Hot and Cold Comic Book List August 7, 2019

A true collaboration with Simpleman's Comics, AKA Mr. Bolo, and authors. We present the first Hot and Cold list! This list takes a look at the comic community with a broader stroke. Whether it's a hot or cold series, writer, artist etc. We do not go to the granular level of single issues. We already have the CBSI Hot 10 Comics from Ben Stein for that. So we present to you, the weekly hot and cold list for August 7, 2019.

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HOT PICKS 8/7/19


Clint Joslin (@Clintjoslin)

CBSI Writer- Run the Table , One Year Later, Blood Bank

McFarlane Spider-Man Run


Dan Piercy (@dan_piercy)

CBSI Writer- The Reading Pile



Mike Morello (@morellotunes)

CBSI Writer- Cover Tunes

Bronze Age Marvel Keys


Peter Renna (@drasden_files)

CBSI Writer – Dollar Bin Digging, The Usual Suspects



Andy Tomberlin (@indie_spotlight_series_)

CBSI Writer – Indie Spotlight

Totally Awesome Hulk


Topher (@voiceofrao)

CBSI Writer – True Firsts

Underground Comics


CarolinaChris 26 

CarolinaChris 26 YouTube Channel




Dan Piercy



Mike Morello

Adi Granov


Peter Renna

Non-Venom Sony Spider-Man Characters


Clint Joslin

Hope Summers









  • Avatar

    Granov is always in the ‘Hot’ in my books!

    I was about to start collecting The Realm after reading the first volume, which I thoroughly enjoyed. WHy is it considered in the ‘Cold’ category?

    • Dan Piercy

      Ice – it was white HOT when it came out. People loved it and the “secret variant” sold for upwards of $100. Everyone seemed to move on and lose interest in the title after awhile.

      Making this a cold pick wasn’t a comment on the content; this was based on secondary market sales.

      • Avatar

        Thanks Dan,
        I understand the categorizations are no reflection of the quality of the product, I just wasn’t sure of the reason for both Granov and The Realm being the ‘Cold’ category. Just curious is all. I guess now is the time to pick up a full run of The Realm?

    • Avatar

      I’ve been picking up a few issues of the Realm in the dollar section of my LCS.

  • Avatar

    Totally Awesome Hulk #1 is 1st appearance of Lady Hellbender. She was in the recent Venom Annual that came out last month. I think #3 is first Kid Kaju.

  • Avatar

    I have been buying THE REALM from the beginning and never realized that it might have been hot. I just know I like the book.

  • Avatar

    Why wasn’t dark age on the hot list

  • Avatar

    Are you replacing the Weekend after Wednesday with another video segment?

  • Avatar

    Riding the cold wave of Granov variants over this past weekend got me a CGC 9.8 virgin variant of Infinity Countdown (pictured above) for $40 on eBay.

    Now if I could just grab those Daredevil 600 Granov variants at a discount and I’d be one happy shopper!

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