August 12


Good morning comic people!

Games of Thrones creators are heading to Netflix. Now that is big news. What does this do for Millar books? Do they finally make the move to the next level? How about Dark Horse titles? What’s the next Umbrella Academy? I can’t help but now picture them all as a game of thrones world. Getting carried away. Time will tell!





TMNT #95, 2019, IDW.

Tried staying away but just couldn’t help myself. Are these #95’s a longer term play? I’m not a long-term player, but it could all depend on if they keep the series ongoing and her in the middle… in turtle form! #97 will be a monster print run with so many variants. But it will be the first time Jennika wears the yellow mask. From what I see, #96 is her first full as a turtle and only has the 1:10 RI for a variant. That’s remarkable for a potential key book in this ‘rise of the potentially overprinted store variant’ day and age.


Milo Dark-Manara-Seid!



Comic Journal #198, 1997

Didn’t see this around at all. The fact that Manara has a following made this a must buy.



Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134, 1970. Picked this up before the news came out confirming he will be in the New Gods movie. But, really, was there ever any doubt he would be included? This book got me thinking about the old $100 to 1 rule, as in, $100 for every full grade bump. With this theory, 8.0’s should be rivaling $800. But they were closer to $300-$400. This book, raw and every grade, has been increasing at a snail’s pace this entire year and has continued to sneak upwards even more so the past 3-4 months.  



I mean, She-ra! The Princess of Power #1 from 1986. This was nowhere online, and her self-titled 1980’s books can sell well. Interesting to note there’s a mail-away insert and 2 posters included. Hard to imagine a lot of these survived the 80’s intact. Don’t quite remember what happened with the new cartoon. But it’s a great feeling anytime 80’s cartoons can reach today’s youth!


Young Key Street Savages!



While Dragon punches his way to victory, the Young Avengers want in on the time traveling-to-1986 fighting action! Meanwhile, Spidey’s quietly almost reached the key. Little does he know he’s dreaming, and Kruger’s waiting for him!


Megaton #3, 1986, Megaton Comics.

First full Savage Dragon?


Here’s our first look in this book at Mr. Dragon…



And a pretty cool action sequence-



His kids and wife also show up in here too.


Young Avengers #1, 2005

Not the $100 book it became a few months back. It’s been stagnant. Laying dormant rather, imo.

First appearance of Kate Bishop.

Also, first appearances of the Young Avengers, including:



But, to quote the text in the above image, who the $%^& are they??


-Asgardian Bill Kaplan

-Hulkling Ted Altman

-Iron Lad Nate Richards

-Patriot Eli Bradley



And, a super-shocker last page reveal. A time traveling Kang the Conqueror good guy?!?



Amazing Spiderman #100, 1971

Such an incredible shocker of an ending to this book. Imagine the comic-verse in 1971 sharing their thoughts upon reading this issue. Or, remember, if you were one of those lucky people in 1971, when you saw Peter scratching at his sides, waking up from those crazy dreams, only to discover that he has 4 more arms! Yes, this is our first 6-armed Spider-man!



Locke and Key #1, 2008

Another book lying dormant. Not many sales of late. A raw for $140 and a 9.8 for $200, be it CBCS, though I recall their grading being more strict than CGC. Those prices could be considered steals down the line. But, with no news comes no interest.

Filming for the Netflix show has been taking place since February and may have wrapped up just this past month.


Nightmare on Elm Street #1, 2006 DC/Wildstorm

Liking how rare some of those modern classic horror titles can be. Not necessarily this one, but there are quite a few from Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers.


Goon-jokes from the Spidey-bee Gwenfiles!



Krystal #1, 1996

Fairly rare book, with an early image of Goon Prototype.



Batman Cacophony #3, 2009 Bill Sienkiewicz Variant

Looking at eBay again for pricing, this isn’t available for under $300, though sold listings show someone straight up stole one for $10 back in May. The only other recent sale was also from May. It was a 9.8 for $275.



Guardians of Knowhere #1, 2015 Variant

Knowhere is a space station that orbits Battleworld. It first appears in this book, along with a new antagonist, Yotat the Destroyer.



Really cool spread.



Here’s Yotat!



X-Files #6, 2016, IDW 1:10 RI

Looking at good ‘ole comicchron, 7,244 printed puts this at roughly 725 made.


Bee and Puppycat #1, 2014 Variant

The web series sensation that won’t quit! More episodes are in development and planned for release this year.


Ultimate Spiderman #157, 2011 1:20 RI Variant

50K print run puts this around 2,500 made.





Eternals #3, 1976


Now that Jolie’s not playing her, who will be? Will she even be in the movie?


DC Comics Presents #26, 1980.

Wow has this book ever cooled off. But, it is sure to be a key forever, isn’t it?


Incredible Hulk #271, 1982

First Rocket Raccoon, along with his rumored love interest in the upcoming GOTG 3 movie? How quickly we forget this possibility, with all the other news piling up.

Halfworld is also introduced in this book. It is the planet where Rocket is from, or where he was artificially-engineered, rather.


Mr. Constantine!

Swamp Thing #37, 1985, DC/Vertigo.

Swamp Thing show cancelled. Great time to buy Swamp Thing stuff? No? How about Justice League Dark stuff?


Kung Fu!

Richard Dragon Kung Fu Fighter #1, 1975, DC Comics.

First appearance of Richard Dragon and 1st Ben Turner, who later becomes Bronze Tiger.

Is DC serious about making this movie? Or, were they just going for quick publicity, riding on the tail of Marvel’s Shang-Chi announcement?



Talk about the ultimate spokesperson for a product. Someone with 2,000 years of experience! Well played, Twinkies. Well played.



Not to be outdone, a few pages later, Joker and Two-Face sell-out their evil ways to help Batman sell a book? So, no one’s really bad, or good, and they’re just pretending so they can make money selling books? No way!

“No Joke” and “Goes Double for me!” Ha!



Alright my fellow fictional art appreciationists! Have another great week and enjoy the hunt, the collection, and the sales!


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    I had picked-up Guardians of Knowhere for the Gwenom variant and read through it out of curiosity. The art and storytelling were great and the TPB has been on my ‘to buy’ list ever since.

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    Yeah, Eternals #5 quickly replaced #3 as the hot Eternals book outside of #1 right after it was announced that Jolie is playing Thena and not Sersi. I think Thena is a much better choice for Jolie anyway. It was also announced last week that Gemma Chan was cast in the Eternals movie. Doubtful she will be reprising her role as Min-Erva so who knows, maybe she will be Sersi/Circe. The Eternals without Seris at some point just doesn’t make sense. She is a huge part of Eternals. Always has been so I really can’t see them leaving her out, but this is Hollywood we are talking about. They change things all the time to suit their needs.

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    Knowhere first appeared IIRC during Giffen’s Thanos run (#7-12) long before that Hickman Secret Wars tie-in. Certainly it was around for the DnA GotG run that came out after Annihilation: Conquest.

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    I’m pretty sure the Richard Dragon books got hot because of Idris Elba being cast in the next Suicide Squad movie and officially not being Deadshot. So the spec was that he’d be Ben Turner/Bronze Tiger. And then some side spec action for RD5, first appearance of Lady Shiva. I never heard anything about a Richard Dragon movie.

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    I can’t confirm the Thanos appearances. I have those books, but not handy. I can confirm Knowhere appears in the 2007 Nova series. Issues 8 & 9 may predate any appearances in GOTG. I can’t confirm that either. I just know the Nova series launched before the Guardians.

  • Walker

    Thanks for the correction guys! I do see an image of the outside of Knowhere in Nova 8.

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