First You May Have Missed: Steadfast

Hello everyone and welcome, today we must return to a series that I love and is so ripe with first appearances The Flash. Although it has a long running show I would love for Flash to really have a good run (pun intended) on the big screen. Enough fan boying lets get into this first.

Steadfast first appeared at the end of The Flash #69. He is the avatar for the Stillforce and while not much is known about him yet as he did not show back up until Flash #75. We do know that he has the ability to show people their true memories that they may have lost. He uses this “memory beam” to show Barry Allen the history he has forgotten and gives him a warning messages about the dangers to come and how he must be at his fastest.



Steadfast claims to not be the first avatar for the still force but unlike his predecessor he hopes to use the powers for good. Some people don't love the direction of the Flash with all the new “Forces”, but I actually love the world building and find it very refreshing. If these concepts are continued and build on we may be looking at a future classic and essential Flash run, meaning these characters are a must have. This along with the Shazam Worlds are some of my favorite things going on at D.C. right now.



Flash #69 First Steadfast 37k print run over 2 covers. This is an easy pick up for me at cover price, actually might grab up to 3 of each and stash them away this is a low risk play with a moderate chance for upside.


Thats it for this week, join me next week as a dig into the comic 1st appearance world to find more 1st You May Have Missed. – Valiant Horton



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