August 19


Good morning!

Some news from last week:

  • Amazon is casting for what we expect to be a mega hit in their upcoming adaptation series of Wheel of Time.
  • Looks like Spawn #299 Boston Con Variant is the new Spawn #299 SDCC variant. Fetching incredible prices!
  • Netflix released October 4th as its premiere date for Raising Dion.





Batman Damned #1, 2018. Damn that Bat! That damned bat? Still selling strong. Specifically, Cover A. This may forever remain highly desirable.


Johnny be good! Or bad!



JTHM #1, 1995, Slave Labor.

Takes lots of effort to track down first printings. Most have damage, causing 9.8’s to command several hundred dollars. Sales amounts should increase if we don’t get any more than the (5) 9.8’s currently on the CGC census.


6 claws, please!



Wolverine Origins #10, 1:100 3rd claw variant.

Are these drying up, or is it just out of season?

Oblivion Song #1, 2018 Pink Var

Option news! Yay! But then, yep. These are back down. It was only this past June plans for a movie were announced.


As for the story, Oh si, si, I’m very intrigued!



But the best news of all… Rick Grimes is back! Wait, that’s not Rick? No, it appears that is not Mr. Grimes. ; ) Well, we can dream!



No variants allowed!

In this one single lone pic anyways 🙂



Savage Shores!

Savage Shores #1, 2018

Love these ships. I can picture them nicely placed in a bottle on my desk!



TMNT #59.

First Yellow mask?!?



Oh, wait a minute. My bad. That’s blue.


Speaking of turtles,

Amazing Heroes #45, 1984. First Turtles in print!


Freddy Vs. Jason vs. Ash #1, DC/Wildstorm, 2007-08

Here’s a crude Krueger that’s tough to get your hands on.


Spread time!



Teen Titans Go #42.

Stark Raven Mad!


Incredible Hulk #340, 1988

McFarlane knocked this cover out of the park. As more homages get made, Incredible Hulk #340 continues to be sought out. Have there been 100 reflection homages made yet? It feels like there has. From Turtles to Rick and Morty, GI Joe, Black Panther, Spawn and Lady Death. Everyone wants in!





While all the new Vamp covers coming out are tugging on Vampirella collector’s hearts, it’s the perfect time to go back and find some oldie but goodies.


Vampirella #3, 2001 Variant, Harris.

While Timm’s #20 cover may be more known, this one’s another somewhat ghost.


Centerfold! And, is that a Bat signal I spy? ; )





A crush on Vampirella!



Timm also did a story in here!



Valiant, in Unity!



A bunch of Valiant RI’s. These are always difficult to track down.


Some cool panels inside…


The green door!

No, no, wait. That’s Marvel. So that make this… the green something!



Could not have described an explosion better!



Complete the hunt, Valiant. Complete the hunt.

Somehow by saying that, I expected you to know I meant, complete the Valiant movie universe!



Campbell time!



Secret Wars #9, 2016, Midtown Variant

Look at all these Campbell girls! Oh, wait. They’re all the same person!


Love previews, preview ads and all things previews…

RiRi is coming soon!



Elephantmen #18, 2006. Image Comics

The sketch variant cover commands about the same as this color version.


Skye Runner #2 Variant, 2006 DC/Wildstorm

Likely a lesser known JSC cover. I sure didn’t know about it.



Voltron A Frison is forged!

A Legend is forged, that is! #1 Devil’s Due 2008.

First Jenny Frison cover.


Black Widow #7, 2010, Vampire Variant

First appearance of the Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid!

What, are we not yet specing on first appearance of cars in comics? My bad!



Ok then. A real first appearance in here I believe is Fantasma.

Who is Fantasma?

She is an illusionist. Under Ronin, she worked with the Dark Ocean Society, but Black Widow convinced her to turn against them.



As always, have a great week!


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  • Conan the Librarian

    I think Batman Damned 1 probably will be desirable forever alright. There are so many copies in 9.8, 9.9 and 10.0, but… that Bermejo cover! and the fact that its the first oversized black label etc.

    I gotta admit, I don’t have much interest in the Jim Lee cover at all.

  • Avatar

    Unity 19, first War Monger. Cool female character. I think that variant is just a 1:20, but it’s a ghost. If you can find that whole arc it’s a great read, especially how they beat her.

  • Avatar

    no comments on the first Jenny Frison cover on that Voltron image you posted?

  • Bryan

    Tim I have been struggling to find those 1st prints of Johnny The Homicidal Maniac for years. I wish there was a way to tell printing other than opening the cover. Great Job again my friend!!!!

  • Ben C

    Walker!! Another incredible week brother, I really dig the Bruce Tim Vampi!!


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