Blade, Shang-Chi, Krypto and More!

Here's a little quickie to hold y'all over until next week when I take you on a romp through the Marvel Multiverse. As we inch closer to Doctor Strange 2 there’s going to be a lot of speculation.  I’m gonna try to help you sort through it. I don't like missing a week though so here are a few books I like this week.





Dracula Lives 21

Reprinting of Blade's first appearance from  Tomb of Dracula 10

Read my stuff and you know I am a big fan of foreign firsts.  There are a few Tomb 10 reprints to dig out but this mag sized reprinting is stunning.



Avengers UK 28

First foreign appearance of Shang-Chi

Here's another foreign first that is currently affordable.  That isn't going to last.




Thor 129

First Hephaestus ( Phastos )

I do not believe anyone should be saying that Circi from ST is the first appearance of the Eternals Sersi.  That book is a one panel appearance of a Greek God.  The two characters are NOT the same or at least they were not until Kirby retconned that fact into Eternals 4.    But if we are going to go by that then this is the the first appearance of Phastos. The point is we cannot have it both ways.

And ST 109 isn't even the first Circe!



Sub Mariner 31

First naming of Atlantis at Marvel

Atlantis appeared in an earlier issue but it wasn't named until this issue.  There's been a fair amount of speculative hype around Namor and the Black Panther so this might be one to look for even though it isn't cheap.



Sonic the Hedgehog 10

First time Sonic and Hedgehog and the TMNT appear together






Superman 680

When I did my Superpets Special I mentioned this book and to be completely transparent I recently bought one copy of this because I am a Ross collector.  This is easily the best Krypto cover ever.  I'm sorry I rarely say that because everyone's taste is different but it is.



Warhammer Will of Iron 1 Red Eye Nick Percival Variant

I m a pretty big fan of this guy's covers, this being one of my favorites



These Undersea Agents covers are pretty much the only Tower Comics I would buy.




  • Clint Joslin

    Excellent article and great books! I am not familiar with those Undersea Agent titles, so I will be on the lookout. Love that Sonic / TMNT too! Thanks man for these every week!

  • Avatar

    I’m not eve a dog person and I have to agree on that Krypto cover from Ross. Have it as well and would love to challenge someone to “beat” it!

  • Avatar

    Gotta disagree. Sersi claimed she was the Circe of ancient Greece. Both Circe and Sersi appear in the 616. Regardless, as you pointed out Circe showed in just one panel so at most it should be considered a cameo. Beyond that, there may or may not even be a Sersi/Circe in the movies and if she isn’t eventually seen on the big screen both ST 109 and Eternals #3 will fall to the wayside. Excited to check out Thor 129 now that you pointed it out.

    • Topher

      So it is true that Sersi claimed she was thee Circe in Eternals 4 but that would only make it a retcon by Kirby. And even if we are willing to accept that then Venus 9 from 1950 would be her first not ST 109!

      • Avatar

        Considering Kirby originally wanted the Eternals to exist in a separate world there was a bunch of retcon done to have it fit in the 616. If retcon makes sense I don’t have a problem with it.

        As far as Venus #9 goes, if Circe is in it and it is considered a comic/story that took place in the 616 that very well could be her first. With ST 109 the story was definitely in the 616. I need to wait out a very low grade copy ov Venus #9 and give it a read. Or pick up a reprint. It would also depend on how the collector market would react. There have been times I disagree with the direction the market goes on a specific character, but it is what it is and if the majority accept something it really doesn’t matter if I disagree. I just sulk in a corner for a while and wind up buying it anyway. I still consider Hulk #180 wolverines first on only first appearance, but that debate was settled looong ago. I like Hulk 181 too, though. Neat cover.

  • Avatar

    Who’s a good boy! Fell in love with that cover for Superman 680 when it first came out and bought 4 copies. Definitely one for the ages!

  • Mike Morello

    Sweet little nugget, T… the foreigns are awesome!

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