Lego Firsts, Fearing Hulu, Moira and More!


OK 1 more week until you get to leap down the multiverse rabbit hole.  There article is done but these books must be discussed now.  It can't wait.  The Omniverse can.



Venus 1

First Olympic God Apollo, first Helen of Troy, first Salome, first Venus

The reason I mention this is simple.  Last month I explained how if we are going to consider ST 109 as the Eternal Sersi/Circe's first then is really her earlier appearance in Venus is really her true first as that is the first appearance of the Greek God Circe.  Because Marvel is almost certainly going to connect aspect of the Eternals/Deviants to human gods it it wise to start looking at all the firsts for such gods.  The best resource for this is the Thor/Hercules Encyclopedia Mythologica.  This rare comic gives a ton of insight into the gods of the Marvel Universe

Each week I will be highlighting certain Timley Marvel issues like Venus as many contain firsts like Circe.


Adventures into Fear 10

First use of title Adventures into Fear

So Hulu is going to put a bunch of shows under thew same umbrella,  Adventures into Fear.  This is the first time that title was used.  Man-Thing!  Get a better grip on that baby!



X-Men 108

First published death of Moira McTaggert

Death appearances do very little to move the needle these days but this one might be a huge exception.  Now that we know what Moira's powers are her first published death could be a sleeper and that panel as she bids farewell….

I recommend this two part series as well,  in it Moira recounts the history of Destiny and becomes intertwined with Desiny for the first time.  Not only do we get to see Destiny's journal as read by Moira but the complex, coded language is shown in greater detail.

NOTE: First appearance of Destiny's journal-X-Men 94 ( 1991 )


Marvel Comics Presents 85

First Pro Work Jai Lee ( 1 page and back cover )

Most people cite Namor as Mr. Lee's first pro work but he actually got his start in this Marvel anthology series.



FACE Magazine

First Lara Croft Cover ( Magazine )

I usually like to focus on things that are currently relevant and Tomb Raider is neither relevant nor hot right now but this first cover for the digitl hottie is culturally important and might be a good stash if you can find it cheap!

NOTE:  Her first published image was in the Sunday Telegraph from an unknown month in 1996.



Pirates and the Gold Medallions

First Lego published comic

This rarity is really the first Lego comic ( that I can locate ) and is very rare in high grade.  There were some earlier strips, the earliest by Lego in the Swedish magazine Allers and many of the booklets has mini comics. There were also some foreign magazine ads that had comics and some other foreign albums in the 80's.





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