Indie Spotlight Series 41


Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of Indie Spotlight Series.  This is a great week for readers, and there may also be a couple opportunities on some spec books as well. Let's not waste any time and jump right in.


Planet Caravan

Scout Comics

Planet Caravan is the story of a planet that has become a battleground with only one surviving soul on it.  The book follows his attempt to get back home to his family. Sounds very intriguing and I am definitely on board for issue one.  This is the newest title that will follow Scout’s NONSTOP line.  That means this will be the only issue in comic form, as the rest will be released next month in a TPB.  One sale over cover as of now and very few listed on eBay.   Scout also has a webstore exclusive that will probably be the one to have if this book takes off.



Dead End Kids 2

Source Point Press

The second issue in this series is now upon us and it seems to have just as much heat as the first.  I think there are two factors that attribute to this and number one is the quality of the story.  Many that have read this book have called it the Stand by Me of this generation.  Big shoes to fill and big comparisons after only one issue in my opinion.  Hope that issue two is just as good though and I can jump on that bandwagon also.  Reason number two is just the rarity of this book. This one will be harder to find than issue 1 and that's saying something.  We have already seen sales surpass the $20 mark and I am not confident that’s the peak. Definitely one to watch through the week.



Strayed 1

Dark Horse Comics

Set in the far off future, our military now controls the universe and destroys alien civilizations from afar.  Humanity now rests on the shoulders of a little girl and her very special feline friend….. very interesting and out there premise and I am anxious to see how it's all put together.  Hard to sleep on a Dark Horse book out of the gate with the first look deal from Netflix.  We are already starting to see some listings above cover and sales on this book have been good.  Don't sleep on this one.



Psycho List 1

Blackbox Comics

This is a book that has definitely peaked my interest for several reasons. First off it’s written by Kevin Grevioux, co-creator of Underworld and writer of the New Warriors.  Grevioux also has huge ties to Hollywood which is never a bad thing for a comic book.  Secondly, the cover art by Jonathan Lau is amazing. It's a fact that skulls sell and I don't think this one will be any different. Third on the intrigue list is print run.  I have been told by Blackbox comics the print run is right around 2300 which is TINY.   I wouldn’t let this book pass me by tomorrow at cover needless to say.  Sales of $20 already on eBay are pretty solid as well. This is my pick of the week.  



Headless 1

Scout Comics

Set in Salem, Massachusetts in the 1980’s headless will dive back into the story of the Headless Horseman and the battle with the Knights Templar.  The book will follow two brothers who find themselves much closer to the mystery than they want to be.  I think this book will appeal to many different genres and could definitely be one to watch. If this book heats up or gets optioned keep in mind that there is a Comics Pro Ashcan that will probably be the one to have.



Sleeper Pick



TMNT rise of the TMNT Sound Off 2 (1:10 Incentive)


I'm riding the Turtle fever again on this one, and I also think this book will be an absolute GHOST.  No tie in to the main series however all things TMNT are on fire. Issue 1 retailer incentive is a $30 book with only two listed at $50 and $70.  That being said I think this issue may surpass that one in value.  Zero listed as of now and I have been able to find none networking…..  I think this book could be a sleeping giant but only time will tell….




Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week



Criminal 7

Image Comics

Excellence 4

Image Comics

Fairlady 5

Image Comics (final issue as series was canceled)

Middlewest 10

Image Comics (great read)

Outpost Zero 12

Image Comics

Pretty Violent 1

Image Comics (new series)


Ride 3

Image Comics

Sea of Stars 1 Second Print

Image Comics

Weatherman Vol. 2 # 3

Image Comics (love the Hans cover)



Aliens Rescue 2

Dark Horse Comics

Last Stop on Redline 3

Dark Horse Comics

Trout Hollowest Knock 3

Dark Horse Comics

Canto 3

IDW (love this series and can't say enough about the quality of the material.. art and story on point.. love the 1:10 incentive)



Canto 2 Second Print


Canto 1 Third Print


Road of Bones 2 Second Print


Red Sonja Birth of She Devil 3


Vampirella 2


Faithless 5

Boom Studios (best series no one is talking about)

Go Go Power Rangers 21 Second Print

Boom Studios

Beneath the Dark Crystal 12

Boom Studios

Smooth Criminals 8

Boom Studios

Bad Reception 1

Aftershock (really like the premise as it sounds made for T.V.. don't sleep on this book either 1:10 incentive for cheap would be my choice)



Blessed Machine 6

Cave Pictures

Category Zero 4

Scout Comics

Cookie and the Kid

Antarctic Press (may be one to keep an eye on)

Cristiano Ronaldo Striker Force 1

Graphic India

The Goon 4 after 5

Albatross Funnybooks

Grumble 9

Albatross Funnybooks

Horror Comics 2

Antarctic Press

Killer Groove 4


The Land that Time Forgot 1

American Mythology

Love She Offered 2

Source Point Press

Monster World Golden Age 2

American Mythology

The No Ones 3

Cave Pictures

Psi Lords 3


Stronghold 5


Test 1 Second Print

Vault Comics

Van Helsing vs. Dracula’s Daughter 1




Last Week's Updates



Once & Future 1

Boom Studios

Absolutely loved this story.  If you are a fan of King Arthur and Excalibur then this book is for you.  The main character “Gran” steals the show and takes her grandson on the start of an all time adventure at gunpoint.  Can't say enough about this story and can't wait to get my hands on issue 2!!  Doing very well on the secondary market as well.  Cover A is a $10 book, while the 1 per store variant is $60 to $70.  As I said from the beginning and I stand by today, this is a long term hold.



Shows End 1

Mad Cave Studios

Another great read that I am really looking forward to issue 2 on.  Hope to see some more character development as there are several unique individuals that I would like to learn more about.  Currently an $8 to $10 book on the secondary market.



The White Trees

Image Comics

Well Image certainly pushed the envelope on this one didn't they.  Faithless 2.0 in the haunted forest scene…. Overall this was an outstanding read for me. Great storytelling and some subtle and not so subtle character development throughout.  On board for issue two and anxious to see how this is all wrapped up in only one more issue.  Something tells me if the book does well we will see more of this world. Not doing much on the secondary market as of now.



Roman Ritual Vol. 2 # 1

Amigo Comics

Did not have the chance to read this one yet but have heard great things.  Not moving on the secondary market as of now.



The Watcher


Another great read for the week.  The end of the book is what sold me, as we are left with a gruesome cliffhanger.  Anxious to see how the girls dreams, now coming to life, ties into the murders of her two friends.  Definitely had the Zenescope feel to this one but the story was intriguing enough to get past it.  Art was on point as well and looking forward to issue 2.



Thanks as always for reading and commenting, and good luck out there tomorrow.



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  • Avatar

    Odd to see Zenescope books on lists now, but great art covers and there colors pop for sure, I mean come on, Mike Krome, Paul Green, and Tyndall are amazing artist that never seem to get a shout out; and guess what fan boys they have even more artists i have failed to list, WHAT!!…. hey we are also seeing Valiant come thru as well lately. I have been a fan of Valiant since the beginning and its about time they get some luv.

  • Ben C

    Man what a lot to digest.

    I am really looking forward to Scout’s HEADLESS and tho I am a week behind, I am looking forward to reading Show’s End!

    Thanks Andy!!

  • Avatar

    You forget Bloodborne every time. Haha Bloodborne #14 drops this week, although the story has been going downhill recently.

    Wow…tons of indies coming out and I’m actually not super interested in a lot of them. I’ve got Planet Caravan #1, Canto #3 and Bloodborne #14 on the pull list.

    Wasn’t really impressed with last weeks indies. I was expecting a lot more out of Show’s End, I honestly guessed the whole story by page 4.

    The White Trees was decent but not my thing and I shot myself in the foot by buying into the hype of Once and Future cause I just bought it without reading the solicitation. I hate arthurian tales; Camelot, Avalon, Merlin…ect. it’s all been used far too often in my opinion, I’m just sick of it.

    Overall awesome write up! Love reading your article.


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