd

    What’s the deal with the recalled Supergirl from weeks the cover so cool that it makes this weeks list?

  • Avatar

    Great rundown! I appreciate your comments and suggestions.

    I didn’t hit my LCS until lunch because I knew there was going to be a huge lineup for Spawn #300. The girl working there told me that there was some bickering between customers, while others were quite upset they didn’t get the variants they wanted.

    Such is life …

  • Avatar

    Glad to see this back in the old style format. This and the BOLO are my favorite articles on the site. I always found the Art Aficionado articles interesting too even though I don’t own any original pages.

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