GoCollect is your #1 comic book price guide for tracking sales data of all graded comic books in real-time. Using state-of-the-art CertVision technology, keeping track of your graded comic books has never been easier! Snap or upload a picture of your 10-digit CGC certification number and instantly get access to sales data and current fair market values for all issues of that comic book’s grades. 

Seasoned and new collectors are using GoCollect to assist them in the buying and selling of all graded comic books. In addition to modeling and analysis tools, users can create detailed watch lists to track the sales of comic books they are interested in.  Keeping an eye on how the market is trending has never been easier for collectors!

GoCollect will send an alert when a comic on a watch list is sold informing you of the comic sale price, grading company, holder/label type, and the assigned grade.

Keeping an eye on how the market is trending has never been easier for collectors!

Free Membership Includes
  • High-level sales data
  • Watch unlimited comics
  • Comic analyzer
  • Comic Modeler
Premium Membership Includes
  • Sales data for over 600,000 graded comics
  • Fair market values based on real-time sales data from multiple auction sites
  • Comic analysis and modeling tools
  • Unlimited CGC certification lookups and MORE!

Check out the CertVision technology and start building your next collection!


  • Avatar

    is this site only good for graded books or does it track raw book prices too?

  • Avatar

    If this is an ad you should say so. If it’s not an ad what is it?

  • Avatar

    I like Gocollect, the site is like a modern day stock tracker for comics. They only track the slabbed sales, but they follow multiple outlets like eBay, comic connect, Heritage, etc. They also have a ton of articles on current events and speculation. I have the pay membership with them and a free membership on cover price. Between the two I have been able to flip a ton of stuff with more gains then losses.

  • Earlybird

    This is a good site.. could be the way forward for me as I’m moving into graded books old and new, I do use covrprice, which is also a good guide, for raw and slabbed books, And a good collectors tool.
    Gocollect seems to be pretty handy, I like it

  • amazingdylman

    Great site. Accurate up to date data.

  • Peter Renna

    Well anyone who reads my articles knows I use Gocollect all the time. It’s fast and easy to use. They provide links to the eBay sales as well as to the outside eBay sources like Comiclink, Heritage, etc so you can see the sales details for yourself. It’s a great tool. I know a lot of folks love GPA, but this is more user-friendly and streamlined to me.

    But as noted previously, is the best raw sales tracker out there. But raw sales are a whole other animal to track. There you have data with that can’t be segregated easily by grade or improper listings. I mean just because the seller lists a book as NM doesn’t mean it is. So raw sales can’t easily be put into context. Believe me, I have tried.

  • Avatar

    Doesn’t go collect conflate CGC slab sales with CBCS, etc?

    If so,, that’s a huge detractor, since it is common knowledge that non CGC slab sales sell for a sizable discount, and as such should not be lumped on with CGC slabs.

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