Dark Danvers: A look into the Evil that lurks inside Captain Marvel

Kelly Thomspon's Captain Marvel has been surprisingly good.  Now the enigmatic hero is taking a turn for the worse and it looks like the Avengers are going to be the first to the feel the brunt of her anger.  The design for Dark Captain Marvel is sick even if the name is uninspiring.  I'm just gonna call her DCM until something better comes along. If  the idea of a radically evil Captain is your thing here are a few books that establish the fragility of this popular hero.

 Carol Danvers has a long history of emotional corruption.  She has been subject to severe trauma, once allowed a villain to kill himself and turned to alcohol to cope.  And that is just the beginning.In the past she has been highly unstable both physically and cognitively, dealt with split personality issues, identity issues, been court-martialed and experienced a host of other mental problems to numerous to list here.


So this new Dark Captain Marvel isn't the first time Carol Danvers has teetered on the edge.  Here's a quick look at some books you may want to look for.  Each gives some insight into any road that may lead her to psychologically break or turn evil.



Uncanny X-Men 269

She may be under the control of the Shadow King but this is a truly disturbing, decomposed Carol Danvers taking on Rogue! It further develops her career long battle with the popular X-Woman. There's a lotta cheesecake art in this one y'all.  That is never a bad thing!


Ms Marvel Volume 2 issue 9 10

Carol from an alternate reality is taking out Rogues from as many Earth designations as she can find….hmmmmm, that concept sounds familiar!  At her core she is an evil soul and serves as a great reminder to Carol what she could end up like if not careful.



Exiles 38

This story probably wouldn't fly for a mainstream comic today.  In this alternate reality Carol is pretty corrupt and devoid of morality.  Add  to that an intense scene where she would rather get it on with a twisted King Hyperion and you might be fearful of this Carol is she were ever to be resurrected


Uncanny X-Men 158

In this issue a de-powered Danvers is still capable of taking out her long time foe Mystique and in the end nearly kills her.  It is another example of the anger that bubbles underneath.


Uncanny X-Men 171

As Binary Carol once again would have killed someone if not for the X-Men intervening. I'd be buying this one too.





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