Variant Heat Check for 8/20/19



Spawn #299 Mattina Fan Expo Boston Variant

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Good lord, printing Spawn convention variants are just like printing money. Sooner or later there’s going to be a tipping point where every con has one that’s limited to 500 and the novelty will wear off, but until that happens these will keep getting $250-$300 out the gate.


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Once and Future #1 Thank You Variant

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Lots of sales in the past week, but with all the hype I’m surprised that this book didn’t sell for more.  I guess having one per store is too many or the SDCC advance copy took the wind out of this books sails, as prices ranged between $35-$77. Not bad for the retailers that sold them.


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Wolverine #10 McFarlane Brazilian Variant

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Wow, Mcfarlane has foreign Brazillian variants!!! This is definitely a slippery slope…


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  • Avatar

    Before folks get too excited about the McFarlane Brazilian variant, they should know it was a pin-up published in Wolverine (1988) 6.

    • Keith S.

      great info! but a cover is way cooler than a pinup. I saw a Superman one as well, wonder if that was recycled art as well?

      • Avatar

        The Superman McFarlane is also re-used artwork that (to my knowledge) didn’t appear on a front cover anywhere else. Many of the other Brazilian editions use pin-ups or back cover art. The McFarlane ones are some of the coolest but there are many others. Also the Brazilian editions are digest sized so if you buy one don’t be shocked when you get it and it’s smaller than a regular comic book.

  • Avatar

    What the heck is a a “Brazillian variant”?

    Is that just a fancy way of saying “foreign comic”?

  • Mugroantics

    Better not let the foreign collectors see that list calling the Wolvie book a “variant” rather than a “Brazilian Edition”. Great list nonetheless.

  • Avatar

    I was at Fan Expo Boston and was one of the first people who showed up at the Spawn booth only to be told that the first 250 books had been sold out for an hour and half prior to the show opening. Dealers were allowed a 10 book limit. So not fair to people who paid for tickets to get into that show and who wanted just one copy of the book. Next 250 were sold when McFarlane showed up on Sunday with a 2 book limit. I complained on McFarlane’s instagram about this issue.

    • Keith S.

      10 book limit! that’s ridiculous, especially for a 500 print run book. this is going to be an issue at every con, as dealers and people who work at them have early access before even the VIP.

    • Avatar

      I am a store owner and I also am a dealer at shows and conventions. However, I am not a dealer at bigger shows such as San Diego, New York, or any of the others. The biggest show I do is StocktonCon which has an attendance of about 20,000 for 2 days. But, I would just like to say that I think it is totally screwed up that dealers at these shows and conventions are even allowed to buy these exclusives. These shows and conventions are supposed to be for the fans and not for the dealers to buy up all the exclusives and resell them for astronomical prices. This is a practice that has been going on for years and needs to be stopped. I may not be very popular with other dealers for saying that, but it is my solemn opinion.

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